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China is one of the most polarizing countries in the world. You can be impressed by its economic growth of the past decades or find its human rights policies atrocious, but the one thing that is not up for a debate is how lovely Chinese women are. Dating a Chinese woman is something any man would be happy to experience at least once in a lifetime. Here is how to meet Chinese women, how to date them, and why you should consider a Chinese woman as your partner at all.

What Are Chinese Women Like?

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Chinese women are exotic enough, but they also have a lot of familiar qualities you are looking for in girls. Here is what makes Chinese women so desirable among Western men.

Gorgeous beyond belief

You may find Asian women to be beautiful in general, but Chinese women are a beauty standard of their own. The beauty of Chinese girls is delicate, but it’s also striking. They have perfectly balanced features: almond-shaped, dark eyes, black silky hair, adorable lips, and high cheekbones. Chinese women are very petite and slim, and they know how to look perfectly feminine with the right clothes and makeup.

Slightly old-fashioned

China is a fairly modern country and the same can definitely be said about Chinese women. However, they are also surprisingly old-fashioned. Chinese girls can even be slightly superstitious, but the majority of them simply have very traditional views on life and family, which make them old-fashioned in the modern world. Chinese women are monogamous, dreaming of a big family, and don’t consider their career to be the most important thing in the world.

Highly educated and ambitious

Over the last few decades, education has become one of the most valued qualities of Chinese women. They graduate from schools and universities, do a lot of self-educating, and even go abroad to study. As a result, Chinese girls are proficient in their field, have impressive career accomplishments and even more impressive aspirations, and can successfully talk with you about anything in the world.

Ready to open up to one man

You will hardly ever meet a Chinese woman who acts open around men and likes to be the centre of attention. Chinese girls are noticeably shy and reserved, especially around men, but this shyness gradually goes away when a Chinese woman becomes more comfortable around one man. When you notice your Chinese lady becoming more open and sociable around you, it means she seriously considers you for a relationship.

Great around the kitchen

With all the education and ambitious goals, Chinese women also know that the heart of any home is the kitchen. If you’ve never tried homemade Chinese food made by a woman who grew up learning the craft of cooking from her mother and grandmothers, then you haven’t tried Chinese food at all. Chinese women put great value into nutrition and will never rest until their family is well-fed.

Do Chinese Women Make Good Wives?

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There is no doubt you will enjoy dating a Chinese woman, but if you are actually looking for a potential wife, there are at least three reasons why you should consider marrying a Chinese lady:

  • They are hard-working. There are some Chinese women who want nothing but to be a housewife, but more and more young and ambitious Chinese girls want to share the burden of providing for the family with their husbands. Chinese wives are prepared to work without paying any less attention to their families.
  • They are ready to make sacrifices. Changing their whole life for their partners is not a big issue for Chinese women. They are ready to move half of the world away and start life with a clean slate if that’s what their husbands need. A Chinese wife will cook dishes she hates for you and will do anything you ask of her.
  • They are perfect for family life. By the time a Chinese woman gets married, she is absolutely ready to settle down. She only has love and attention for her husband and she will never look at another man with a romantic interest. Chinese women are prepared to dedicate their lives to their families forever.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

It’s not like there is a list of desired qualities that Chinese women use to approach potential partners, but there are still some qualities they want to see in their future boyfriend or husband. Most of all, Chinese women want to date men who know what they want, which is a tight and happy family. They also want someone who can negotiate and make amendments in his lifestyle for the sake of his partner. Unlike many other foreign women, Chinese girls don’t like men who are spontaneous and often act on an impulse. They want to be with guys who plan their future several steps ahead and successfully get where they want in life.

Where to Meet Chinese Women in China?

The decision to travel to China to meet Chinese women is definitely a bold one. There are millions of young and attractive women living in China, so anywhere you go, you will meet lots of them. Here are the three Chinese destinations that are widely known for their charming female population.


Beijing is the capital of China, and as a capital city, it attracts some of the best women from all over the country. You can start with any business centre or mall when you want to meet Chinese women, but the Beijing Da Dong, Siji Minfu, and The Hidden City restaurants, as well as the City Lights, Mix Club, and Beijing Sunshine night clubs give you the highest probability of success.


Sanya is a relatively small city in China, but this tropical paradise overlooking the sea is one of the most popular vacation spots in the country. In Sanya, you can meet both local girls and women from other Chinese regions who come here as tourists. Check out the Casamia, Edogin, and Haiya restaurants or the Honggang and Haoshiya Entertainment Town night clubs if you want to get to know beautiful Chinese women.


Suzhou is one of the leading economic centres in China, so the women you can meet there are not just good-looking, but also highly educated and ambitious. You can meet lots of attractive Chinese singles in close proximity to business centres, or try the Alto Vino, Nongleyuan, and Blue Marlin restaurants. The Dragon and Baolijin night clubs, as well as Yelifang karaoke club, are also very popular with single Chinese women.

Where to Meet Chinese Women Online?

Many of the popular dating services and social media sites you know and love are actually banned in China, so meeting Chinese girls can prove challenging. Luckily, you can have all the success you are dreaming of with international dating services. Those services are freely accessible in China, which means Chinese women can use them to find suitable Western partners. These international dating sites are pretty much your only option when you want to meet Chinese women online, and it’s definitely much more practical than traveling all the way to China to meet your dream woman.

How to Date a Chinese Girl: 7 Tips

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The idea of dating a Chinese woman certainly seems appealing, but it probably also terrifies you on some level because you don’t know what to expect and how to build a successful relationship. Here are 7 tips that will take the stress component out of the equation and will allow you to fully enjoy your romance.

  • Demonstrate your confidence. A Chinese girl will never seriously consider a man who is unconfident and is constantly doubting himself. The first thing you need to do is confidently approach the Chinese woman who caught your attention and not to give up too easily even if she doesn’t seem particularly interested at first.
  • Show your tolerance for other cultures. Chinese women have a fascinating culture and as a smart man, you probably won’t say anything demeaning about her home country and its customs. However, you also shouldn’t say anything controversial about other cultures — Chinese women love tolerant, well-rounded men.
  • The man always pays. In many countries, paying for dinner after the date can go either way: you can split the bill or pay for the whole thing yourself. However, the former is not an option in China. The man here pays 100% of the time, while the woman can occasionally treat you to coffee or sweets.
  • Chinese women love proper gentlemen. Paying for dinner is the first sign of a gentleman, but it’s not the only thing your Chinese date wants to see. You should also help her get in and out of the car, help her put on her coat, and make sure she gets home safely after the date.
  • Avoid sarcasm and rude humor. When you are dating a Chinese woman, there isn’t just the issue of a language barrier to overcome, but also a difference between your respective sense of humor. Chinese girls don’t react well to sarcasm or other types of jokes that can raise an eyebrow, so it’s best to go the safe way.
  • Travel with your girlfriend. In order to remain exciting for both parties, your relationship needs to bring new things that you can experience together. Taking short but romantic trips will help solidify your connection, find new shared interests, and get lots of lovely memories to enjoy together.
  • Make sure she knows you have serious intentions. At first, the relationship between you and your Chinese girl will be all about the fun, but it cannot always go that way. The relationship between two adults needs substance, and the best way to make it clear is to talk about your respective idea of the future.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Chinese girls overly materialistic?

The stereotype about Chinese women being overly interested in money and material things probably stemmed from the fact that Chinese girls know their self-worth and will never settle for a lower quality of living than the one they already have. However, a Chinese woman is prepared to work alongside her partner to achieve what she wants.

Do Chinese women depend on their families a lot?

Chinese girls definitely love their parents, but they are perfectly capable of living on their own. In fact, it is very common for Chinese families when the daughter moves out and goes to a bigger city to study, then stays there and builds her own life. Your Chinese woman will maintain a close connection to her parents, but they won’t influence her decisions at all.

How long do Chinese ladies usually date before marriage?

Chinese women cannot agree to get married when they barely know the partner, and the average time it takes them to get to know you mostly depends on the woman’s age. A Chinese girl in her twenties may take over a year, while Chinese women who have turned 30 will probably be able to make the decision faster.