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You may know Vietnam as a fantastic travel destination or a mysterious Asian country with culture and history that spans centuries, but have you ever considered it as a place to find the most beautiful and loyal women in the world? Vietnamese girls absolutely deserve your attention, and here are the most important facts to know about them.

What Are Vietnamese Women Like?

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You can only get the full idea about Vietnamese women after you’ve been together with one for some time, but if you know next to nothing about them, here are a few things to get you started.

They are simply stunning

The beauty of Vietnamese girls is not the only reason to like them, but it’s definitely the first reason why men are attracted to them. Vietnamese women have gorgeous almond-shaped eyes, olive skin tone, and a bone structure to die for. They have thick dark hair that they love to wear loose, so that it perfectly frames their faces. Vietnamese girls are not tall and they are very lean, but their subtle curves will make you think about them again and again.

They have traditional values

Vietnamese is a perfectly modern country, but Vietnamese singles proudly keep to the most traditional values. They don’t want expensive things or enviable careers. They simply want a happy, loving family where they can feel at ease. Vietnamese women are not the kind of women who date around. Instead, they patiently wait for their ideal partner who will become the object of their passion and support.

They will open up only to one man

When you first meet Vietnamese singles, you may think that they are some of the most reserved women you’ve ever seen. Don’t take it as a sign that their personalities are bland and unexciting. The truth is that Vietnamese women save their charm to the man they can call their own. As your relationship with a Vietnamese lady progresses, she will let you into her world more and more, and you’ll never want to go back.

They take good care of their partners

If you’ve dated a lot of Western women in the past, you know how they enjoy attention and constantly fight for an equal treatment. This is not something you will experience with Vietnamese girls. When they are in a serious relationship or marriage, they are willing to do anything to make their partners happy. They can sacrifice their personal interests for the sake of their partners and they will surround you with so much care and attention that you will struggle to remember how you’ve lived before.

Do Vietnamese Women Make Good Wives?

At the moment, you are probably very attracted to Vietnamese women and can easily imagine yourself dating one of them. However, Vietnamese girls are also very popular for marriage, especially among Western men. Here are just three of the many qualities that make Vietnamese wives such an appealing idea for an American guy.

  • Natural mothers. It may sound cheesy, but Vietnamese women are born to become mothers and motherhood makes them even more caring and attentive than they are. Vietnamese girls shine as mothers, but they don’t make their husbands feel abandoned when the baby arrives, which is a rare quality among women.
  • Fantastic in the kitchen. We are yet to meet a Vietnamese woman who isn’t a talented cook. Vietnamese girls learn the art of cooking from the matriarchs of the family, but they don’t just rely on century-old recipes to cook for their families. They also like trying new recipes and flavors to the delight of their loved ones.
  • Ready for the marriage to last forever. When a Vietnamese woman gets married, she assumes that she will stay with one man until the end of time. It means that a Vietnamese wife will be 100% faithful to you, and it also means she will listen to your needs and always make sure you have everything you want.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Vietnamese women are not too choosy when it comes to picking a perfect partner. They listen to their heart and are willing to forgive a lot of imperfections that could be deal breakers for other women. However, the most important male quality for Vietnamese girls is honesty. You need to be honest about your feelings, intentions, and your past.

Vietnamese women also want caring men who can take care of their women, children, and parents. Vietnamese girls are very attached to their families and they need to know that there is someone who will take care of them when they’re older. Finally, you need to be ready for serious, monogamous commitment.

Where to Meet Vietnamese Women in Vietnam?

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Vietnam is a mysterious and distant country where everything doesn’t look or feel the way you expect. It’s also one of the friendliest countries to foreigners and Vietnamese girls are actually very interested in meeting Western men. You will get lots of attention from women everywhere you go in Vietnam, but here are the spots that are sure to land you a date.


Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, but it’s very different from other Asian capitals you may have visited. It’s a relatively quiet city with lots of historic landmarks where you can meet numerous attractive Vietnamese women. You should also check out the Duong’s Restaurant, Little Hanoi, and Green Tangerine eateries and the Nineteen Bar, Infinity Club, and The Opera nightclubs if you want to meet Vietnamese singles.

Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh is the biggest and busiest city in Vietnam. It has endless business centres, malls, and coffee shops where you can get to know ambitious and intelligent Vietnamese singles. You should also pay a visit to the Sorae Restaurant & Lounge, Propaganda, and Poke Saigon restaurants. Lush, Lost in Saigon, and NASA night clubs represent the vibrant nightlife this city has to offer.

Hạ Long

Hạ Long will mesmerize you with its views the second you step your foot into this magnificent city. It’s one of the hottest tourist spots in Vietnam that is equally popular with local girls who want to have a good time. After checking out the scenery, head over to the Hạ Long By Night, as well as Karaoke Gala and Halong View clubs. Vinace, 1958 Restaurant, and Hutong Hạ Long will impress you with their food and their attractive female patrons.

Where to Meet Vietnamese Women Online?

Vietnamese women are more modern than you may think and they use the internet to meet men like it’s no big deal. However, your usual dating services and apps may not be very helpful as they are not popular in Vietnam. Instead, you should use special Vietnamese dating services. They are the most common type of dating sites in Vietnam and they are equally popular among Vietnamese girls and Western men. 

They are easy to use, usually safe, and very effective in connecting you to Vietnamese singles who are looking for a foreign partner. All you need is to decide who exactly you want to meet and create an attractive dating site profile that will introduce you to the most eligible girls.

How to Date a Vietnamese Girl: 7 Tips

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Vietnamese women are very easy to date because they don’t have any outlandish expectations from their partners and are ready to accept them with all their quirks and imperfections. You won’t need to try too hard to impress your Vietnamese date, but these 7 tips will help you make your relationship better for everyone involved.

  • Don’t expect her to make the first move. Vietnamese women are naturally shy and slightly reserved, so they will never be the first ones to reach out to the man. You can catch a smile and a wink from a Vietnamese girl, but she will expect her to approach you first.
  • Assume the initiative in everything. You will need to take the lead even before your first date and it will continue even after you’ve been together for a while. Vietnamese women are happy to share their opinion and give sound advice, but they don’t want to take the leading position in a relationship.
  • Let her know about your intentions. If your ultimate goal is a serious relationship that can potentially lead to marriage, make sure to let your Vietnamese date know about it early on. She will be delighted to know that you view her as your potential life partner and she will happily do the same for you.
  • Demonstrate your family values. Vietnamese women may want men who are successful, attractive, and ambitious, but most of all, they want to see a family man by their side. Instead of making an emphasis on your financial situation or your romantic experience, make it clear that you are ready to start a family.
  • Get to know her culture and language. When a Vietnamese woman dates a foreign man, nothing can make her happier than the man’s sincere desire to get closer to her by means of her language and culture. It can be challenging to learn them from scratch, but you will be rewarded with your Vietnamese girl’s ecstatic reaction.
  • Remember all the anniversaries. Romantic anniversaries are very important in Vietnamese dating culture. Vietnamese couples celebrate each month together, as well as yearly anniversaries and little things like a year from the first kiss. Remembering those anniversaries and bringing a small gift to your Vietnamese woman will get you far.
  • Quiet dates at home can be perfect. When you want to make a grand impression on a Vietnamese girl, your first instinct may be to invite her to the fanciest restaurants and expensive vacations. However, Vietnamese women are just as happy to spend time with their loved ones at home over a meal you cook together and a movie.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the situation with English like in Vietnam?

Vietnamese women are much more educated than people give them credit for. Education in Vietnam has a decent quality and covers all social groups. You can count on Vietnamese girls from big and small cities to have a strong grasp of English, and even women from rural Vietnamese areas are quickly catching up.

How many partners to Vietnamese girls have before marriage?

The answer to this question depends primarily on two factors: the women’s age and their origin. Young women from small cities and villages tend to have very little to no dating experience and they often marry their first partners. Women over 25 from big cities usually have some experience by the time they get married, but it’s nothing serious.

How many kids do Vietnamese women want?

Vietnamese people are used to having very big families, but the situation has lately started to change. These days, young Vietnamese girls understand the responsibility and limited resources that often come with having lots of children. They are very likely to stop at two or three kids, but that doesn’t include the children you may already have from a previous marriage.