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👩 Female Population 15,1M
💍 Average Age of Marriage 23 Y/O
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It is rather difficult to find a modest, soft-spoken, and family-oriented young lady among self-assured and independent Western girls. Therefore, many men consider foreign ladies as future wives.

Yemeni women can make the best wives ever. Find out why they are so good for serious relationships and how to marry one of them!

What Are Yemeni Women Like?

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They Are Mysterious And Attractive

Yemeni women magnetize men by being enigmatic and hard to get. They have a very alluring and exotic appearance, but only a select few can see their beauty.

In public, Yemeni girls wear traditional loose dark capes that hide the curves of their bodies and headscarves with veils that cover their hair and all facial features, except their eyes. But seeing these girls’ eyes is enough to fall in love with them. Their eyes are special: large, expressive, and enchanting.

They Are Feminine

Softness and tenderness are cultivated in girls by local culture. Therefore, Yemeni ladies are a perfect match for men who have always dreamt of fragile, gentle, and malleable wives.

They Are Reserved And Decent

These ladies are not too active in expressing their emotions in public. They are well-behaved and avoid doing things that could offend or bother others.

Moreover, women from Yemen are not frivolous and never run around with men. This makes these ladies perfect for serious relationships as their grooms can always be sure of their brides’ loyalty.

What Kind of Wives Do Yemeni Women Make?

Yemeni Wives Are Respectful

Respect for males and elders is required by local customs. Women from this country treat their husbands and their parents-in-law very courteously.

Yemeni Wives Are Compliant

These ladies consider their husbands to be the heads of their families. Ladies from Yemen don’t tend to quarrel or grumble. Moreover, they never challenge their husbands’ decisions.

Yemeni Wives Are Faithful

Cheating on husbands or even flirting with other men is considered inappropriate by local culture and religion. These actions are very shameful for Yemeni ladies, so they never commit them.

Yemeni Wives Are Diligent

Being hard-working and conscientious makes Yemeni women perfect housewives. They cope with all household chores ideally.

How to Marry a Yemeni Lady: The Step-by-Step Instruction

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Dating Yemeni women in the Western meaning of this word is impossible. Dating that doesn’t lead to marriage is shameful for Yemeni girls and their families.

Therefore, local women are looking not for boyfriends but for husbands. They meet men at colleges where they study together or online. And the couples get engaged as soon as they understand that they can be happy together.

If you are looking for a future wife and want to get a spouse from Yemen, here is the step-by-step instruction on how to do this:

  1. Find the right place to meet a Yemeni lady. Women of Yemen stick to local traditions that prohibit them from meeting strange men in person. Thus, many of them go online to find their future husbands. So, find a good and reliable international dating site to meet Yemeni girls there.
  2. Dare to take the first step. Yemen is a country with traditional gender roles, where men are expected to take initiative. Therefore, you need to write to a woman you like first.
  3. Make sure that you see eye to eye on the family issues. It is better to have it out in advance, so as not to disappoint each other in the future. Discuss where and how you want to live with your future family, how many kids you want to have, and what opinion you have on their upbringing.
  4. Take care of the lady you like. Help her every time she asks for this and give presents to her to show that you are strong, decisive, and caring, and can make a good head of the family in the future.
  5. Meet her family and introduce her to your one. Meeting parents is the crucial step as Yemeni women cannot get married without the blessing of their family.
  6. Ask the lady’s parents’ permission to marry her. According to local culture, when a man is ready to get engaged to a lady, he needs not to propose to her but to ask her parents whether he can marry her.


Can I Meet Yemeni Women Offline?

Dating a Yemeni girl offline is impossible due to the peculiarities of local culture. Ladies from this country are prohibited from even talking to strange men on the streets and in other public places. Therefore, the Internet is the only place where you can meet Yemeni girls.

Does Official Marriage Matter to Yemeni Women?

Yes, it is essential for them. According to local culture, leaving together with a man without getting married officially is extremely shameful. Yemeni girls are also prohibited from having any kind of physical intimacy with any men other than their official husbands.

How Do Yemeni Wives Share Responsibilities with Their Husbands?

The husband is the head of the family. He is responsible for earning money and making important decisions. Meanwhile, the wife is in charge of household chores and child-rearing.