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Singapore is known as quite a rich and prospering country. However, the real luxury of Singapore is not so much an economic miracle like the miracle of the feminine beauty and charm of local women. Undoubtedly, this is a good reason why men from all over the world love to visit this country so much.

What Are Singaporean Women Like?

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Singaporean girls attract men with their spicy appearance, sharp mind, and lively character. Do you want more details about the inhabitants of this happy country? Well, you are welcome.

Their appearance excites the male imagination

Many men like the Asian look – they find it quite arousing. Looking at the women in Singapore, it’s easy to understand why. Slightly slanted eyes, similar to two juicy olives, slightly dark skin, shining with health and youth, thick black hair, which some Singaporeans, however, manage to make red for a while …

They have the mysterious charm of Japanese, the seething passion of Hindu women, and even the stylish stiffness of Europeans. Thanks to this mix, Singaporean girls are adored by men from all over the world.

They are smart and well-read

Singaporean women are not only beautiful but also smart – which is not surprising in a country that has made such a stunning economic breakthrough in half a century? Singaporean women consider it their duty to get an excellent education and realize themselves in a profession that brings them not only pleasure but also income.

Singaporean women read a lot, understand politics, economics, and are aware of all world trends. They are always very interesting and have something to talk about.

They are fair

Singaporeans live in a country where it is customary to take responsibility for actions and decisions. They are accustomed to an honest and just life, they are law-abiding and try to be honest with people, and themselves. They believe that any transgression should be punished and will not cover it up. But good, in their opinion, should also be rewarded.

They are uninhibited

Singaporean women are free from the prejudices of most Asian women and do not see anything strange in getting to know a man on their own or taking the first step in a relationship. They are also comfortable having sex on the first date and openly discussing their sexual preferences with their partner. Singaporeans simply believe that such conversations are absolutely normal and natural, especially between loving people.

Do Singaporean Women Make Good Wives?

Despite their liberal views, and desire for a successful career, the family for Singaporeans is of great importance. Still, they are representatives of an eastern country, where family values ​​prevail over others. Therefore, a woman from Singapore also copes with the role of wife and mother perfectly well. It remains only to wonder when she manages to do all this.

Yet – neither the husband nor the children ever feel deprived of attention. The Singaporean woman always performs her duties easily and with a smile on her face – as if there is nothing more pleasant for her than doing her daily routine. However, leisure time with such a woman is always an extravaganza that gives many unforgettable experiences.

What Kind of Man Do They Like?

Of course, Singaporeans appreciate bright, strong, individual personalities who can stand up not only for themselves but also for their women. At the same time, their chosen one should not be rude or brutal – this is repulsive. 

Most often, Singaporean women select a husband among those with whom their interests coincide at least in some way – professional or any other. It is important for a Singaporean woman that her chosen one is in harmony with her. In addition, it is essential for her to do everything together – to do the house or spend leisure time.

Where to meet a Singaporean Woman in the Country?

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Let’s figure out what are the best places to meet a beautiful Singaporean girl. 

Cafés or food courts

One of the features of Singapore is a huge number of food courts with delicious food. As a rule, local women go there either at lunchtime or in their spare time. Most often, they do not mind chatting with a nice young man in order to subsequently exchange contacts.

The most famous cafés in Singapore: My Awesome Café, Brunches Café, Lucky Café, Greyhound Café Singapore

On the beaches

People go to Singapore, in particular, for luxurious beaches, which are usually full of half-naked girls. There are many local women among them.

The best beaches in Singapore: Changi Beach, Palawan Beach, Tanjong Beach

On the embankments

Bright, lively, originally decorated embankments are a favorite promenade for locals and tourists alike. There are not only many people here, but also cafés, shops, attractions, and entertainment opportunities. The atmosphere is relaxed, and acquaintance does not take long.

Famous embankments in Singapore: Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, Marina Bay

In nightclubs

Singapore is the nightlife capital of the whole of Asia, so go ahead to have fun and meet sultry Asians to the hypnotic sounds of a techno beat!

The most famous nightclubs in Singapore: Club Illusion Singapore, Zouk Club KL, D’Underground Bar & Club

In parks

Parks in Singapore impress by their beauty and originality, and there are always so many local beauties. All you have to do is choose which park you would like to go to in the first place – a greenhouse or a theme park.

The most beautiful and popular parks in Singapore: Universal Studios Park, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Botanic Garden, Butterfly Park, Gardens by the Bay

Where to Meet Singaporean Women Online?

Meeting a Singaporean woman online is even easier than in person. Use special online services, where professionals have thought through every detail. All so that you find exactly the woman you are looking for as quickly as possible. Online dating has already established itself as a more effective and reliable way to find a soul mate. Indeed, in ordinary meetings, it is not always possible to understand what a woman wants, while the sites provide transparency and availability of information for both parties.

How to Date a Singaporean Girl: 5 Tips

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Conversation with a Singaporean woman is easy and difficult at the same time. Easy – because time next to her flows imperceptibly. Difficult – because to surprise her, you have to make some effort. But the result is worth it!

Arrange a date in another country

When proposing a date, you can casually ask if she wants to start it on board the plane and complete it on one of the luxurious beaches of Goa, for example. However, it all depends on your imagination and the size of your wallet. But she will definitely appreciate such a gesture.

Do not be serious all the time

Singaporean women appreciate a good sense of humor, love jokes, and to have fun. Be a little playful child at heart: make faces, make jokes, or sing songs. She will certainly love it!

Ask if you can pay for her

She may not refuse to have you take all the expenses on yourself. However, she will undoubtedly not appreciate an imperious gesture that demonstrates your financial superiority. Therefore, it is better to ask, saying that you would consider it an honor to cover her expenses.

Talk to her about topics that interest her

Singaporeans are truly grateful and attentive listeners but do not forget that it is important for them to discuss what really worries them. They are not big gossips and biography lovers. But new music, movies or books will be discussed with pleasure.

Admire her achievements

Singaporean women are those who do not get enough compliments about their appearance – give them admiration and praise their talents. So do not skimp on praise for her sharp mind, language skills or career achievements. Also, Singaporean women love it when a man compliments her sense of humor.


How do women in Singapore spend their weekends?

Singaporeans prefer to spend their weekends on the beach and in shopping centers, (local women are big shopaholics). They do not neglect tourist spots, the most popular of which are the Museum of Art and Science, Spiral Bridge, Marina Bay with the complex of the same name, and Clarke Quay. Residents of the city go to the same restaurants and bars as tourists.

Are there any peculiarities of wedding traditions in Singapore?

According to Asian traditions, a huge number of people gather for the wedding, and it takes place in two stages. The first one is for everyone, and exactly in a week – exclusively for young people (obviously, in order not to injure the older generation with a huge amount of beer drunk and behavior). However, nowadays, everyone marries as he wants – so everything will depend solely on the desires of the couple.

Are there avid careerists among Singaporean women?

Women in Singapore work hard because they are convinced that a person’s well-being directly depends on the quantity and quality of his work. However, they understand the importance of rest. Who rests well,  works well. Therefore, Singaporeans always have everything in moderation and in harmony.