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Do you dream of world peace, especially in your family? In this case, your wife from Laos will be a real treasure for you. After all, she is an example of wisdom and calmness; quarreling with her is absolutely impossible. However, these are far from all the advantages of Lao women. They can turn the head of any man and become a wife, whom he did not dare to dream of.

What Are Laotian Women Like?

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Beautiful, well-groomed, kind and endowed with a great sense of humor. It’s time to get to know them even closer.

They are bright and young, even in adulthood

Women in Laos are characterized by an Asian appearance: slightly slanted dark eyes, dark hair. Their skin is usually light, people call it porcelain, but sometimes there are also swarthy Lao (usually in small towns and villages).

Due to the peculiarities of their appearance, they often look younger than their age: at 35 they seem to be schoolgirls. Laotian women are popular with men all over the world due to their exotic appearance, playful eyes, and youthful perception of the world.

They are charming in their modesty

Lao women not only look like schoolgirls; their temper is characterized by a charming veil of modesty and even shyness, which many men like so much. This manifests itself in their clothes: no flashy colors and revealing cutouts, instead – light flowing fabrics that emphasize femininity.

But every man intuitively feels she is modest only for the majority. In fact, in her soul, there is a natural fire of passion, ready to burst out – but exclusively for her beloved.

They avoid quarrels

Travelers note that Lao people are some of the most peaceful nations on the planet. Even throughout history, they have avoided war, in a peaceful life they are also willing to go to great lengths to avoid conflict. This is especially true for women. If they don’t like something, they will say it with a smile on their face and all their sincere benevolence. It never even occurs to anyone to be angry with them.

They laugh at any jokes

This is not at all because they want to please the interlocutor. Lao women are truly capable of having fun for the smallest reason. Even if your joke is not funny, the fact that you are trying it will amuse her. It is worth saying that Lao women themselves are not averse to making a joke – they are always kind and in no way demean the dignity of another person.

They value every moment of their life

Lao women know how to appreciate what is happening to them now. They are not rushing, they are not worried about anything, and they are happy even for an insignificant reason. As a rule, this is transmitted to those who live with them.

Do Laotian Women Make Good Wives?

Lao women have managed to acquire all the qualities that every man would like to see in his wife. They are kind, friendly, tolerant, and unobtrusive. In a relationship, they prefer a man to show initiative and leadership qualities, but at the same time not suppress her will. 

Everything in her family is built on trust and communication. Quarreling with a Lao woman is impossible. Even with conflicting people, they know how to find a common language and resolve the issue peacefully.

Regarding family values, Laos is quite liberal. They can work or take care of children, or even refuse to give birth to them if her interests in this question coincide with her husband’s. Her way of thinking is quite progressive; besides, she easily adapts to external factors. Her easy character greatly inspires a man and reveals the best personal qualities in him and contributes to his professional growth.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Laotian women love people very much, and any adequate man has a chance to evoke romantic feelings in her. She will especially like it if a man shares her values: he will be gentle, kind, friendly, and peaceful. 

She is not too comfortable with aggressive and brutal people who flaunt their masculinity and expressiveness. Furthermore, she would like her husband to be delicate and caring, and at the same time, if necessary, could stand up for her.

Husband’s wealth does not matter for her, but a pleasant bonus for Lao woman will be the opportunity to do what she likes, without thinking about money.

Where to Meet Laotian Women in Country?

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It may seem that Lao women are not big fans of spending time outside the home. This is not entirely true because young representatives of this country, like all their peers, love to get together with friends and meet new people. So what are the best places to meet the girl of your dreams?

In Buddhist temples or parks

The country, which professes Buddhism, has many temples with intricate architecture, dotted with lotuses, and in Laos, there are many Buddha parks. It is interesting to visit them from a cultural and tourist point of view because you will not see anything like this in any other country.

For young Lao women, these parks are nothing more than a source of inspiration, as they have an incredible atmosphere. Do not think that romantic acquaintances in such places are inappropriate. Lao people are radically different in mentality and do not consider their temples to be something where it is forbidden to discuss worldly affairs.

The most fascinating Buddha temples and parks in Laos: Buddha Park Wat Siengkhuang, Wat Sisaket, Pha That Luang.

On the banks of a river or waterfall

Girls in Laos love to spend time in nature, so do not deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying the beauty of the landscapes, similar to the animated footage from the movie Avatar. Rivers, waterfalls, sharp rocks lost in a haze of fog – all this not only makes an incredibly strong impression but also reveals the best qualities in people. Isn’t this the state when an important acquaintance comes to life?

In cafés and at discos

Did you think Lao girls are solely engaged in meditating in Buddha parks or on the banks of the river? No matter how it is. Young people in Laos are extremely active and love to have fun. Local cafés are full of young girls and women spending their leisure time. They are cheerful, welcoming, and open to new acquaintances. Here you can not only meet your one and only, but also make new friends.

The best cafés in Vientiane: Joma Bakery Café Laos, Once Upon a Time, Dough & Co, Slurp x Doppio Vientiane, Tit Kafe

How to Date a Laotian Girl: 5 Tips

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It happened! You met a beautiful Lao girl, fell in love, and she reciprocated. There is no limit to happiness! How to make your romance ideal?

Be yourself and do not embellish reality

On dates, everyone tries to portray themselves in a favorable light, but Lao women are surprisingly sensitive and instantly catch the slightest pretense. She will forgive you, but the impression will form. For her, it is more important that a man be as sincere as possible in expressing himself – even if you have to show not your best sides.

No aggression and strong emotions

Lao women hate negativity and aggression in any form – even if it is not directed at her. They try to avoid such people. Therefore, she will be very annoyed if you allow malicious criticism or abusive statements. They also misunderstand excessive emotionality. In their understanding, virtues are affability and smile, not expressiveness.

Meditate together

Meditation helps to get rid of unnecessary negativity, and besides, it is a wonderful way to enjoy being here and now. Travel together to one of the scenic spots – on the banks of a river or a waterfall, for example – and try to focus on what you see and feel. This will not only strengthen your relationship but also allow you to get to know yourself from a new perspective.

More spontaneity and originality

Arrange a date in the mountains, give an unusual gift, in a word – surprise and surprise again. The quiet, measured life of Lao girls lacks adventure, but she really wants it. Just find out in advance what she likes and go for it.

Give her royal shopping

Did you know that Laos is considered some of the poorest countries in the world? Unfortunately, this is so. Of course, your girlfriend is unlikely to have the funds for stylish, trendy clothes. You can significantly please her by arranging a trip to the mall and updating her wardrobe.


What is better not to do in Laos so as not to offend your soul mate and her compatriots?

In Laos, it is not customary to touch each other. This fact should be considered when you are caring for your girlfriend – at the early stage of dating and relationships, you should not too actively impose bodily contact on her. Also, try not to do it in public – at least in her country. Touching the head in Laos is considered a great insult.

How do they treat alcohol in Laos?

Laos has its own alcoholic traditions, in particular, tourists can try local moonshine. Lao girls practically do not drink it. On a date, you can offer your sweetheart a glass of white wine and she most likely will not refuse. But nothing more.

Are there any specific wedding traditions in Laos?

In this country, it is not customary to register marriages, but it is customary to play weddings. When you want to formalize a relationship with your beloved, get ready that you will have to arrange a holiday not only for her relatives and friends, but also for neighbors, acquaintances of friends, and, in general, the whole neighborhood. It is customary for them to celebrate such events loudly and on a grand scale – with dances, songs, and rice moonshine.