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Jordan is an interesting Arabic country in the South-West of Asia. It is famous for its picturesque beaches on the Red Sea coast and ancient architectural monuments. This country is a great option for tourists who are looking for new unexplored destinations.

And one more advantage of Jordan is the marvelous beauty of local women. Single men who are looking for ladies for serious relationships are fond of the girls from this country. And from this guide, you will find out why Jordanian women are so attractive, where to meet Jordanian girls, and how to date them.

6 Main Characteristics of Jordanian Women

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They Are Beautiful

Jordanian women are one of the most typical representatives of Arabic beauty. They have all the features Eastern ladies are famous for:

  • stunning large eyes;
  • sensual full lips;
  • attractive long hair;
  • seductive body curves.

They Are Kind

Good nature is typical of all Jordanian people. They always act nicely towards others. Jordanian women are very kind-hearted, gentle, and compassionate. These ladies are also tolerant of the shortcomings of others and never criticize other people for their weaknesses.

They Are Polite

Good manners are very highly appreciated in Jordan. Therefore, ladies from this country are always suave and never act rudely. They care about the feelings of others and never do anything that can insult them

They Are Friendly

Jordanian girls are amiable, but they show it not in the way Western people are used to. Women of Jordan express their friendliness by being polite and kind, but they are rather reserved at the same time. Laughing and showing a lot of emotions is not about them.

They Are Frank

Jordanian women believe honesty to be the key to good relationships with others. Thus, they don’t like pretending and lying. Their fairness makes them perfect girlfriends and wives for men who strive for good trusting relationships.

They Are Smart

Good education is highly valued in Jordan. Many young Jordanian ladies study in universities. Though they are not career climbers, they get a higher education to broaden their horizons. So, Jordanian girls are very interesting and many-sided conversationalists.

What Are Jordanian Wives Like?

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Jordanian Women Are Great Housewives

These ladies are very good at cooking and keeping home comfortable and cozy. They are so excellent at household chores because Jordanian mothers teach their daughters to help them in housekeeping.

Jordanian Wives Are Hospitable

Women from this country are always glad to welcome guests to their places. And they do whatever it takes to keep the guests comfortable and amused. So, if a man is used to leading an active social life, he will not have to give up keeping in touch with his friends after getting married. He will be able to invite his friends to dinner or barbecue at any time he wants.

Jordanian Wives Are Frank And Faithful

The honesty and loyalty of these women help them build close-knit families. They never lie to their husbands. Cheating on them is inappropriate as well. Thus, Jordanian wives are perfect for men who appreciate fidelity and fairness.

Jordanian Ladies Are Wise Mothers

Women of Jordan love their children very much and do everything possible for them to be happy. They are especially concerned about providing good education to their kids because they believe it to be the key to success in the future.

What Kind of Men Do Jordanian Women Like?

Girls from this country appreciate the following features the most:

  • Honesty. Jordanian girls don’t like pretending and showing off. They like plain and outspoken men. Also, they believe that it is possible to build a good relationship, only talking about their feelings and thoughts sincerely.
  • Kindness and courtesy. A man can attract a Jordanian lady only if he is considerate and well-mannered. These features are believed to be a sign of a decent man in this country.
  • High level of education. This is the most highly appreciated feature in Jordan. Being educated is the strongest advantage of a person.

Financial status and age matter much less to Jordanian women while they are choosing their life partners. If a man is wealthy but is not honest and lacks good education, he will never win the heart of a Jordanian lady.

The age gap is not a problem for the girls from this country. On the contrary, many Jordanian women consider older men to be more intelligent and courteous.

Where to Meet Jordanian Women Offline?

You can meet a lot of beautiful Jordanian girls in their homeland. Jordan is a great option for tourists who like exploring Arabic culture and relaxing at the beach. Also, this country provides an opportunity to combine a great rest with meeting pretty ladies.

As for certain places to meet Jordanian women, the best of them are beaches and parks. Many beautiful girls gather there with their friends to have fun outdoors and relax.

The best beaches in Aqaba, the most popular resort city in Jordan, are South Beach, Berenice Beach, and City Beach. The best parks in this city are Aqaba Park, Princess Salma Park, and Al Darb Park. The best parks in Amman, the capital of Jordan, are Al Hussein Public Parks, The Millennium Park, and Amman Martyrs Park.

Where to Meet Jordanian Women Online?

Online dating has many advantages. It is effective, cheap, easy, and time-saving. The best places to meet Jordanian girls online are mail order brides services. These are international dating platforms where men and women from different countries can find soulmates for serious relationships. There are plenty of Jordanian girls on websites of this kind. All of them are looking for husbands from abroad and will be glad to meet you.

How to Start Dating a Jordanian Girl: 4 Tips on How to Attract a Lady from this Country

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  1. Take Interest in Her Native Culture

Jordanian people are very proud of the cultural heritage of their motherland. And it flatters locals very much when foreigners take interest in it. So, this is a great topic for starting a fascinating conversation.

  1. Show That You Are a Good Person

Jordanian women appreciate positive character traits more than financial status or look. So, instead of emphasizing your wealth or beauty, show your best character traits. Jordanian girls appreciate honesty, courtesy, and a high level of education the most.

  1. Show Your Serious Intentions

Pointless dating is highly discouraged in Jordan. Therefore, it is worth starting a relationship with a Jordanian lady only if you are aimed at the family. Saying your intentions honestly to the girl you like will help you win her heart.

  1. Get Along with Her Parents

Dating without the parents’ blessing is impossible for Jordanian girls. Thus, you should make a good impression on her parents for them to consider you as a good match for their daughter.

5 Essential Tips on Dating Jordanian Girls: How to Develop a Relationship

  1. Be Courteous

Politeness is an essential component of a relationship with a Jordanian lady. Show your best manners.

  1. Give Presents to Her

Though money cannot win the heart of a Jordanian woman, tokens are still appreciated. Small gifts like flowers, accessories or gadgets are great to show your feelings and conquer a lady you like.

  1. Be Restrained

This is about physical expressions of love. Intimacy before marriage is highly discouraged in Jordan. So, take your time and avoid touches or kisses before you are engaged.

  1. Discuss the Common Future

It is better to discuss all important issues of your common life in advance to avoid misunderstandings in the future. Talk about family values, lifestyle, and other vital things before you decide to marry each other.

  1. Don’t Leave Proposal too Long

Do not waste your own and your beloved lady’s time. As soon as you understand that you are compatible, don’t hesitate to propose.


What Language Do Jordanian Women Speak?

Arabic is the official language in this country. English is not very popular. Only very well-educated women speak it. It is better to be ready to use translation services while meeting Jordanian girls.

Do Jordanian Women Like Large Families?

A big family is a dream of the majority of ladies from this country. Most of them would like to have 2-3 children or even more. Also, they keep in touch with all relatives, including distant ones.

What Peculiarities of Body Language to Keep in Mind while Communicating with Jordanian Women?

It is better to avoid the following gestures:

  • Rubbing the forehead with the back of the hand.
  • Turning your back to others.
  • Showing the bottoms of your shoes to others.

The gestures listed above are considered impolite in Jordan.