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Afghanistan is a country that is rarely mentioned in the context of international dating. We mostly know Afghanistan because of its involvement in a war, its problematic living conditions, and its deeply religious way of living. So if you’ve never considered Afghan girls for dating or marriage, here is what you need to know about them.

What Are Afghan Women Like?

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It’s downright impossible to give a fair portrayal of Afghan ladies within one post and the best way to get to know them is to date one of them. However, these four qualities of Afghan ladies will inspire you to meet them as soon as possible.

Delicately beautiful

The beauty of Afghan women is very delicate because these girls don’t use any of the usual female tricks to emphasize their features. Women in Afghanistan have a medium skin tone and perfectly balanced facial features. They are deservedly proud of their shiny dark hair and you can hardly ever see Afghan ladies with unusual hair colors or extravagant haircuts. Afghan singles are also very conservative in their clothing style, but they put a lot of thought into their outfits.

Monogamous and loyal

You can meet dozens of Afghan girls, but you will soon realize that many of them have never been in a serious relationship and are looking for their first-ever partner. This is due to the belief of Afghan women that they shouldn’t waste their time on meaningless relationships. These women want to meet their potential husbands in their early twenties and stay faithful to them for many decades.

Always hoping for the best

It’s safe to say that life has not been easy for most Afghan girls who were not born into wealthy families. They’ve had to work hard to get what they want and they often find themselves without even the most basic perks that women in the West enjoy all the time. However, those hardships only strengthen the spirit of Afghan ladies and make them more optimistic. They have the rare power to convince you that everything is going to be great.

Strong family values

Women in Afghanistan may not have the education and career opportunities they deserve, but they find happiness in other aspects of life. An Afghan woman understands the importance of a happy, tight-knit family. When she is surrounded by her beloved family members who love her back, none of the possibly negative things in her life will matter to her. An Afghan lady will never put anything above family in her list of priorities.

Do Afghan Women Make Good Wives?

Finding an Afghan girlfriend should already make you feel like you’re on top of the world, but any man with an Afghan wife is actually the luckiest guy on the planet. There are many things you will love about your Afghan wife. These women are deeply loyal and they are some of the most family-oriented women you’ve ever met.

An Afghan wife is someone who isn’t afraid of housework and instead actively embraces it. Afghan wives may work if the family needs a second source of income, but they are much happier when they just stay at home and take care of the kids and the house. An Afghan wife will love your side of the family as her own and will show utmost respect for them.

What Kind Of Men Do They Like?

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When looking for a potential boyfriend or husband, an Afghan lady will not pressure him to reveal the exact state of his bank account or make him promise to ensure a certain level of financial comfort for her in the future. The partner’s material situation is important to Afghan women, but it’s not as important as these personality traits:

  • Honesty — you need to be open about your past and your present;
  • Commitment — you need to be ready to fully commit to your new family;
  • Respect — you have to be respectful both to the woman and to the people around you;
  • Love for kids — it’s important for you to want to start a family and be good with kids;
  • Domestic lifestyle — it’s okay for you to have hobbies, but you should want to spend time at home as well.

Where To Meet Afghan Women In Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is probably not the country you would visit for fun right now for obvious reasons. However, if you are planning a trip to Afghanistan for business or to visit someone you know, you can also use this opportunity to meet beautiful Afghan girls, and these are the top 3 cities to do it. 

Keep in mind that Afghanistan is not a country where you can find a thriving nightlife or a lot of open-minded women ready to go all the way with a foreign man. So you can chat up local women and maybe even go on a few dates, but you’ll need to work harder than you think to develop the relationship.


As both the capital of Afghanistan and the largest city in the country, Kabul promises you the biggest number of opportunities to meet Afghan singles. There are plenty of beautiful parks in the city where women love spending time, and you can also try the biggest universities and business centres of the city. After that, head over to the Sufi, Istanbul, and Barg restaurants during the afternoon and evening. 


Herat is one of the biggest countries in Afghanistan that is, however, virtually unknown among foreign visitors. As a Western man in Herat, you will undoubtedly attract a lot of attention anywhere you go in the city, so you just need to use that attention the right way. After you are done exploring the city’s many fascinating locations, pay a visit to the Fifty Fifty, Holidays, and Baghe Behesht Family restaurants for a chance to meet Afghan women.


Mazar-i-Sharif is a significant Afghan city from a historical point of view, but it has a lot of other things to offer to its visitors. This isn’t a city where you will find large malls or major business centres. It’s mostly a quiet city where the girls often go out in groups to unwind and possibly even meet men. You can find the biggest number of Afghan singles in Mazar-i-Sharif at the Chief Burger, Mansour, and Chicken Hot restaurants.

Where To Meet Afghan Women Online?

Contrary to a popular belief, Afghanistan is a country where the internet is fairly common. More than 7 million people in the country have access to the internet, and many of them are unmarried women looking for love. You probably won’t find a lot of them on your usual dating services and apps, but international dating sites can help you meet your ideal match.

International dating services are designed to make communication between people from different countries easier. More importantly, the Afghan singles you meet on those dating sites are not just open to the idea of dating a foreign man — they are actively looking for Western guys to date or to marry, so you will already have a great foundation for a relationship.

How To Date An Afghan Girl: 7 Tips

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A relationship with any foreign woman requires extra care and research from you, especially when it’s an Afghan lady and you have never met any women from Afghanistan before. These 7 tips will help you give a great start to dating an Afghan woman.

  • Be respectful at every step of the way. With Western women, you can sometimes make risky jokes or use crude language and it won’t have any negative consequences for your relationship, but Afghan girls demand absolute respect from their partners.
  • Don’t make any assumptions. When you know very little about your Afghan woman’s lifestyle, it’s very easy to think of her as a collection of stereotypes and myths. However, Afghan ladies are far more interesting than that and you just need to get to know them.
  • Let her set the pace of the relationship. There are many women in Afghanistan who have a more modern approach to dating and want to take the relationship to the next level quickly. However, most women prefer to take their time and you can just follow their lead.
  • See things from her perspective. When dating an Afghan woman, it’s very important to try to look at things through her own eyes. Afghan ladies have completely different life experiences and expectations, so the way you are used to dating women may not work here.
  • Let her know that she can fully count on you. There are many things that are important to an Afghan woman in a relationship, but support and reliability are probably the most essential ones. In order to trust you more, your Afghan girlfriend needs to know she can depend on you.
  • Be patient while she’s opening up. For an Afghan woman, who has had little to no communication experience with foreign men, the whole experience of dating you may be strange at first. What you need to do is give her space and time and open up.
  • Don’t wait too long until the next step. You can often meet Western women who don’t mind dating someone for years without any real development in the relationship, but Afghan girls are not like that. They expect to get married after around one year of dating, so that’s something to keep in mind as your relationship progresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Afghan ladies actually date and marry foreign men?

While it’s not very common for Afghan women to marry outside of their home country, there are no legal boundaries preventing them from doing so. As long as the woman’s family is not opposed to a relationship with a foreign man, or if the woman lives on her own and makes her own decision, she is free to date and marry whoever she wants.

Do Afghan singles know any English?

Education in Afghanistan is not as easily attainable as it is in many other countries in the region, but both the Afghan government and the female population of the country work hard to make it more accessible. If you meet Afghan ladies online, you can definitely expect them to have a sensible level of English and to quickly improve it when the relationship gets serious.

What if my Afghan woman is too different from me culturally?

A difference in the culture and background is always a given when you are dating or marrying a foreign lady, and it’s even more obvious with Afghan girls, who grew up being virtually isolated from Western culture. However, the cultural and societal contrasts you may have will only make your relationship more interesting and will make you want to spend even more time together.