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Asian ladies are highly sought after by men from Europe and the USA who are eager to start a family. Women from this region are still for traditional family values while Western European and American ladies are so emancipated and independent that it is difficult to deal with them.

If you are looking for a perfect wife and an ideal mother of common children, Azerbaijani women are definitely worthy of your attention. Learn more about them to increase your chances of starting a happy family!

What Are Azerbaijani Women Like: 5 National Features

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Azerbaijani girls are very peculiar. And, in order to understand if one of them can make a good match particularly for you, check out their typical traits. Of course, all Azerbaijani women are different, but all of them have something in common because of being representatives of the same nationality. The characteristics that are most typical for people from this country can be found below.

Exotic Beauty

Azerbaijan is located on the border of Europe and Asia. Therefore, the appearance of Azerbaijani ladies is something in between typical Asian and European looks.

Beautiful Azerbaijani girls are taller than Asian chicks but often they are more fragile than European ladies. They have very prominent facial features: full lips and big eyes, unlike Asians who often have small eyes. But, unlike European women, pretty Azerbaijani girls have tan skin.

Such an original mix of European and Asian features makes Azerbaijani women very beckoning for men who are looking for someone exotic.

Extreme Femininity

Azerbaijani women know that appearance is the first thing that attracts men. Thus, to be popular with men, girls, first of all, must be beautiful and well-groomed. So, while European and American women are for naturalness and artistic negligence, Azerbaijani ladies are for glamor, high-quality make-up, beautiful clothes, high heels, and other attributes of femininity. They believe that the brighter and more elegant a girl looks, the more chances she has to conquer mens’ hearts.

Kind Heart and Fairness

Although beautiful Azerbaijani women who know their worth may seem supercilious, it is not true. They are kind and always ready to help somebody who is in need.

But those whose failures are their own fault shouldn’t expect Azerbaijani ladies to console them. Losers deserve nothing but scorn in the opinion of people from this country.


Azerbaijani women are talkative and spend a lot of time with friends and relatives whom they often visit. Sometimes, celebrating birthdays and other holidays, they arrange lavish feasts, spending many hours at the banquet table.


All Azerbaijani people strive to achieve success in life and self-actualize to the maximum. Based on this, they give preference only to those activities that bring practical results. Doing something just because it is interesting is not typical for the people from this country, and this is believed to be weirdness and infantilism.

5 Reasons to Marry an Azerbaijani Lady

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Before you start dating an Azerbaijani woman, learn what kind of a wife she can make in the future so as not to waste time on pointless relationships. Here are 5 reasons why an Azerbaijani wife is great for a European or American man.

She Will Never Cheat on You

Family is the first priority in the life of Azerbaijani women. And, if a lady of this nationality has chosen a worthy life partner, she will never betray a real strong family for the sake of a short-term passionate affair.

She Will Respect Your Family

Respect for elders is the main national feature of Azerbaijani ladies. Therefore, an Azerbaijani wife always respects her parents-in-law. If you are looking for a spouse who will get along perfectly with your mom, then girls of this nationality are definitely worthy of your attention.

There is No Better Housewife Than an Azerbaijani Lady

The main role of a woman is to be a homemaker. And the main way for self-actualization for Azerbaijani women is not building a successful career but becoming a perfect housewife. Therefore, ladies of this nationality are excellent at:

  • cooking;
  • keeping the house clean;
  • bringing up children;
  • organizing family celebrations and welcoming guests.

She is Very Hospitable and Sociable

These are national character traits for the people from this country. An Azerbaijani wife is always glad to receive guests. As she is good at cooking, she can organize a swank celebration on her own.

She is a Wonderful Mother

Taking care of children is one of the main callings of a woman, according to Azerbaijani traditions. Therefore, the mothers of this nationality are always very caring and gentle for kids to always feel their love. But at the same time, they are strict in order to bring up good and well-mannered people.

What Features Should a Man Have to Attract an Azerbaijani Woman?

Azerbaijani ladies are beautiful, feminine, and sociable. They are family-oriented and can make ideal wives. They are considered perfect life partners.

And it is not surprising that they are rather picky when it comes to choosing a future husband. Perfect women want to meet perfect men.

But what makes a man perfect from an Azerbaijani lady’s point of view? Handsome face or fit body? Not really! Completely different features make men attractive to Azerbaijani women. An average portrait of a man whom hot Azerbaijani girls dream of can be found below.


Azerbaijani people are very hardworking and resourceful. They believe that there is always a way to become successful and that to succeed, you just need to not be lazy. Moreover, according to traditional family values, a man should be a breadwinner for himself, his wife and children. Therefore, a successful career and wealth are the main parameters that Azerbaijani ladies consider when choosing a life partner.


Dating for years without clear perspectives is not customary for the people from this country. Thus, to become an attractive candidate for relationships with a lady from Azerbaijan, a man should show his willingness to start a family and his readiness to provide for a family financially.

Where to Meet Azerbaijani Women in Azerbaijan?

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To meet Azerbaijani women in all their beauty and variety, visit their homeland. This is a very hospitable country which is always glad to receive tourists. To have the highest chances of meeting a perfect match among the variety of Azerbaijani girls, choose one of the largest and the most populated cities as your destination. Here are the top 3 of them and a short guide to the places that are worth visiting.


This is the capital of this country, the largest and the most populated city. The most luxurious chicks live here and the biggest variety of girls is waiting for men here.

Once coming to this city, don’t forget to visit its main sightseeings:

  • Baku Boulevard;
  • Little Venice;
  • The Heydar Aliyev Center;
  • The Palace of the Shirvanshahs.

If you like hasteless walks and admire nature, visit local parks where you can meet sociable ladies:

  • Fountains Square;
  • The Khagani Garden;
  • Philharmonia Park;
  • Izmir Park;
  • Central Botanical Garden.

If you are fond of nightlife, there are several clubs that are worth visiting:

  • Ellips;
  • Enerji;
  • Sintetik;
  • Status;
  • Platinum;
  • Sound Factory.


This is the second most populated city located close to the capital. It is only 30 km away from it, so you can visit it as well if you have already come to Baku.

There are not many sightseeings as it is a young city founded in the times of the Soviet Union. So, you can start straight from the main program without wasting time looking at historical sites.

The places where there are the highest chances to meet Azerbaijani girls are parks, beaches, and nightclubs. If you prefer the first option, go to Nasimi Culture and Leisure Park. If you want to have a rest on the coast of the Caspian Sea and see sexy Azerbaijani girls at their best, go to one of the local beaches. The best of them is located right in the city center. If you don’t mind having fun at night, visit Mojito Club or Krokus Karaoke Club.


This is the third-largest city in this country. It is full of cultural places. To dive deeper into the Azerbaijani culture, visit some museums. Though there are rather low chances to get acquainted with girls there, you will have more to talk about with locals if you learn their native culture. Here is the list of museums and galleries that are worth visiting:

  • Ganja State History-Ethnography Museum;
  • Nizami Ganjavi Museum;
  • Ganja State Art Gallery.

To enjoy the fresh air and meet friendly girls, go for a walk to one of the local parks:

  • Khan’s Garden;
  • Ganjachay Park-Boulevard Complex;
  • Ganja 2016 European Youth Capital Park;
  • Fikrat Amirov Park;
  • Fuzuli Park;
  • Narimanov Park.

To enjoy cool music and have fun together with hot Azerbaijani girls, visit local karaoke clubs:

  • R Group Karaoke;
  • Park Karaoke;
  • RAM Karaoke.

Where to Meet Azerbaijani Women Online?

Have you already decided that an Azerbaijani girl could make a perfect match for you, but you have no time to travel to Azerbaijan and take chances of meeting your destiny there? There is a way out!

Visit one of the specialized websites for finding Azerbaijani wives. There are thousands of ladies of this nationality there, and all of them are looking for foreign husbands. So, chances of meeting a perfect life partner are incredibly high!

How to Date an Azerbaijani Girl: 5 Tips

Here are 5 things that will help you succeed in dating Azerbaijani women:

  1. Only clear intentions. When you are getting acquainted, immediately state your goals. If this is the creation of a family, then it is much more likely that the girl will reciprocate you. It is atypical for Azerbaijani girls to date just for the sake of romance and flirting.
  2. Compliments. Azerbaijani girls do their best to look beautiful. And only those men who appreciate it have a chance to win the heart of a beautiful well-groomed girl. Sincerely admire your chosen one for her to fall in love with you.
  3. Beautiful courtship. Ladies of this nationality know their worth and choose those men who court them beautifully. Flowers, gifts, visiting beautiful places, traveling together… You cannot do without all this if you want an Azerbaijani beauty to consider you as an ideal life partner.
  4. Meeting her parents perfectly. Azerbaijani women respect their parents very much and take their opinion into account. If your girlfriend’s family decides that you are not a good match for her, then you will have to break up, since you will not be able to get married contrary to parental opinion. To avoid such a sad outcome of a relationship, do everything possible to make a good impression on her parents. Look solid, behave respectfully, emphasize your respect with gifts to her parents, and talk honestly about your plans for a common future together with their daughter.
  5. Planning your wedding in advance. The celebration is very important for Azerbaijani women because a wedding usually takes place only once in a lifetime. A multitude of guests will be invited. So, the lavish ceremony must be carefully planned in advance and held perfectly.


Do Azerbaijani Girls Date And Marry Foreigners?

Yes, they do. Though the dominant religion is Islam, Azerbaijan is a secular country with progressive views. Old strict traditions that don’t let women marry foreigners are still relevant only in small villages.

Azerbaijani women from big cities don’t wear traditional Muslim clothes and are free to choose their life partners by themselves, being able to fall in love with foreigners and marry them.

Do Azerbaijani Wives Work After Marriage?

In most cases, they don’t. There are some exceptions, but the majority of Azerbaijani women prefer becoming housewives. They believe in traditional family values, according to which a wife keeps home and brings up kids, and a husband earns money.

How Many Kids Do Azerbaijani Women Prefer to Have?

According to the statistics, there are 1,8 kids per woman on average in Azerbaijan. This means that the majority of women prefer having 2 kids. Having only one child is rare and not quite typical for Azerbaijani women.