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Indonesia isn’t the most famous country in Asia. You may know one or two things about it, but you have probably never been there and never had more than 5 minutes of conversation with an Indonesian woman. And while we can’t magically transfer you to Indonesia to meet its beautiful girls, we want you to have the most complete idea about them. Here is your guide to dating Indonesian women.

What Are Indonesian Women Like?

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In short, Indonesian singles have everything you are looking for in women. But what will the full answer to this question be? These are the most significant features you will discover in every Indonesian lady.

They are beautifully exotic

The beauty of Indonesian girls is one of those things that are impossible to miss. Indonesian women look like the most gorgeous yet slightly exotic ladies. Their skin is unexpectedly dark but has a lovely golden tint. They have dark wavy hair and equally dark eyes. The facial features of Indonesian women are usually delicate, but they can effortlessly make them more striking with  clever use of makeup. You will hardly ever see an Indonesian lady being deliberately provocative with her fashion choices, but she is undoubtedly skilled at looking her best.

They have traditional views on family and relationships

With a few exceptions, Indonesian women want a traditional family more than anything else in life. They can work, go out with friends, enjoy their hobbies, or even value their time alone. Still, none of those things will ever be as important to an Indonesian girl as her husband and children. She begins trying to achieve her goal while she’s still in her late teens, so by the time an Indonesian woman gets married, she knows exactly what she wants in life.

They want to fall in love once and for all

An Indonesian woman isn’t interested in dating as many people as possible and having lots of ex-partners in her portfolio. She dreams of meeting her ideal man early in her life and she is delighted when that happens. After an Indonesian girl has found her soulmate, she will do her best not to let him go away. She will surround him with affection, fulfil his wishes, and demonstrate outstanding loyalty in every situation.

They will impress you with their cooking talents

Indonesian women are talented cooks and they are willing to demonstrate their talents to their soulmate. An Indonesian girl typically begins cooking at a very young age to help her family, which is usually very big. By the time she reaches adulthood, an Indonesian woman can do a lot with very little in the kitchen. She continues to develop her skills, which is why any adult Indonesian woman you meet is a genius home cook who keeps getting better.

Do Indonesian Women Make Good Wives?

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The only possible answer to this question is yes! In fact, you should feel lucky if you get a wonderful Indonesian wife as a foreign man. So why is marriage to an Indonesian woman such a great idea? Here are just three reasons for it:

  • They can get used to anything. For many foreign women, moving abroad for marriage is terrifying and they take years to adapt to the new environment. This is not a problem for Indonesian women, who can go anywhere and live in any conditions as long as they are doing it with the right man.
  • They are never boring. Indonesian women understand that you will spend years or even decades with the same person, and they are determined to make the most out of this time. An Indonesian wife will always have new personality traits and quirks for you to discover.
  • They value family ties. We’ve already discussed the importance of a family for an Indonesian woman. However, that doesn’t just include her husband, children, or parents. She will also accept and love your side of the family as her own and will always enjoy having them around.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Finding a man to date or marry isn’t the only or most important life goal of a typical Indonesian woman. That is why she would rather wait for the right man instead of starting a relationship with someone who doesn’t fit her description of an ideal partner. Here are the three must-have male qualities for Indonesian girls:

  • Loyalty. When you are dating an Indonesian lady, let alone are married to her, she should be the only woman on your mind. Indonesian women will never compete with another woman for men’s attention, and your infidelity can ruin the relationship forever.
  • Desire to settle down. When you are actively looking for an Indonesian girl, you should know that she has a serious relationship or even marriage on your mind. If you are only in it for a quick fling, you can end up wasting your woman’s time and making her resent you.
  • Warmness towards kids. You may not be ready to have kids right away and it may not be the first thing to do for your Indonesian woman. However, she needs to know that you feel positive about the idea of having kids and genuinely love the little ones.

Where to Meet Indonesian Women in Indonesia?

Indonesia is a relatively small country, but it has a lot of potential. Whether you are an experienced traveler or a novice, Indonesia can give you a completely new experience. Visiting Indonesia as a tourist can also be an effective way of meeting Indonesian singles, and here are the top spots for doing it.


Like any capital in the world, Jakarta is a place with the most exciting opportunities for international dating. Women in Jakarta are well-rounded and, more importantly, interested in meeting foreign guys. Try the Plataran Menteng, Pondok Laguna, and Jakarta restaurants to taste great food and meet Indonesian singles, or make your way to Fable, D1 Karaoke and Lounge, and Blowfish night clubs for a bit more adult entertainment.


Surabaya is a charming little city, but it is consistently featured on the list of top spots in Indonesia to meet local girls. The best thing about Surabaya and its female population is that they are unspoiled with the attention from foreigners and will gladly chat you up whenever they see you. Try the Arumanis, Kayanna, and Domicile Kitchen restaurants to meet beautiful locals. Renaissance Royale and Four Club are also popular meeting spots for Indonesian singles and foreigners.


Bali is Indonesia’s best-known resort and one of the best vacation spots in Asia. In Bali, you can meet two types of Indonesian singles. There are girls from Jakarta and other Indonesian cities who are here for a vacation, and there are native Bali women who work here. For both types of Indonesian women, head over to the Ji Restaurant, Pizza Fabbrica, Balique, and El Kabron restaurants, or the Sky Garden, Mirror, and LXXY Bali night clubs.

Where to Meet Indonesian Women Online?

If you think that Indonesian girls have little to no access to the internet, your idea about Indonesia and its women may be very outdated. In reality, Indonesian women are active internet users, and they use it not only to search for jobs, enjoy media, and communicate with friends, but also meet men from other countries.

At the same time, you may not find your usual dating sites and apps very useful in this situation. Indonesian women go to special international dating services when they want to meet foreign men. By signing up for one of those services, you will get a chance to meet some of Indonesia’s finest women for a happy relationship or even marriage.

How to Date an Indonesian Girl: 7 Tips

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Meeting new women and beginning a new relationship is always somewhat challenging, and it can be particularly intimidating when you want to date an Indonesian woman. These women live in a completely different part of the world and have a different view on relationships, but these 7 tips will help you put your new romance to a great start.

  • Don’t hesitate to approach the woman you like. An Indonesian woman will never approach you first even if she likes you a lot. However, she doesn’t want you to be scared or lack the confidence to reach out to her. When you know which woman you want to meet, don’t wait for too long before asking her out.
  • Don’t assume your light skin will get you every girl. It’s no secret that white men are extremely popular in Indonesia and everywhere you go, you will be surrounded by female attention. However, assuming that you will get some preferential treatment from Indonesian women is a somewhat arrogant mistake.
  • Pay for her drinks and dinner. Whether you meet an Indonesian girl from humble beginnings or your Indonesian lady is actually from middle or upper-class, paying for dinner is exclusively the man’s prerogative. If you are having dinner or drinks with her and her friends or family, it is customary for the man to pay as well.
  • Compliment her beauty and intelligence. Like any other man, you will probably be smitten by your Indonesian woman’s beauty. She will definitely want to hear everything about the way she makes you feel. However, don’t focus on beauty alone and avoid seeming shallow. Mention her intelligence and charm as well.
  • Discuss the important questions first. Before your relationship gets too serious, you need to know that you are on the same page in the most important aspects of romance and family. Discuss things like living together, wedding, children, career, and taking care of your elderly relatives to see if your opinions match.
  • Be patient with intimacy. Indonesian ladies are no strangers to the intimate aspect of the relationship, but most of them prefer to wait until getting to that stage with their new man. They believe that the longer you wait, the more special this moment will be, so you just need to look forward to it and prepare yourself for when it finally happens.
  • Don’t ever mention other women. Indonesian women can be quite jealous and possessive when they are actively interested in a man. They are not aggressive or annoying about it, but any mention of other women will make your Indonesian girl sad, and that is probably the last thing you want to happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How important is religion for Indonesian women?

Indonesia is a pretty religious country. The female population of Indonesia is divided between Islam and Christianity. You will obviously have more in common with Christian Indonesian women, but you also shouldn’t be intimidated by Muslim Indonesian girls. When there is true love, they won’t put religion higher than their attachment to their dream man.

Are Indonesian girls sincere about their feelings?

Absolutely! Indonesian girls are completely sincere and find it completely impossible to keep their feelings a secret of concealing the truth. You can always tell how your Indonesian woman feels about you and whether she is unhappy about something, so you won’t need to guess or tiptoe around her until she’s finally ready to talk.

How likely is my Indonesian wife to return to work after the wedding?

Not particularly! The situation may be different in your new family, but most Indonesian women are not too focused on building their career. When they have a family to take care of, Indonesian wives would much rather stay at home than constantly be absent and miss the most important milestones of their household. It goes without saying that if you want your wife to stay at home, you should have the financial capacity to ensure it.