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Egypt is famous for the extremely beautiful Red Sea with fascinating coral reefs and grandiose ancient pyramids. But have you ever thought of this country as not only a great place for spending vacation but also as the motherland of your future wife?

Egyptian women have not become very popular with foreign men yet. But this does not mean that they are not worth your attention. Just learn some more details about them and you will probably understand that there is no better match for you than an Egyptian lady.

What Are Egyptian Women Like?

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They are Attractive

Arabian beauty is so mysterious, entrancing, and exotic! And Egyptian women are typical representatives of it. Long dark hair, big hypnotic brown eyes, and attractive curves will not leave anyone indifferent.

They are Respectful

As Egypt is a Muslim country, respect for fathers and husbands is cultivated in women since early childhood. They are used to seeing a great example of their mothers’ respectful attitude to their fathers. And growing up they copy this pattern of behavior in their own families. Therefore, if you are eager to get a respectful wife, the one from Egypt is a perfect choice.

They are Well-Mannered

Bad manners are strictly disfavored by local culture. So, Egyptian women never act rudely. It is especially about their attitude to husbands when they are going out together. In public, Egyptian wives treat their spouses even more respectfully than at home.

They are Cheerful

Always staying positive and enjoying every moment of life is about Egyptian girls. It is hardly ever possible to see them in low spirits. They always keep on being in a good mood despite life’s challenges and know how to make people around them become more positive either.

They Know their Value

Dignity is a typical national character trait of beautiful Egyptian women. They never communicate with men who are not decent and not worthy of them.

Also, they know how to keep the distance from men they barely know and never become close too early. Egyptian women prefer thoughtful and gradual relationship development. And they do not come to the next stage of a relationship before the right time to do this. So, it helps them to choose the match consciously, find the right men to live the whole life together, and not to spoil relationships by hurrying.

They are Unapproachable

Women in Egypt do not like it when relationships develop rapidly. They prefer getting to know each other without hurrying and building a relationship little by little.

But real men like challenges! Therefore, being so hard to get makes Egyptian women even more attractive.

They are not Posh

Despite being prideful in the right way, women in Egypt never pretend to be better than they really are. Showing off and an arrogant attitude to the people around is definitely not about pretty Egyptian girls.

Do Egyptian Women Make Good Wives?

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Girls of this nationality show their best qualities after becoming wives of decent foreign husbands. Here are the main peculiarities of Egyptian women making them good wives.

Family Always Comes First for Them

Family is the first priority for them. All the other interests, hobbies, friends, and a career come after a family. A husband and kids are more important for Egyptian women than everything else.

They are Excellent Housekeepers

Egyptian wives are keen on saving the family hearth. They do everything possible for the home atmosphere to be cozy, and for every family member to be comfortable and happy.

But not all Egyptian women are ready to do household chores by themselves. Girls from common families have been taught to masterfully cope with all household chores since early childhood as they have helped their mothers. But as for the ladies who have got rich parents, they expect their husbands to hire a maid. But even in such cases, Egyptian ladies always control the quality of housekeeping and care for the home to be cozy and neat.

They Do Everything Possible to Bring Up Children in the Right Way

Egyptian women have a peculiar opinion on what is love to children. They do not follow all their wishes and do not pamper them. They believe it to be the best expression of love to cultivate the right life values in kids and to teach them all the needed qualities for the future autonomous life.

Egyptian mothers do not make children the center of the family. Thus, they do not give in to the kids’ wishes. They rather make them adapt to the lifestyle of the whole family. In this way, they cultivate respect for other family members and the ability to solve problems autonomously in their children.

And this is the right point of view. The children who have been brought up in such a way have more chances to become independent, but not selfish persons in the future than the kids who have been pampered.

They Know How to Treat Their Husbands Respectfully

Egyptian women believe that a husband is the head of a family. Therefore, they always respect his decisions and points of view. Moreover, they always treat their husbands with courtesy, especially in public.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Appearance and age do not matter for Egyptian women. Much more important things are:

  • Responsibility. A girl of this nationality sees a man not just as a boyfriend, but as the future head of a family. Therefore, such a character trait attracts Egyptian ladies very much.
  • Success. Only a self-actualized man with a good career and stable income can be considered as a candidate for an Egyptian woman’s hand.
  • Being ready for a family. Girls of this nationality do not see any sense in wasting their time communicating with men who are not going to start a family in the nearest future.

Where to Meet Egyptian Women in Egypt?

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Egypt is a very welcoming and tourist-friendly country. Therefore, it may seem to be a good idea to go there to meet Egyptian girls. Which city to choose and what places to visit in order to find your destiny?

Cairo: the Capital of Egypt

If you want to meet local people, keep away from places popular with tourists. Go to a cozy cafe or lounge. Here are some places you may like:

  • ZEN Cafe & Lounge;
  • The Smokery;
  • Nairu Restaurant and Lounge;
  • Bar’Oro;
  • El Fishawy Cafe.

Also, it is possible to meet local women at Khan el-Khalili, the central market of Cairo.

Alexandria: a Port City with a Rich History

A place that is definitely worth visiting is the oceanarium. But you are unlikely to visit a lot of single women there as the main audience is families with children. Much more singles can be found at discos and in cafes or lounges. Here are the most popular of them:

  • Alegria;
  • Panda Lounge Egypt;
  • Lobby Lounge;
  • Falkon Night Club;
  • VIP Disco.

If you are an admirer of a more peaceful atmosphere, then go to Montaza Palace Gardens. Some single girls go there for walks with friends. So, it is possible to get acquainted with them there.

Sharm-el-Sheikh: the Most Popular Resort City

This is a famous city where both foreign tourists and locals spend their vacations.

If you like to go for walks, visit the Il Mercato area where numerous restaurants and shops are situated. Also, you can enjoy some entertainment events in the local amphitheater placed in this area.

One more place to enjoy walks is Soho Square. Multi-colored illumination and beautiful design with fountains and statues predispose to openness and new acquaintances.

For fans of nightlife, the best places are:

  • The Le Pasha club;
  • The Smash disco bar;
  • Hard Rock Cafe.

Where to Meet Egyptian Women Online?

The efforts of dating Egyptian girls offline may not bring the expected results because of the following peculiarities:

  • There are more tourists than locals on the streets and in any interesting places.
  • Local women rarely visit nightclubs as it is not appreciated by the Muslim culture. So, such places are more popular with tourists.
  • There are much more local men than local women on the streets.
  • Far from all local women are ready to get acquainted with strange men in public places as it is not typical for Muslim cultures.

That is why it is much easier and more effective to meet Egyptian women online. There are specialized websites and mobile apps that are created for finding foreign husbands. Thousands of sexy Egyptian girls are looking for their destiny there.

Therefore, there is no need to go to another country. Just get registered and choose out of plenty of hot Egyptian women for any taste without even going out of home!

How to Date an Egyptian Girl: 6 Tips

Dating an Egyptian woman may be a bit challenging due to a cultural barrier. But its overcoming is real if you keep in mind the following recommendations:

  1. Never forget to compliment her. Giving compliments is a national peculiarity of local men. Beautiful words are the main way to express your attention and passion to a beloved girl. If you forget to compliment a girl you like, she will not feel that you love her and will decide that you are too cold about her.
  2. Take care of her. Egyptian women are not emancipated and independent. They expect their men to solve their problems. So, by taking care of a lady, you will show that you can make a good husband.
  3. Never leave her alone for a long time. Egyptian girls need much attention. If you do not communicate even one day she will miss you very much. Therefore, even if thousands of kilometers separate you from each other, keep in touch constantly. Fortunately, text chats and video calls can always help you be close despite the distance.
  4. Give presents to her. This is one more way to express your love. Moreover, in this way you can prove that you are ready for a family financially. Therefore, do not be greedy when it comes to presents to your Egyptian lady.
  5. Never show disrespect to her family. Respect for senior relatives is a part of the local mentality. So do your best to get along well with your girl’s parents. Also, do not express any offensive opinions about her relatives even if she complains about misunderstandings with them.
  6. Hold off on intimacy. For well-bred Egyptian women from decent families, even a hint of sex before the wedding is an offense. So be careful with words and touches.


What Language Do Egyptian Women Speak?

Their mother language is Arabian. But more than a half of the population speaks English as this language is taught at schools compulsorily for all pupils. Therefore, do not worry about the language barrier. It will not make a problem.

What is the Religion of Egyptian Women?

The majority of the population of Egypt are Muslims. Only about 5% are Christians. But you can easily recognize them on the streets because, unlike Muslim girls, they do not cover their heads with traditional shawls.

What do Egyptian Wives Think of a Family Budget?

Women of this nationality are definitely not social climbers. They place their career after a family in the range of life priorities. Therefore, often, Egyptian wives do not work at all. It is enough for them to be good wives and successful mothers to feel like self-actualized persons.

And even if an Egyptian wife works, it does not mean that she will supplement a family budget with her earnings. According to Egyptian culture, a husband is the head of a family and a breadwinner. He is fully responsible for supporting a family financially. The money that a wife earns she usually spends only for her needs and incidental spendings. Therefore, a husband of an Egyptian wife cannot expect her to help him cope with financial troubles.