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As a Western man, you probably know Turkey as a country with a long and complex history, beautiful resorts, and welcoming, hospitable people. However, there is one more reason to pay closer attention to Turkey. We are talking about the fabulous Turkish women. Here is what is so special about Turkish ladies and how to date Turkish women.

What Are Turkish Women Like?

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Turkish women don’t travel a lot to foreign countries because they have plenty of exciting vacation opportunities at home, and there are also not a lot of Turkish female celebrities that can give you an idea of what Turkish girls are like. If Turkish women are a complete mystery to you, these facts will enlighten you.

They are simply gorgeous

Western men can’t get enough of beautiful Turkish women, and there are some very strong reasons for that. The appearance of women in Turkey is absolutely striking even with no makeup on. Turkish girls have flawless skin, dark and shiny hair, and strong facial features. Turkish ladies can be quite tall and athletic, but they also have lovely curves. Turkish women don’t dress provocatively, which means they save their best features for their one and only man.

They are wise beyond their years

When talking to a Turkish woman for the first time, you can’t help but be impressed by her intelligence. However, Turkish ladies are also known for their wisdom. A Turkish girl always knows the right thing to say even when she doesn’t know the person well. This is going to be even more noticeable in a serious relationship. Your Turkish woman will effortlessly find solutions for the most complicated problems and your relationship will only benefit from it.

They don’t date too much

One of the most charming things about Turkish girls is their lack of romantic experience. They are not interested in getting as many partners before marriage as possible. Turkish women only want to date men when there is a serious chance of a long-term relationship or marriage. You can often meet Turkish girls who haven’t had any romantic partners before, but that only makes them more adorable, easy to impress, and appreciate your efforts even more.

They can’t wait to have a family and kids

Modern Turkish women lead full, active lives. They get a good education, work prestigious jobs, hang out with friends, enjoy their hobbies, travel around the country and overseas, and even take part in political and social movements. However, all of those things take a back seat when a Turkish woman faces the possibility of getting a husband and a full family. She will always have her priorities straight and you won’t need to share your Turkish girl’s attention with other aspects of her life.

Do Turkish Women Make Good Wives?

You can have the time of your life when dating a Turkish woman, but you are going to be even more impressed with her marriage qualities. Turkish women make fantastic wives, and there are several reasons for that. First, they are ready to give their all to their family and nothing will stand between them and giving all of their time and attention to their loved ones.

Second, every Turkish lady you’ll ever meet is an incredible cook. Turkish cuisine is popular all over the world for its spicy yet comforting flavours, so having a personal Turkish cook making your favorite dishes every day is definitely a blessing. And finally, Turkish wives take marriage very seriously, and when they tie the knot, they realize that divorce is not an option.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

The appeal of Turkish women is completely understandable and they are undeniably attracted to foreign guys. However, don’t assume that your foreign nationality alone will land you any Turkish lady you want. You also need to have the following qualities:

  • Dependable. A Turkish woman doesn’t want someone to just spend a lot of fun times with. She wants someone reliable, someone who can take care of her and her future family. If you’re unreliable, you’ll never make it far with a Turkish lady.
  • Calm and collected. Women in Turkey can be very emotional, which is why they need someone cool-headed by their side. And since this is a quality that typically comes with older age, you should know that Turkish women are fine with a bigger age difference.
  • Successful. You don’t need to make a ton of money to impress a Turkish lady, but you need to be good at what you’re doing. If you’re a valued employee or an ambitious business owner, you are going to look more attractive to a Turkish girl.

Where to Meet Turkish Women in Turkey?

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Turkey is a fabulous country that is very appealing to tourists. It’s also a country that is full of contrasts and it can feel different every time you visit it. Many guys book their trips to Turkey hoping to meet beautiful Turkish singles, and if you are one of them, here are the top places for you to check out.


Istanbul is one of the most affluent, European cities in the country. Local women have plenty of experience with foreigners, so you will need to turn on your charm if you want to find yourself a Turkish girl to date. The Roof Mezze 360, Olive, and Old Ottoman restaurants are very popular among the female population of Istanbul, as are the Masquerade, Kalimera, and Ruby night clubs, and Balkon and Rittim bars.


Ankara is the capital of Turkey. It’s a city with the most fascinating historical landmarks and beautiful architecture. It’s also a Turkish city where women don’t meet a lot of foreigners, so it will be easy for you to stand out, especially if you don’t look like a typical Turkish guy. As for the hottest spots for meeting Turkish ladies, try the Fige, Goksu, and Niki restaurants. Manilya, Havana, and Miami night clubs are also popular hangout spots for Turkish singles.


Antalya is one of the most popular resort cities in Turkey. It’s an incredibly attractive destination for tourists. Here you can meet not just local Turkish singles, but also women who came here from other Turkish regions to have a nice vacation. Besides checking out the wonderful beaches and beach bars of Antalya, you can also go to the Seraser, Arma, and Castle restaurants. Gaga Club, Sensation, and Olivia nightclubs, as well as Soho Bar and Diesel Pub also have lots of plenty of attractive Turkish singles.

Where to Meet Turkish Women Online?

Turkish girls may be slightly old-fashioned in many regards, but they are perfectly modern when it comes to the use of technology. These days, women in Turkey use the internet to search for jobs, complete online courses, and, of course, meet men. Dating foreign men is an especially popular idea among Turkish singles, but you are not going to find a lot of them on your usual dating sites and apps.

To meet as many Turkish women as possible, you will need special international dating services. Those services are built to allow people from different countries and even continents to communicate in a convenient setting. The women there are not just genuine, but also have a sincere desire to date or marry a foreign guy. That is why your chances of success will be higher than ever.

How to Date a Turkish Girl: 7 Tips

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A relationship with a Turkish woman is one of the most gratifying experiences in the world, especially if it grows into something bigger, such as marriage. However, it can also require more effort and knowledge from you than a relationship with a local woman. Here are 7 tips that will help you date a Turkish girl like a pro.

  • Be a perfect gentleman from the start. A Turkish woman can tolerate and forgive a lot of things, but she will never tolerate rude or salacious behavior towards herself or anyone else. You’ll need to control your behavior and make sure you treat everyone with kindness and don’t hurt your woman emotionally.
  • Your appearance matters. Your Turkish girl will spend hours getting ready for the date to impress you and make you proud to walk with her by your side. So it’s only fair that you put even a bit of effort into your look. We are not talking about anything outrageously expensive or complicated, but neat clothes, hair, and some perfume can go a long way.
  • Don’t rush the relationship. A relationship with a Turkish lady can go slower than your previous dating experiences. These women take longer to kiss or hug their partners, not to mention intimacy. You don’t need to be pushy or get anxious about the next stage, as it’s only going to be more exciting when it happens.
  • Paying is the man’s prerogative. You may be used to different paying customs with Western women, who will often suggest splitting the check or even paying for you. Turkish women are different: they expect you to pay 100% of the time, especially at the beginning of the romance. Flowers and gifts are also welcome.
  • Don’t make a big deal of cultural and language differences. A language barrier and cultural differences are absolutely inevitable in a relationship between two foreigners, but it doesn’t need to become a problem. Simply be open-minded about your woman’s background and values, and make an effort to learn some Turkish.
  • Show your ability to commit. Many Turkish women have been burned by infidelity from Turkish men. They find it slightly difficult to trust men, which is why you need to do your best to prove that you’re in for the long run and that you will never break your woman’s trust by being interested in other girls.
  • Initiate the meeting with her parents. Sooner or later, you will have to meet the parents of your Turkish lady, who will then rely on her parents’ opinion about you to decide whether she wants to be with you. Being proactive in this regard can win you bonus points for determination and create a good foundation in the relationship between you and them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How religious are Turkish girls?

Turkey is predominantly a Muslim state and religion is pretty important for Turkish women. For some of them, it’s the most important thing in the world, while for others, it’s simply a way to have some spirituality in their life. Generally, the bigger your woman’s home city is, the more likely is she to be moderately religious without going overboard.

Can Turkish women actually marry foreign men?

Of course! In fact, many Turkish women are more attracted to foreign guys than they are to Turkish men. Unless the woman’s family is very strict, she will have no problem with marrying a man from a different country who doesn’t practise the same religion as she does. You can always tell how a Turkish girl feels about you by the way she acts around you.

How likely is my Turkish wife to work while being married?

To be honest, not very likely. Women in Turkey, especially in the Eastern part of the country, believe that a woman should not go to work if she has a family to take care of. However, modern Turkish girls can return to work after the wedding, but once you two have children, she will be most likely to stay at home and attend to her family full-time.