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Pakistan is a widely known country that is always in the public eye due to a constant tense military environment. War of independence with India, military conflicts with Afghanistan, implacable war with the Taliban, frequent terrorist attacks — all this makes this country “famous” as its name is constantly mentioned in the news.

But have you ever thought about Pakistan as the motherland of perfect wives? Have you ever thought of dating a Pakistani woman? Not sure if dating Pakistani girls is a good idea? Keep reading and find out why men who have married Pakistani ladies are lucky ones.

What Are Pakistani Women Like?

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You probably don’t know much about these mysterious ladies. According to the local culture, parents protect their daughters from everything and literally hide them from the world. Therefore, it is rather difficult to form an opinion about what the girls from this country are like. But we will help you with this. Here are some features typical for women of this nationality.

Pakistani Women are attractive

Despite most of their bodies being covered with clothes, beautiful Pakistani women can charm men with their eyes only. Just look at their mesmerizing big hazel eyes! You will immediately fall in love!

Pakistani Women are hygienic

One more feature making pretty Pakistani girls being so popular with men is cleanliness. Is it pleasant to date a woman that has a very beautiful appearance and wears expensive stylish clothes, but neglects the rules of personal hygiene? Of course, it is not. Nobody wants to spend time with a lady with dirty hands or a bad smell.

But this is definitely not about Pakistani women! They are obsessed with personal hygiene and always care about being clean and smelling good.

Pakistani Women are modest

It’s in their culture and mentality to be shy. Pakistani women never act provocatively. They are very well-mannered and reserved. So if you are tired of impudent chicks from the country you live in take a closer look at quiet and restrained Pakistani girls.

Pakistani Women are fashionable

As it is very hot in Pakistan, girls from this country are used to changing clothes several times a day. So they have a lot of various outfits.

Even though requirements for women’s clothing in this country are specific (the whole body, including arms and legs, should be covered and there should be a scarf on the head), Pakistani women like to look stylishly and elegantly.

Pakistani Women are excellent housekeepers

Women in Pakistan are fully responsible for housekeeping. Men never step into this sphere of life. Therefore, mothers teach daughters to help them with household chores since early childhood. So, young Pakistani women already know how to deal with everyday life when they reach the age suitable for marriage.

Pakistani Women are welcoming

They like to visit and receive guests. Women of this nationality are ready to greet friends with a smile and treats at any time of the day.

According to the local culture, guests are believed to fill the house with positive energy when coming in and carrying away all negative when leaving. Therefore, in Pakistan, it is not even necessary to agree time and date of friendly get-togethers in advance. Everyone is always glad to receive guests and people just visit each other without any invitations. Even if you arrive with a visit unexpectedly, and people are busy, all the businesses can be postponed, and they will certainly treat you to tea.

Even moving to another country, Pakistani women take this tradition together with them. So the men that have married girls of this nationality may be sure that the wives will never embarrass them in front of friends and will arrange decent reception of guests whenever they come.

Pakistani Women are enterprising

Pakistan is an Islamic country. Therefore, women occupy an ambiguous position in society. They have fewer rights than men. And according to local traditions and laws womens’ main destiny is family: upbringing of children and housekeeping.

But don’t think that Pakistani women are absolutely downtrodden creatures who see nothing, know nothing, and cannot do anything. It’s not like that at all! Ladies of this nationality are very hardworking and up-and-coming.

Many women from this country work from home. For example, give private lessons to children or open mini beauty salons. Even if a husband wants his wife to be at home and not go to work, a woman of this nationality doesn’t sit around and finds ways to earn her own money by doing what she likes.

Do Pakistani Women Make Good Wives?

Men who have got Pakistani wives are really lucky as women of this nationality make perfect spouses. They are:

  • Diligent housekeepers. Girls are taught how to cook, clean the house, and sew since childhood. And when they reach the age suitable for marriage they are absolutely ready to assume all the duties of a housewife. Moreover, wives of this nationality not only just know how to cope with household chores. Also, they do everything with great responsibility as they believe housekeeping to be their main business. Everything else is secondary. The main thing is to protect the family hearth.
  • Loving mothers. Children mean the world to Pakistani women. Kids are the sense of their lives. Therefore, they cherish and nurse them and do everything possible for them to be happy. But at the same time, mothers of this nationality try hard to cultivate self-reliance in their children. They teach them skills useful for a future independent life from early childhood.
  • Devoted life partners. Wedlock is sacred for Pakistani women. Once getting married they remain devoted to their life partners forever. They do everything to make good wives and true friends for their husbands.
  • Respectful daughters-in-law. Respect for the older generation is cultivated in Pakistani girls since childhood. So, a wife of this nationality never shows disrespect to her parents-in-law.
  • Always welcoming your friends. Guests mean a lot to Pakistani people. And they do their best to please them. Therefore, a wife of this nationality never minds friends visiting your place.
  • Not jealous. According to local traditions, men are allowed to have several wives. Therefore, women do not consider the presence of other women in their spouses’ lives to be a betrayal. A wife of this nationality may remain calm about the fact that you have a lover. The only very important thing is to discuss this issue with your spouse in advance.

Is this enough to make an ideal wife? We think this is even more than enough! And what kind of husbands do such ideal women look for?

What Kind of Men Do Pakistani Women Like?

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Many girls of this nationality dream of foreign husbands! The majority of local men are bossy, avid, and irresponsible. Furthermore, there is a high unemployment rate in Pakistan. Many local men can’t provide a decent standard of life for their families. Therefore, women have to look for more attractive men from abroad.

So, just being a foreigner is a big advantage that increases your chances to win the heart of a Pakistani lady. And to become even more attractive to women of this nationality, a man should be:

  • Understanding. To compare favorably with Pakistani men, show respect for the interests and opinions of the lady of your choice. This will help to win her heart.
  • Generous. To make a girl want to marry you, first prove that you are financially ready for a family. And there is no better way to do this than to give presents to a lady whom you love. Don’t worry, this will not be too burdensome for you. The average monthly income in Pakistan is only 170 USD. So a man who has an ordinary American or European salary seems to be a very rich one for Pakistani women.
  • A good father. A good attitude towards children is a prerequisite for a husband. Keep in mind that Pakistani women expect their spouses to participate in the upbringing of common children in fact, not only in words.

The things that do not matter at all are:

  • Appearance. The main thing is to look after yourself, observe the rules of personal hygiene, and dress stylishly. But height, weight, and other parameters of appearance don’t really matter.
  • Age. The age gap is a normal thing for Pakistani women. Girls of this nationality are completely ready for marriage at the age of 18-20 years. Being single after 20 is believed to be a bad thing for a girl. But men are rarely ready for starting a family at this age. So, mainly, you can see the couples of 18-year-old girls with 40-year-old and older men. And this is an absolutely normal thing. Therefore, don’t worry about the age. The main thing is to show to a girl whose heart you want to win that you are ready for marriage and are able to provide for a family.

Where to Meet Pakistani Women in Pakistan?

The short answer is “Nowhere!”. Why? Because according to the local traditions, it is unacceptable for women to get acquainted with strangers. They rarely even talk to strange men. Moreover, in strict families, girls do not even go outside without their fathers or brothers.

Only the most daring women from progressive families in big cities can allow themselves to meet men. Most often this is done in secret from the family and can lead to a big conflict if it becomes known to the parents.

Add a tense military situation in the country to the fact mentioned above. And you will understand that going to Pakistan to meet girls is not a good idea at all. But for the bravest men who want to try their luck in finding their destiny in Pakistan, we tell about the biggest cities and the most popular places of this country.


One of the most popular places for recreation and entertainment in Karachi, the biggest city of Pakistan, is the Port Grand Food and Entertainment Complex. There, you can go on rides, take part in competitions, dine in restaurants and cafes, go shopping, and party in a nightclub in the evening. Also, there are many minibars, where you can freely purchase and taste more than a hundred types of alcohol.

But, unfortunately, this place is visited more often by tourists than by locals. Therefore, it will be difficult for you to meet a local girl here.


Islamabad cannot boast of many nightclubs and bars. But it still has several interesting places to visit.

Those who wish to have a hearty meal and spend time carefree in a cozy atmosphere should not pass by B.Q. Tonight. Le Casa Del Habanos is worth a visit for those who love live music. Burn Out is a great place for those who want to spend time in a relaxed atmosphere. Those who want to play billiards should go to Breaker’s Snooker Club.

However, you are unlikely to find an abundance of single girls there since the bulk of the visitors are men.

Where to Meet Pakistani Women Online?

As it is considered to be indecent for women to get acquainted with men in real life girls who want to find husbands from abroad use special websites and apps for this. There are online platforms that are created especially for bringing the hearts of Pakistani women and foreign men together. They care about all users and provide a convenient and safe environment for getting acquainted and further communication. Right after getting registered, you can choose out of thousands of sexy Pakistani girls gathered in one place.

How to Date a Pakistani Girl: 10 Useful Tips

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It’s not enough to choose a lady. You need to do something to make her choose you. Here are some tips that will help you to win the heart of a girl you like:

  1. Be a gentleman. Show that you can make a good husband. Be polite, courteous, and helpful.
  2. Look after yourself. Pakistani women care about cleanness and a good image. And they expect the same from men. So, do your best to always be neat. This rule is relevant for photos as well. If you look well-groomed in the pictures you have more chances to receive a positive response from the ladies you write to.
  3. Respect her personality. Local men see women only as housekeepers and mothers of their children. But far from all modern Pakistani ladies are ready to deal with this. So they are looking for men from abroad who will consider them as personalities.
  4. Give her more freedom. Local men always tell women what to do. But any Pakistani girl looking for a foreign husband is eager to find a man who is the complete opposite. Do not interfere with her personal boundaries. Do not tell her what to do and do not give unsolicited advice to her. And you will see that she starts to fall in love with you.
  5. Do not insist on intimacy. Hot Pakistani girls show their sexuality only to husbands. Sex before the wedding is strictly forbidden. Therefore, even mentioning sex and the topics related to it can be taken as an insult by a well-bred girl.
  6. Give presents to her. This is the best way to show her that you are ready for a family financially. It is very important for Pakistani women as they see a husband as a head of a family and a breadwinner.
  7. Do not touch her. Touching other people without asking is considered to be a violation of personal boundaries for Pakistani women. Therefore, when you have met each other in real life keep in mind that even an innocent taking her hand can be perceived as an indecent action.
  8. Be careful with smoking. People in Pakistan do not smoke in public places. Also, they always ask a person whether smoking near them is OK. If a girl doesn’t smoke most likely she will not like it when you smoke around her. Therefore, you will need to move some distance from her to smoke.
  9. Get along with her family. As soon as you understand that you love a girl you need to get acquainted with her parents. If they like you your chances to get a positive response to the marriage proposal are almost 100%. And if her family is against you better find another girl because Pakistani women cannot marry a man without their parents’ blessing.
  10. Do not delay a proposal. It is not customary for Pakistani people to date for a long time. Once a man and woman understand that they suit each other, they ask their families for blessing and get married. If you delay a proposal a girl will conclude that you are not serious about her.


Do Pakistani women speak English?

Almost half of Pakistan’s population speaks English. So do not worry about the language barrier.

Are Pakistani women religious?

Yes, they are. They are Muslim. And these are not just empty words. Muslim traditions and worldviews are firmly rooted in the local people’s minds. Religious rules are even taught in schools throughout all the years of study. So for not having disagreements, never show disrespect to a lady’s religious considerations.

Is it obligatory to ask the girl’s parents’ permission to get married?

Yes, it is. Very few girls are brave enough to get married without parental consent and escape the motherland. According to the local traditions, such an action is unacceptable, and the dishonored family can even kill a girl if they find her in another country.

Therefore, to avoid problems, it is necessary to get along with the parents of a girl you have chosen and ask for their blessing before marriage.