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India is well-known around the world, but most people don’t view it as an international dating destination. However, Indian women have a lot to offer. Plus, they are excited to meet foreign men for serious relationships or even marriage. Here is what you need to know about them.

What Are Indian Women Like?

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Before you begin a relationship with an Indian lady or even consider meeting her, you definitely want to know what to expect. These are the must-know qualities of Indian singles that make them irresistible to Western men.

Exceptionally good-looking

Women in India don’t look like your typical Asian girls, but that’s exactly what makes them so special. Indian women have a darker but glowing skin tone and a mane of shiny black hair that they are deservedly proud of. Indian women have a medium height, and even though they don’t starve themselves with rough diets, they can boast fit and feminine figures. The fashion sense of Indian ladies can be best described as modest and traditional, but they know how to up their style game for the right occasion.

Well-educated and cultured

India may have its problems, but it also invests a lot of money and effort into making education widely accessible both for men and women. Out of all the Indian girls you meet, the absolute majority will have a complete school education and many of the women will also have at least one university degree. Indian women are also naturally curious and ready to learn. They are fond of literature, culture, and can successfully support a conversation on any topic.

Hard-working and ambitious

Indian singles may come from very humble beginnings, but they are always ready for positive changes in their lives. An Indian woman is someone who is prepared to work hard to get what she wants. This ability becomes even stronger once she meets her future husband. Together with him, she will overcome every obstacle to make sure her family is happy, comfortable, and has everything it needs.

Respectful and modest

Indian girls are mostly brought up in a traditional environment where they are taught to respect others, to be loyal and devoted to their loved ones, and to stay modest no matter what is happening in their lives. An Indian woman is incredibly easy to date or to be married to simply because she respects you, appreciates you for who you are without trying to change you, and is thankful for whatever you are doing for her without demanding more and more.

Do Indian Women Make Good Wives?

We have no doubts that you will enjoy a relationship with an Indian lady a lot, but if you are looking for something more serious and long-term, then you should definitely consider Indian women as wives. They are perfectly suited for marriage and family life because they have the right values and know what really matters in life.

From the moment an Indian woman gets married, let alone has kids, her priorities change completely. She becomes even more caring and attentive. You will always feel like you are the centre of her universe. However, Indian wives also remain fascinating as individuals, so you’ll never get bored with an Indian wife.

What Kind Of Men Do They Like?

The important thing to know about Indian women is that they don’t have any strict standard for their future partner or a list of features they use to assess a potential boyfriend. However, there are several qualities they want to see in a husband. Here are three of them:

  • Flexibility. You need to be able to look at things from another person’s perspective and realize that your opinion may not be the only correct one. You also should be able to make changes in your plans when needed.
  • Strong family values. An Indian girl is not looking for a casual boyfriend. She wants to meet someone she will eventually marry and have kids with, and you need to genuinely want it too.
  • Respect for others. Obviously, you will cherish and respect your Indian girlfriend, but you can rest assured she will also carefully watch the way you interact with others. Should she notice any rudeness, her attraction for you may be gone soon.

Where To Meet Indian Women In India?

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India is one of the most polarizing places on the planet. On one hand, even if you’ve never been to India, you have definitely heard about its inequality, economic problems, poor living standards, and other challenges. On the other hand, it’s a great country for tourism and home to millions of beautiful Indian women. Here are the top places to meet them.


Mumbai is one of the top Indian cities in many regards, from population to economy. Mumbai is a very attractive destination for young and ambitious women from other Indian regions who want to build a great career, so you can meet them outside of the most famous local business centres and universities. On top of that, you can try the Bombay Brasserie, Hakkasan Mumbai, and Bombay Vintage restaurants, the Opa, AER, and My Regular Place bars, and the Trilogy, Tryst, and Sirkus night clubs.

New Delhi

New Delhi is the capital of India and has all of the advantages and disadvantages of a typical capital city in Southeast Asia. Your trip to New Dehli will likely be one of your most memorable experiences in life, and not just because of its contrasts, but also because it’s filled with gorgeous Indian singles. Try the Bukhara, Veg Gulati, and Exotic Rooftop restaurants, My Bar Headquarters, Lord Of The Drinks, and Monkey bars, as well as the Key, Privee, and Soho Club Delhi.


Kolkata, or, as it’s better known in the West, Calcutta, may not be the most populous or the richest city in India, but it has a beautiful, intelligent, and ambitious female population. Besides the city’s parks and streets, you can meet those charming Indian singles at the Mocambo, Ocean Grill, and Peter Cat restaurants, 10 Downing Street Bar, Monkey Bar, and Roxy Pub, or the Nocturne, Tantra, and Park Street Privilege night clubs.

Where To Meet Indian Women Online?

Going to India may not be the best way to meet Indian singles for several reasons that you probably know about. Luckily, there is an easier and more effective alternative for Western men who want to date or marry Indian girls. We are talking about dating sites, where you can meet a woman that ticks every box in your idea of a perfect partner. 

However, you probably won’t have much success with your usual dating services and apps, as there are little to no native Indian singles on those. What you need is an international dating site that allows you to meet hot Indian women in a convenient environment and set your own pace for your new relationship.

How To Date An Indian Girl: 7 Tips

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If you’ve only dated women from your own country, you may be understandably worried about your potential relationship with an Indian lady. Dating an Indian woman means immersing yourself in a different dating culture, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Here are 7 tips that will make your relationship thrive.

  • Make her feel special from the start. Many Indian women have had negative dating experiences in the past, so they may be wary of opening up to a new guy. You need to show that you are determined to make her happy and that you will never hurt her.
  • Be confident but don’t go overboard. Indian girls are instinctively drawn to confident men, but seeing a man being rude or arrogant, whether to the woman herself or other people around him, are an immediate turn-off for these ladies.
  • Compliment her mind as much as her looks. Women in India love hearing about the way you admire their looks, but they also want to be seen as much more than a pretty face. Talk about her intelligence, wit, and sense of humor in addition to her beauty.
  • There shouldn’t be any other women. It goes without saying that both you and the Indian lady will approach your new relationship with a certain baggage, but you should know that your Indian girlfriend doesn’t want to hear about the women who came before her.
  • Show your emotional side. Indian women love men who are comfortable in their masculinity and don’t need to appear too serious out of a lack of confidence. Letting your woman see your emotional or even vulnerable site will always pay off for you.
  • Prove your commitment both with words and actions. You can spend ages telling your Indian lady about your plans and how you are going to take care of her. But to her, those actions won’t mean much when you are not doing anything for your woman.
  • Keep the relationship moving. Most Indian girls are not prepared to date someone for years without any development in the relationship. They are ready to date up for a year, and then they will expect a proposal or another way to strengthen your bond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Indian girls allowed to marry foreign men?

The situation with marriage to foreigners in India is complicated. Generally, relationships between Indian women and foreign men, let alone international marriage, is often frowned upon by the conservative Indian society. However, if the woman herself, as well as her parents, are open to this idea, then there are not going to be any problems in this department.

Should I expect a language barrier with Indian ladies?

Not at all! You probably know that Hindi and other Indian languages are incredibly complicated and it will take you years to master them. The good news is that young Indian women are very well-educated. They study English as the main foreign language, so by the time they graduate from universities, they already have a decent level of English that they continue to perfect.

How common is it for both spouses to work in Indian families?

It’s more common than you probably think. There is definitely a big percentage of Indian women who want to be stay-at-home wives and mothers, but they know they don’t want to achieve any career heights and often don’t pursue a university degree. If you meet an Indian girl who is highly educated and accomplished in the workplace, she probably won’t