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Syria is a country that is hardly ever mentioned in the context of international dating. We mostly know Syria as a fixture on the news, but today we want you to look at Syria from a different angle. Syria is also a land of some of the most beautiful women in that part of the globe, and here is your definitive guide to dating Syrian girls.

What Are Syrian Women Like?

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If you’ve never met a Syrian woman before, knowing what Syrian girls are like can be challenging. These several facts about Syrian singles are a good place to start.

They look completely stunning

We have no doubt that you’ve seen your share of beautiful women, but the beauty of Syrian women is on a different level. It’s not the kind of beauty you normally see in magazines, but it will leave you speechless nonetheless. Syrian women have a deep skin tone and pitch-black hair. Their eyes, lips, and cheekbones seem to have been painted by a talented artist. Women in Syria dress very modestly and often wear a hijab, so you won’t see their best features until your relationship with one of them progresses. However, Syrian girls are known for taking good care of themselves and paying special attention to their bodies.

They are hard workers

Many Syrian women live on their own and support their families through hard times. These conditions have made them work hard and actually enjoy it. Syrian women don’t complain about the amount of work they do. They simply do it because they have to and because they know that their loved ones depend on them. Even when a Syrian girl achieves a better quality of living, she continues to thrive when working hard for the sake of her family.

They are humble and appreciate everything you do

When you are dating a Syrian woman, you feel like she is as invested in a relationship as you are. Unlike Western women, Syrian ladies are not that used to men’s attention, extravagant gestures, and expensive gifts. They are happy just to be with you and they don’t take it for granted. A Syrian woman is someone who will be delighted at every sign of your affection and you will never need to try too hard to put a smile on her face.

They will never make you question their loyalty

Nothing makes Syrian women happier than finding a partner in their early twenties and staying with him forever. If a Syrian lady agreed to be with you, it means she will stick with you through the highs and the lows. Supporting her partner is the most natural thing in the world for a Syrian girl and the only way she can be in a relationship. Infidelity or even a fleeting romantic interest in another man is simply out of the question for Syrian women.

Do Syrian Women Make Good Wives?

Even if you don’t have any long term plans at the moment, we are convinced that as soon as you experience the charm of Syrian girls, you will instantly begin imagining one of them as your wife. There are many reasons to choose a Syrian wife, so if you are looking for more information to inspire you to meet Syrian singles, here are three facts for you:

  • They take care of their husbands. Syrian wives consider it to be their main duty to make sure their men are happy and they will not stop until you are fully satisfied.
  • They won’t demand leadership. The situation where the man is the head of the family and the woman helps him make decisions is the only acceptable one for Syrian wives.
  • They shine as mothers. Motherhood changes Syrian women, but only in a good way. They wait their whole lives to become mothers and they are excellent at it.

What Kind Of Men Do They Like?

Syrian women rarely date just for fun and when they begin a relationship with someone, they definitely consider marrying him in the nearest future. That is why Syrian singles are very serious about their choice of a partner. They listen to their heart and take the attraction into account, but they also want to see some specific qualities in their future husband.

The number one desirable quality for Syrian women is dependability. You need to always be there for your woman and never make her worry about your fidelity. You also need to be generous and successful, so that your woman could have the life she deserves. Finally, Syrian women want to be with men who are respectful towards everyone, from their own family to complete strangers.

Where To Meet Syrian Women In Syria?

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The decision to come to Syria to find a woman for dating is certainly a bold one. This country has been shaken by political conflicts and war for years. Traveling to certain parts of Syria may be unsafe, and you shouldn’t expect the women there to actively try to get to know you or even respond well to your attempts to meet them. However, if you are visiting Syria for business or other purposes and want to combine that with meeting Syrian singles, here are some of our suggestions.


Aleppo is a major Syrian city that was badly damaged by the war but is quickly rebuilding. Aleppo is not the hottest tourist destination in Syria, so the women there have little to no experience with foreigners. Syrian singles in Aleppo love hanging out at restaurants with the Juicy, Grand Station, and Olympia restaurants being their favorites. The Montana Mall and the Shahba Mall are also popular hangout spots for young and single Syrian girls.


Damascus is the capital of Syria, which means it has the highest percentage of women who are both fluent in English and don’t mind talking to foreign men. Compared to other Syrian cities, Damascus also has the most developed nightlife and entertainment industry, and there are plenty of Syrian singles to meet in Damascus. Try the Naranj, Harabi Sushi Bar, and Haretna restaurants or Le Piano and Le Serail night clubs when you have a free evening to spend.


Homs is a beautiful city in Syria and definitely worth exploring when you visit the country. However, you won’t find a lot of single Syrian ladies when you are reviewing the city’s landmarks because they usually hang out in other spots. The Julia Palace, New Moon, and Paradise restaurants are very popular among the female population of Homs, as are the Green Park and the Dablan Park.

Where To Meet Syrian Women Online?

Syria may be an unconventional, often dated country in many regards, but its women are as active on the internet as any other females in the world. Syrian girls use the internet for a variety of purposes, including meeting new people. There is a significant number of Syrian women who want to meet men from foreign countries, so you can find plenty of them on the internet.

However, if you log into the dating site or app you are always using to meet girls from your own country, you may not find a lot of Syrian singles there. These women don’t take any chances and they use special international dating services to meet men from Western countries. You can sign up to any of those services in a matter of minutes and begin your exciting journey to find a Syrian woman to date.

How To Date A Syrian Girl: 7 Tips

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When you’re a foreigner who has no experience with dating Syrian women, the thought of approaching a girl from Syria can be terrifying. However, you should know that a Syrian woman is as interested in making the relationship work as you are, and here are some tips to make it happen.

  • Syrian women want to date gentlemen. Women in Syria have very traditional values and views, and that includes opinions on dating. They don’t want to date casually and they don’t want to hang out as friends. They want the man to be a perfect gentleman and truly care about the woman from the start.
  • Always make sure she’s comfortable. Many Syrian girls don’t have a lot of dating experience and many of them are naturally shy. That is why your date may not tell you that she’s cold, thirsty or tired. Remember to regularly ask how she’s feeling and whether she needs anything to be comfortable.
  • Watch your language and humor. The old-fashioned nature of Syrian women also influences the way they communicate with men. A Syrian lady is not someone who will make a risque joke or laugh at your crude humor. These women cannot stand men who are rude or inconsiderate to others and they will always let you know about it.
  • Show a genuine interest in her. A Syrian woman wants to date someone who appreciates her for who she is on the inside, not just likes the way she looks. When you are only getting to know your lady, it’s important to constantly ask questions and actually listen to her answers and remember them.
  • Make her little dreams come true. Many Syrian girls haven’t had the easiest life prior to meeting you. Some of them may have never left Syria, got the life experiences of Western women, or bought something they’ve always wanted. Taking your Syrian woman on a mini-vacation or getting her something nice will make you look even more attractive.
  • Meet and charm her parents. Don’t wait until your relationship becomes very serious and meeting the parents turns into a necessity. Be proactive and arrange the first meeting early in your relationship. As long as you are polite and confident, you will get them on your side and will make them root for your romance as much as you do.
  • Discuss your future together. In order to fully trust you and to feel satisfied in the relationship, your Syrian girlfriend needs to know that your relationship has a future. It doesn’t mean you need to pop the question after the first few dates, but discussing your future family life, kids, and other plans is always a good idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

How religious are Syrian women?

Syria is a predominantly Muslim country and women living in Syria are pretty religious. However, the newer generation of Syrian girls put less value into religion and more value into people’s other virtues. The issue of religion also depends on the family background of the lady. It’s worth noting that Muslim Syrian women cannot marry non-Muslim men, so you may need to make some changes if you want that to happen.

Do Syrian girls consider moving abroad permanently?

It’s not universal for all women living in Syria, but many of them do. They love their country and even the aspects of it that we find odd, but they also want a better, more peaceful and more successful future for themselves and their future children. That is why many Syrian ladies are open to the idea of moving abroad, but only with the right man.

How can I know a Syrian woman is interested in me and not my wealth or citizenship?

A Syrian woman is not pragmatic or cynical. She believes in love, and while she may want better living conditions, she is prepared to work for them, not rely on a man to get them what they want. So when you are in a relationship with a Syrian girl, you should never doubt her true feelings and intentions, as it’s simply not in the nature of Syrian ladies to pretend to be someone they are not.