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Nepal is a tiny state surrounded by magnificent Himalayan peaks. Rather few tourists from Europe and America visit it. Therefore, Nepalese women are not quite popular with foreign suitors.

But if men were aware of all the advantages of Nepalese girls, a lot more of them would marry these nice ladies. If you are thinking of an international marriage, consider Nepalese women.

Learn more about what they are like and what kind of wives they make to decide whether you would like to start dating a Nepalese girl. If you would, our guide will also tell you where to meet Nepalese women and how to develop a relationship with one of them.

What Are Nepalese Women Like: 4 Main Features

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They Are Pretty

Nepalese girls look rather nice. They are endowed with plenty of features that make them attractive, such as:

  • expressive large eyes;
  • elegant straight noses;
  • seductive full lips;
  • beautiful long hair;
  • appealing body.

Moreover, naturalness makes these ladies even lovelier. Women of Nepal don’t use a lot of cosmetics and prefer casual outfits. This allows men to admire the pure true beauty of Nepalese ladies without any distracting factors.

They Are Modest

Humility is one of the most highly appreciated character traits in this country. Ladies usually dress and behave in a reserved way. These girls are a treasure for Western men who are tired of arrogant and uninhibited chicks they often see in their motherland. Nepalese girls are nothing like that.

They Are Kind And Helpful

The majority of Nepalese people are Hindus. They believe in fate and consider good deeds to be the key to becoming happier and luckier. Thus, Nepalese women are usually kind towards others, never refuse requests, and often help others even if they don’t ask them to do this.

They Are Feminine And Respectful

Traditional gender roles significantly influence the mentality of Nepalese people. According to them, local women are gentle, caring, and sensual. Also, it is customary for them to respect men.

Why Do Nepalese Ladies Make Excellent Wives: 4 Essential Advantages

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They Value Family Most of All

Family is the highest value for Nepalese people. Women from this country aim at getting married as early as possible and remain loyal to their spouses forever. They do whatever it takes for their husbands and children to be happy.

They Are Compliant

Nepalese wives adhere to traditional family values. According to them, women should respect and obey their husbands.

Women from this country never try to dominate in a relationship. They are rather compliant and obedient, not inclined to conflicts, and always ready to compromise.

They Are Diligent Housewives

Women of Nepal believe the role of a housewife to be the calling of every woman. When Nepalese girls are kids, their mothers teach them to do household chores and encourage daughters to help them in housekeeping. Growing up, Nepalese women keep on improving their housekeeping skills, so they are excellent housewives.

They Are Extremely Loyal

Nepalese people consider fidelity to be the most positive character trait. Family is believed to be sacred. It is considered that marriage must be contracted once in a lifetime and forever.

Therefore, Nepalese women are not inclined to initiate divorce. They are rather tolerant of their husbands’ misconduct and often forgive them.

Also, they never cheat on their spouses. They believe it to be a betrayal and violation of the sacred oath to be faithful to each other forever, given at the wedding.

The Roles of Husbands And Wives in Nepalese Families

What Are the Husbands in Charge of?

According to traditional family values that prevail in this country, a man is a breadwinner. The main responsibility of a husband is earning money for the family. Also, a man is expected to do some “male” household chores like minor repairs, taking care of family transport (a car or a motorcycle), etc.

What Are the Duties of the Wives?

Nepalese women are traditionally housewives. They do all household chores like cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, ironing, and so on. Also, they take care of children.

What Duties Do the Children Have?

Little children are usually responsible for the easiest household chores like washing the dishes, planting flowers, sweeping the floor, and so on. Teenage kids are entrusted with more complicated duties.

Daughters usually have more duties than sons because they need to get ready for the future married life. Teenage girls help their mothers in doing all household chores including cooking and general cleaning. Teenage sons may be engaged in minor repairs or help their fathers in fixing the family car.

Why Are So Many Nepalese Women Eager to Marry Foreigners?

Nepalese girls like foreign men because they are considered more courteous and responsible. Also, many ladies from this country believe marriage to a foreigner to be a chance for a better life because this allows them to move to the country with a higher standard of living.

There are two reasons why many young Nepalese girls would like to move abroad:

  1. Discrimination against women is still widespread in Nepal. For example, ladies are paid less than men at work. Also, they can dispose of the inherited property only with the permission of their male relatives.
  2. The poor economic situation in this country forces many local men to move abroad to earn money. Therefore, there are not enough local suitors for all Nepalese girls for whom it is time to get married.

Where to Meet Nepalese Girls Offline?

It is not typical for Nepalese people to have a vacation abroad. Thus, it is impossible to meet Nepalese girls anywhere outside their homeland. Nepal is not one of the most popular tourist destinations, but still, there are some places worth seeing in this country.

If you are an avid traveler and would like to explore more Asian countries, meeting beautiful girls at the same time, don’t hesitate to go to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. You can see some interesting and magnificent architectural monuments, like Boudha Stupa or Pashupatinath Temple, there.

Nepalese girls often gather in the parks, malls, and nightclubs. The best of them in Kathmandu are:

  • Parks: Buddha Park, Balaju Park, and Shankhadhar Park.
  • Malls: Kathmandu Mall, Civil Mall, and Rising Mall.
  • Nightclubs: Lord of the Drinks, Karma, and Club Venice Discotheque.

Where to Meet Nepalese Women Online?

The Web is a safer and more comfortable environment for dating than a foreign country. Luckily, there are plenty of Nepalese women looking for foreign husbands on the Internet. You can find them on mail order brides services, online marriage agencies that help Nepalese ladies and Western men find each other.

4 Tips on Dating a Nepalese Girl

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  1. Be Honest About Your Intentions

Nepalese women are aimed at marriage, not at open relationships or dating for a long time. If you are eager to start a family soon too, feel free to speak openly about this.

  1. Never Let Her Feel Lonely

Strong personal boundaries and individualism are not typical for Nepalese people. On the contrary, they believe that it is bad to spend much time alone. So, not to insult or hurt your beloved lady, pay very much attention to her: write to her and call her throughout the day and ask her out every day if it is geographically possible.

  1. Show Her that She Can Rely on You

According to traditional family values that are prevalent in Nepal, a man must support his beloved woman. Thus, to show your girlfriend that you are a suitable person to marry, always help her when she needs this.

  1. Never Insult Her Religious Feelings

Nepalese women are Hindus and believe in many superstitions. Some local beliefs may seem ridiculous to Western men, but you must never show this not to offend your Nepalese girlfriend.


What Language Do Nepalese Women Speak?

The official language in this country is Nepali. Only well-educated women who attended private schools speak English. Thus, you may need translation services if you fall in love with a lady who is not fluent in English.

What Age Do Nepalese Women Get Married at?

Most ladies get married as soon as they turn 18. Some women from wealthy families get a higher education and, thus, delay marriage until their twenties.

How Many Children Do Nepalese Women Usually Want to Have?

Ladies from this country usually want to have 2 kids.