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👩 Female Population 1,8M
💍 Average Age of Marriage 25 Y/O
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Omani women are beautiful but modest and family-oriented. If you are eager to start a family as soon as possible, learn more about these wonderful girls!

What Are Omani Women Like?

omani girls
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Modest but Bright and Stylish

Omani girls wear traditional clothes that hide their whole bodies, except for their faces and hands. But still, these ladies manage to look fashionable and eye-catching.

Many of them wear traditional clothes with a colorful embodiment on the sleeves and hems. Also, they adore bright makeup and jewelry.


Omani women are soft, tender, calm, and tolerant. They are a dream of men who don’t like too independent or brazen girls.


All Omani girls have serious intentions. Even ladies in their 18-20 years are looking for husbands, not just boyfriends. 


There are a lot of well-educated women in Oman. They are well-read and have a broad outlook.

What Kind of Wives Do Omani Women Make?


The majority of Omani women remain loyal to their first and only husbands throughout their entire lives. They are extremely devoted and loving.


Women of Oman are calm and not inclined to conflicts. They strive for harmony in their families and are always ready to compromise.

Responsible Housewives

Many girls start helping their mothers with household chores in early childhood. So, they perfectly know how to cope with them when they grow up. After getting married, they do all household chores very conscientiously.

Women from rich families don’t do household chores by themselves but marry men who can afford to hire housekeepers. But they still carefully monitor the quality of everything that is done in their homes.

Loving And Wise Mothers

Omani women take care of their kids’ health and well-being thoroughly. They do whatever it takes to provide the best education for them. Moreover, they are always ready to give valuable advice and share their life experience with their children.

The Guide to Marrying an Omani Girl

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Dating Omani women in the sense of this word we are used to is impossible. According to local traditions, girls and guys socialize separately from each other.

It is strictly forbidden for a man and a woman to go out together as a couple until they are engaged. Premarital sexual relationships are also stringently prohibited in this country.

Due to such strict traditions, many women go online to meet their future husbands as they lack such an opportunity offline. So, the first thing you need to do if you want to meet Omani girls is to find a good international dating site. What to do next? Here are some tips on how to meet and court an Omani girl:

  1. Make your profile attractive to Omani women. Girls from this country choose their life partners very thoroughly as they are very family-oriented and avoid divorces. They assess the education, career success, as well as social and financial status of their potential husbands. Therefore, you need to show all these aspects in your profile.
  2. Be initiative. Write to a lady you like first and take a leading position in your conversations. Don’t wait for her to contact you or be more talkative in a conversation than you are.
  3. Show serious intentions. Omani girls consider only men with serious intentions because dating and sexual relationships before getting married are prohibited in this country. Therefore, you need to specify that you are looking for a future wife, not just a girlfriend.
  4. Talk about the future family. To make sure that you can make a happy couple, discuss your views on the household, family budget, the number of children and child-rearing, etc.
  5. Give gifts to your beloved lady. According to local culture, giving presents is considered the best way to express feelings for a lady and to show that you are ready to take financial responsibility for the family. The more expensive gifts are, the better.
  6. Meet her parents. They should give their consent before you will be able to marry an Omani lady. Therefore, you need to make a good impression on them. For this, be well-mannered and respectful, and tell them about your strong points (education, career achievements, properties, and the level of income, etc.). 
  7. Introduce your bride to your parents. It is customary for Omani women to be on good terms with their husbands’ parents. So, it is very important for Omani girls to meet their future parents-in-law in advance.
  8. Introduce your family to hers. Your and her parents should be acquainted with each other because they need to negotiate everything regarding the engagement and wedding.


At What Age Are Omani Women Ready for Marriage?

Girls who don’t get post-secondary education get married at 18-21 years old, while ladies who enter colleges delay starting a family until they are 22-24 years old.

How Many Children Do Omani Families Usually Have?

The average fertility rate in this country is 2,7. This means that local families usually have 2-3 kids.

Is There a Tradition of a Dowry in Oman?

There is such a tradition in this country. The sum of a dowry is negotiable and depends on the social status of the bride’s family and the girl’s age and level of education.