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💍 Average Age of Marriage 25 Y/O
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The Middle East is famous for its marvelous girls. Thousands of international marriages between the ladies from this region and Western men are contracted every year. And Iraqi women are some of the most popular girls from the Middle East. Find out all the advantages of Iraqi ladies and get some tips on where to find and how to date them from our guide.

What Are Iraqi Women Like: 5 Most Typical Characteristics

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They Are Beautiful

Iraqi girls are extremely enchanting. Their large bewitching eyes hypnotize men and make them fall in love with these ladies. Also, Iraqi women beckon men with their awesome bodies with attractive curves.

They Are Modest

Modesty is not the most widespread quality in today’s world. Western men who like a bit shy girls often cannot find ladies like this in their native country. That is why they decide to meet Iraqi women or other ladies from the Middle East. 

They Are Respectful

Respect for men is an integral part of the local mentality. That is why Iraqi women are always very polite towards men and adhere to their opinions. This makes ladies from this Middle-Eastern country extremely pleasant to deal with.

They Are Polite And Friendly

Civility is one of the most appreciated character traits in Iraq. All decent ladies always act politely. Also, they are rather amiable and kind-hearted, even though they can seem a bit cold and restrained at first sight. Such a misperception may appear because of the shyness of these girls. Many of them are too timid to express their emotions openly while meeting new people.

They Are Ready for Family at an Early Age

Many Western men are looking for young women for marriage. But ladies from their native country are focused on their careers in their twenties and are ready for marriage much later. Unlike them, women of Iraq value the family more than the career. That is why they are looking for future husbands at 18-25 years old.

Why Do Iraqi Women Make Good Wives for Western Men?

Iraqi Wives Are Obedient And Respectful

According to the local mentality, a husband is the head of a family. He is responsible for making all vital decisions. And a wife must respect his opinion and adhere to it.

Iraqi Wives Are Grateful

Women of Iraq value their husbands and appreciate everything their spouses do for them. If a man is good at performing the role of the head of a family, his wife will express her gratitude to him every day.

Iraqi Wives Are Caring And Supporting

Ladies of this nationality are sensitive and sympathetic. They are always ready to comfort their husbands when they are in low spirits. Also, they are very responsible when it comes to taking care of children. They do everything possible for them to be happy and feel comfortable.

Iraqi Women Are Diligent Housewives

Girls from Iraq have been preparing to be future wives since childhood. When they are teenagers, they help their mothers with all household chores. So, they are completely ready for the role of a housewife by the time they become adults.

Iraqi Wives Are Faithful

Women from this country love and respect their husbands. They are not inclined to adultery. Also, they never initiate divorce without a good reason. Only committing adultery by a husband or disability to cope with the role of the head of a family can be a good reason for a breakup.

Why Are Many Iraqi Girls Looking for Foreign Husbands?

Many women from this country believe foreigners to be more intelligent, many-sided, and courteous than locals are. They are charmed by Western men with their kindness, civility, and diverse life experience.

Also, a lot of girls from Iraq are eager to move to the country with a more stable political situation and a higher standard of living. That is why they consider marriage to a foreigner to be a chance for changing their lives for the better. In gratitude for making their lives better, Iraqi wives surround their husbands with love, affection, and care.

Where to Meet Iraqi Women Offline?

It is not the best idea to travel to Iraq as a tourist. This country is not quite safe for foreigners due to the high crime rate and unstable political situation. The only comparatively safe region in Iraq is Kurdistan with Erbil being the biggest and the most well-developed city.

Iraqi girls travel to foreign resorts very rarely because few of them can afford this. So, it is possible to meet them offline only if you have a business trip to Iraq. You can mix business with pleasure. As soon as you are done with your work issues, visit some places where Iraqi girls spend leisure time.

In Kurdistan, many young Iraqi girls go shopping with their friends. Thus, you can meet Iraqi women in local malls, such as Mega Mall, Royal Mall, and Majidi Mall in Erbil. Nightclubs are not the most popular with girls, but still, you can find some of them there. Inferno, Hera, and Zanzibar in Erbil are worth visiting.

In other regions of Iraq, outside Kurdistan, women predominantly stay at home. In the daytime, they are busy with housework, and in the evening, they prefer calm leisure activities like reading, watching TV, or playing computer games. So, other regions of the country are not quite suitable for meeting girls.

Where to Meet Iraqi Women Online?

Though there are rather few opportunities to meet Iraqi girls offline, it is still possible to find a nice wife from this country with the help of modern technologies. Moreover, dating an Iraqi girl online is cheaper, more time-saving, and, of course, much safer.

There are specialized places on the Web for those who are looking for future wives. Mail order brides websites provide the full cycle of features and services for finding a soulmate from the Middle East. They have large catalogs of women who are looking for foreign husbands, convenient search tools, and stable means of communication.

Also, many good international dating platforms provide professional translation services. You may need them because the native language of Iraqi women is Arabic.

A Step-by-Step Guide on Dating Iraqi Women

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  1. Charm a Woman You Like

Mutual feelings are very important to Iraqi girls because they are looking for soulmates whom they will be faithful to forever. Thus, you need to put your best foot forward to arouse reciprocal feelings in the girl you have fallen in love with. Civility, thoughtfulness, and patience will help you in this.

Be polite, considerate, and friendly. Show your serious intentions but do not insist on developing a relationship rapidly. Give your beloved lady some time to get to know you better and get used to you.

  1. Get to Know Each Other Better

Long relationships without getting married are not customary in Iraq. Therefore, you have no opportunity to check whether you are compatible in practice. So, you need to learn all the important things about each other before you get married. Don’t be shy to discuss some important stuff, for example, how you imagine your future married life, what kind of lifestyle you prefer, what your views on the family budget and child-rearing are, etc.

  1. Make a Good Impression on Her Parents

Before you start a relationship with an Iraqi girl, you need to get her parents’ approval. Thus, do your best to prove to them that you are a good match for their daughter. Show them that you are a nice personality and a responsible man who is ready to take good care of his beloved lady.

  1. Propose to Her

Dating is discouraged by Iraqi culture. It is believed that as soon as a man and a woman understand that they are a good match for each other, they must get married officially. So, don’t put off this important step for a while, or else your beloved lady will think that you are just leading her on.


What Do Iraqi Women Wear?

It depends on the views in the family a certain lady comes from. Iraqi women from very religious Muslim families wear clothes that cover the whole body, except for the eyes, hands, and feet. But Iraqi girls from families with a more progressive, secular outlook on life mainly wear Western-style clothes.

Is It Allowed for Iraqi Women to Marry Foreigners?

This also depends on the family a girl comes from. Actually, Islam forbids its followers to marry people of other denominations. But many Iraqi girls from families with modern views ignore this rule and marry foreigners.

How Many Children Do Iraqi Women Usually Plan to Have?

Ladies from this country are fond of large families. Most of them are willing to have 3-4 kids.