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Asian women are immensely popular with men from Western Europe and the United States. Thousands of international marriages are contracted every year. And this is because these women are better wives than compatriots. They are still for traditional family values, in contrast to the emancipated ladies from the USA and Western European countries.

Uzbekistan women are one of the Asian ladies who are the best wives and mothers. If you are looking for a woman for serious relationships who will be a perfect spouse and mother of common children, learn more about ladies of this nationality: what they are like, what kind of wives they make, and what to take into account while dating an Uzbekistan girl.

What Are Uzbekistan Women Like: 4 Most Typical Characteristics

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Uzbekistan ladies are not the most popular Asian women, so you are most likely not to know much about them. Every man interested in international relationships knows a lot about the girls of such nationalities as Thai or Filipino. But not all men are aware of what Uzbekistan girls are like. We have compiled the 4 most typical features of the ladies of this nationality to uncover their mysteriousness to you!

Uzbekistan Women Are Beautiful

Pretty Uzbekistan girls are the most typical representatives of exotic Asian beauty. They have very expressive features:

  • stunning hazel eyes, usually emphasized by dramatic make-up;
  • full lips that make sexy Uzbekistan women conquer men’s hearts;
  • splendid lush dark long hair.

Moreover, their love for their traditional clothing makes women of this nationality outstanding and unique. Even ladies from big cities put on the variations of national clothing with pleasure for celebrations. Such outfits are very bright and multi-colored, often decorated with original embroidery.

Uzbekistan Girls Are Unaffected

Typical national features of the people from this country are straightforwardness, honesty, and openness. Beautiful Uzbekistan women prefer to express their opinions and feelings openly. They consider this the key to a strong, long-term trusting relationship. And this is really true. It is much easier to build a relationship with a girl for whom it is unacceptable to lie.

Uzbekistan Women Have Gentle Nature

Another great feature of Uzbekistan women is kindness and calmness. These girls are not irascible, do not like to quarrel, always peacefully resolve controversial issues and easily compromise. They are also sympathetic: they are always ready to help and comfort someone. And, finally, they are affectionate and gentle. In general, they are true ladies, unlike independent Western women with strong and wayward characters.

Uzbekistan Girls Are Respectful

This trait is sorely lacking in women from Western European countries and the United States. Respecting men and senior relatives is customary for Uzbekistan women. And this respectfulness makes Uzbekistan women better for serious relationships and family.

3 Features of Uzbekistan Wives Making Them Perfect for Foreign Husbands

Women of Uzbekistan are excellent for serious relationships and marriage. And now you will understand why.

Uzbekistan Wives Are Ready to Assume All Household Chores

Traditional family values are still widespread and relevant in Uzbekistan. And, according to them, the main duties of a woman are to be a good housewife and a loving mother. So, wives of this nationality assume all household chores without any objections. They are very diligent in housekeeping and do everything with inspiration.

But note, that while a wife assumes all household chores, a husband is fully responsible for working and providing for a family financially. Uzbekistan women usually do not work after marriage and do not contribute to the family budget. They believe that earning money is a man’s duty.

Uzbekistan Wive Are Wonderful Cooks

Uzbekistan women cook very well. They inherit these skills from their mothers and grandmothers. They can create real culinary masterpieces. A signature dish of any lady of this nationality is pilaf (an Uzbekistan traditional dish made of rice, meat, and vegetables). Also, Uzbekistan women have a talent for baking. Their cakes and pies are off the chart!

Uzbekistan Wives Don’t Do Anything Without the Consent of Their Husbands

Wives of this nationality coordinate everything with their husbands. They ask for the consent of a spouse even when they want to do something not very important: buy some clothes, go for a walk with girl friends, etc. And, of course, they never make important decisions on their own. They entrust this to their husbands and agree to their decisions. Such a useful habit of Uzbekistan wives will please a man who wants to be the head of a family.

Tastes of Uzbekistan Women: What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Uzbekistan women have no other purposes of dating except marriage. That is why they are attracted by features that make men perfect as husbands:

  • Maturity. A man should be psychologically ready to start a family. That is why the age gap is not a problem. It may be taken even as an advantage because older men are considered more mature and ready for serious relationships.
  • Responsibility and decisiveness. According to traditional family values that are worshiped by Uzbekistan people, a man is the head of a family. And he is expected to make all vital decisions. So, these features are very important for a man who wants to marry an Uzbekistan girl.
  • Financial stability. As the man is expected to be the only breadwinner for a family, he should have a stable income that allows him to provide for the whole family which usually consists of 4-5 members (a husband, a wife, and 2-3 kids).

Where to Meet Uzbekistan Women in Uzbekistan?

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Are you so serious about your intention of finding a wife of this nationality that you are ready to travel to Uzbekistan? Then go to one of the biggest cities where there is the largest variety of hot Uzbekistan girls. Here are the top 3 largest cities and short guides to the most popular places in them.


This is the capital of Uzbekistan. This city is the largest one not only in this country but in the whole Central Asia. More than 2 million people live there. About a half of them are women. So, the choice is extremely wide. Every man can find a lady to his taste.

Here are the best places to meet Uzbekistan girls in Tashkent:

  • Nightclubs and bars: The Time Bar, Piramida, Florida, Prince, Gorod.
  • Parks: Tashkent City Park, Central Park Tashkent, Lokomotiv Amusement Park, Alisher Navoi National Park.
  • Malls: Poytaxt, Atlas, Afsona, Mega Planet, Next, Riviera, Atrium, Vega.


This is the second most populated and one of the most beautiful cities of Uzbekistan. A lot of pretty ladies are waiting for you there. The places that will give you the highest chances of getting acquainted with Uzbekistan girls are XXL and Sirius nightclubs, Shafran karaoke club, Babur park.

Samarkand (Samarqand)

This city is the third-largest in Uzbekistan. It has a rich history because of being one of the most ancient cities in the world founded in the 8th century BC. If your goal is not only to meet Uzbekistan girls but to learn some aspects of the culture and history of this country, be sure to visit this city and a few options out of its 10 most interesting sightseeings:

  • Registan Ensemble and Square;
  • Aqsaray Timurids Mausoleum;
  • Gure Amir;
  • Abdu Daru Complex;
  • Ulughbek Madrasa;
  • Shirdar Madrasa;
  • Bibi Khanum Mosque;
  • Hazrat Hizir Mosque;
  • the Museum of the History of Samarkand;
  • The State Museum of Culture History of Uzbekistan.

When you are done with learning local culture and history, go to the places where there is the maximum concentration of beautiful local girls:

  • The most popular nightclubs of Samarkand: Sharq, Remix, Kings, Le Grant.
  • The prettiest parks of this city: Central Park, Culture and Recreation Park, Family Park.

Where to Meet Uzbekistan Women Online?

A man can decide to travel to Uzbekistan to search for a life partner there, only if he has a lot of spare time. Moreover, he should be risky because nobody guarantees that he will succeed in dating Uzbekistan girls in their motherland, especially if we take into account that there will be a language barrier.

So, what to do if you are too busy to go on a trip to Uzbekistan that does not guarantee that you will manage to find an appropriate woman during the time you spend in this country?

Use online opportunities to meet Uzbekistan girls. There are special websites where Uzbekistan women are looking for their foreign husbands. All ladies registered there are verified, so there are no fake accounts. Furthermore, you can be sure that all girls are single and ready to get acquainted with foreigners.

How to Date an Uzbekistan Girl: 5 Tips

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Do you want to win the heart of an Uzbekistan lady you have fallen in love with? Then you need to find the right approach to her in order to succeed. The following tips will help you in this:

  1. Be yourself. Showing off and pretending is highly scorned in Uzbekistan. Thus, don’t try to look cooler, richer or somehow better than you really are. Just be yourself, and a woman will appreciate this.
  2. Be honest. Honesty is the most typical character trait of ladies from Uzbekistan. They never lie and find it inappropriate when somebody lies to them. If the fact of your lie is revealed, the trust will be lost forever. So, be honest in order not to lose good relationships with your beloved.
  3. Discuss trivial matters. Of course, conversations about arts, culture, cinema or hobbies are much more interesting than discussing day-to-day matters. But doing this is important. You should understand whether you will get along with each other after marriage. To understand this, discuss what kind of accommodation you are going to live together in, what kind of daily routine you both are used to sticking to, and so on. Incompatibility in simple everyday things can make marriage unbearable, despite common interests. So make sure that you are compatible in trivial day-to-day matters.
  4. Take your time with intimacy. Sex before the wedding is still frowned upon in Uzbekistan. Thus, the hints at intimacy will spoil the impression of you.
  5. Do not delay the wedding for a while. Long dating is not customary in this country. As soon as a man and a woman understand that they match each other, they immediately meet each other’s parents and enter into an engagement.


Can a Language Barrier Be an Obstacle to Dating Uzbekistan Women?

The official language in this country is Uzbek. It is spoken by all the people of this nationality. Also, the Russian language is very popular. It is taught as a compulsory subject at schools and universities and is spoken by almost all people from Uzbekistan. As for English, it is taught at schools as a foreign language, but the quality of its teaching and studying needs improvement.

Nowadays, Uzbekistan takes 88th place in English proficiency out of 100 countries. This means that this is one of the countries with the lowest number of people fluent in English.

But, fortunately, modern technologies make it possible to overcome a language barrier. So, speaking different languages will not be an obstacle to developing international romantic relationships. You can use online translators or order the services of professional translators or interpreters to understand each other perfectly.

Does Parent’s Opinion Matter to Uzbekistan Women When it Comes to Marriage?

Yes, it plays a huge role. Uzbekistan women cannot get married without the consent of their parents. So, you should do your best to make a good impression on them for them to approve your candidacy for the role of their daughter’s husband.

Moreover, a future husband should pay a dowry for a bride to her parents. Its exact amount varies from $50 to $5000 depending on the region a bride comes from and the level of affluence and social status of a bride’s family.

Do Uzbekistan Women Like Large Families?

Yes, they do. Such a conclusion can be made based on statistics. The fertility rate in this country is 2,785 kids per woman. This means that the majority of women prefer having 3 kids. Some of them have 2 kids. Having only 1 child is not typical for women from this country.