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Many US, Canadian, and European men are looking for reserved, soft-spoken, and compliant women for serious relationships. But it is rather complicated to find one like this among self-sufficient and independent Western girls.

Thus, it is worth trying to meet foreign girls from one of the countries where ladies are reserved and respectful. Bhutanese women are just like this! Learn more about what they are like and how to win the heart of one of them!

What Are Bhutanese Women Like?

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Bhutanese Girls Look Exotic

These ladies have a unique appearance with tan skin, specific Asian eye shape, long straight brunette hair, dainty facial features, and elegant slim bodies.

Furthermore, their clothing makes them rather eye-catching. It is customary in this country to wear a traditional attire called kira. This is a long multicolored striped or plaid cape with a belt on the waist.

Some young ladies also wear casual clothes of Korean style as the fashion of this country has a great impact on the taste of Bhutanese girls. Local women combine reservedness with standing out from the crowd. They often prefer outfits of bright colors but don’t wear revealing clothes like mini dresses.

Bhutanese Girls Are Humble And Polite

These pretty girls tend to lead a simple lifestyle. They don’t attach great importance to material things. While choosing their life partners, they consider the inner world of men but not their financial status.

Moreover, these women are courteous and soft-spoken. They always show good manners and never do the things that could bother or irritate others.

Bhutanese Women Are Sympathetic

These ladies are not selfish. They always support those who are in need. Women from this country never leave their friends or beloved ones in trouble. They do everything to make those who are dear to them happy.

What Kind of Wives Do Bhutanese Women Make?

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Bhutanese Wives Are Compliant And Respectful

Women of Bhutan are peaceful and are not inclined to conflict. They always try hard to compromise. Also, they tend to strike a balance in every issue.

Furthermore, it is customary for Bhutanese women to respect elders. Therefore, they treat their parents-in-law with great respect.

Bhutanese Wives Are Wise And Helpful

In the Bhutanese culture, a woman, even if she is a housewife, is considered equal to men. Thus, her opinion is taken into account while making major decisions. Women of Bhutan are wise and can give valuable advice when it is needed.

Moreover, Bhutanese women strive to keep in touch and be on good terms with all relatives and even neighbors. They communicate with all of them and are ready to help them anytime they ask for this.

Bhutanese Wives Are Good Mothers

These ladies love their children very much and bring them up rather wisely. They take care of them thoroughly but encourage them to be independent as well. Also, they attach great importance to their kids’ education, trying hard to provide the best one for them.

5 Practical Tips on Dating Bhutanese Girls

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Taking into account the difference in mentalities, you need to stick to the following rules while dating a Bhutanese woman:

  1. Show that you are looking for serious relationships. Dating that doesn’t lead to marriage is considered inappropriate and shameful by the local culture. Therefore, let the lady you like know that you are interested in starting a family.
  2. Discuss the way you imagine your future family. It is very important to discuss all essential issues in advance: where you are going to live together, how you are going to share responsibilities and how the family budget is going to be managed, how many children you want to have, what opinions regarding their upbringing you have, and so on. This will prevent misunderstandings and disappointment in the future.
  3. Ingratiate with her parents. Their opinion matters much to Bhutanese women. Therefore, you need to make a good impression on her parents for them to consider you a good match for their daughter. Meet them as soon as you understand that you have fallen in love with the lady from Bhutan. Be courteous, reserved, and polite, and tell them that you are serious about their daughter and can make her happy.
  4. Do not delay getting married. Dating for a long time is not customary in Bhutan. As soon as a man and a woman understand that they are a good match for each other, they get married. If you delay this, the lady you love will just conclude that you are not serious about her, and this can lead to a breakup.
  5. Be patient in the issue of intimacy. Sex before the wedding is restricted by local traditions. Thus, delay this until you are officially married.


Do Bhutanese Women Speak English?

Though this is not the official language in this country, well-educated ladies speak it, because this is the language of instruction in local colleges.

At What Age Do Bhutanese Girls Get Married?

Ladies from this country tie the knot rather early: at the age of 18-25 years old.

How Many Kids Do Bhutanese Women Usually Have?

Urban ladies usually have 2-3 kids, while rural women can have even more children.