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Burma (or Myanmar) is a small country in the southeast of Asia. It is not quite popular as a tourist destination. Thus, few Western men know much about both this state and local women. But these ladies really can make foreign boyfriends happy. Learn more about these exotic girls from our guide.

What Are Burmese Women Like: 5 Features That Make Them Attractive

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They Look Exotically And Beautifully

Burmese girls are very cute and pretty. They look very similar to ladies from other Asian countries, such as Vietnam or the Philippines. They are miniature and lovely, have shiny straight brunette hair, sweet faces with round cheeks, and a unique eye shape.

They Are Calm

It is customary for Burmese ladies to strive for harmony. They avoid stresses and conflicts and prefer to resolve misunderstandings by compromising. Also, Burmese girls are always relaxed and cheerful, which makes it a pleasure to spend time together with them. These girls charge the others with their positive vibes and tranquility.

They Are Friendly

The positivity and good nature of these ladies attract others to them. And women of Burma don’t mind meeting new people and making new friends when they have such an opportunity.

They Are Kind

Burmese women are Buddhists, and they believe in karma and reincarnation. According to their religious convictions, they must be sympathetic and helpful. They believe that people who do good deeds and help others are going to be happy in their current and future lives.

They Are Family-Oriented

Family is the greatest value for Myanmar women. They are excellent wives and mothers. Burmese women do household chores and take care of children very diligently.

Furthermore, Burmese ladies become ready for marriage at a quite early age. They usually get married at 18-23 years old.

What Are Burmese Wives Like: 3 Main Advantages

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Here are some reasons why many foreigners are ready to overcome language and cultural barriers to marry women of Myanmar.

Myanmar Wives Are Faithful

Women from this country are not inclined to cheat on their husbands and very rarely initiate divorce because it is considered inappropriate by their native culture.

Burmese Wives Are Responsible

This is one of the main character traits of women from Myanmar. Wives of this nationality do all their duties with maximum devotion.

Burmese Women Find Balance between Traditional Family Values And Equality

According to Myanmar culture, a man is a breadwinner while a woman is responsible for household chores and child-rearing. Burmese women cope with these duties excellently. But they don’t become obsessed with running the household and raising kids only. They often combine family with work and active social life.

Burmese Women Are Sensible Mothers

According to the local culture, parents must teach their kids to do good deeds and never do bad things. Also, they must provide the best education for their children.

What Do Burmese Women Consider While Choosing Their Life Partners?

Burmese girls are fond of foreigners. They are delighted with Western men whom they consider to be very intelligent and successful. Also, they appreciate the following character traits:

  • Generosity. This is believed to be a feature of a decent and benevolent man, and the best way to express love for a woman. Gifts and covering all the bills at dates are a must if you want to win the heart of a Myanmar lady.
  • Responsibility. According to the traditions of this country, a man is considered to be the head of a family. Thus, he should be ready to take responsibility for his wife and kids. To attract women of Burma, show that you are psychologically mature and financially stable.
  • Optimism. Myanmar people strive for harmony and don’t let negative energy enter their lives. Thus, they scorn people who focus only on adversities. To make friends with a lady from Burma, you need to be positive and avoid complaining about the difficulties.

Where to Meet Burmese Women Offline?

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If you admire Asian culture, it is a great idea to visit Myanmar. Local women are very friendly. Also, they are fond of foreigners. Thus, they will be glad to meet you. And it will not be difficult to make friends with Burmese girls even despite the language barrier.

The native language of Myanmar women is Burmese while their English is very poor. But this will not prevent you from getting on good terms with them if you smile, show a positive attitude, and treat the ladies to different refreshments.

The best city to choose as a first-time tourist is Naypyidaw, the capital of Myanmar. You can find many attractions there, for example:

  • Uppatasanti Pagoda, a magnificent architectural monument where the Buddha tooth relic is kept.
  • National Museum of Myanmar, which has plenty of exhibits that will tell you more about the culture of this country.
  • National Herbal Park, where you can see a wide variety of plants and enjoy picturesque views and fresh air.
  • Gems Museum, where you can admire beautiful gems and jewelry.

You can meet Burmese girls right near the above-listed attractions. Also, you can go to the places where local young ladies are used to spending their leisure time. Locals are fond of karaoke, concerts, and cafés. The best karaoke bars in Naypyidaw are The Voice and Boss. The coziest cafés are Santino, Keystone, and Golden Plate.

Where to Meet Burmese Women Online?

If you are not ready to travel for kilometers but are eager to meet Burmese girls, modern technologies will come in handy. There are specialized online platforms for finding life partners from Asia on the Internet. They do everything possible to bring Western men and Burmese women together:

  • Monitor the quality of the catalogs thoroughly. There are plenty of relevant profiles of Burmese girls looking for foreign suitors. Fake or outdated accounts are removed.
  • Provide convenient search filters. Easy and fast search of a perfect match is possible with the help of them.
  • Supply the members with various means of communication. You can constantly keep in touch with the help of text messages, video chats, and other options. 
  • Offer professional translation services. It is a very useful feature because Burmese women speak only their native language.
  • Assist in organizing offline dates. Meeting each other for the first time is quite worrying. And you can entrust dealing with all the organizational questions to professionals to make it rather a positively exciting than a stressful experience.

4 Tips on Dating Burmese Women

  1. Be Positive And Calm

Optimism and tranquility are the most highly appreciated features in the Burmese culture. If you want to make a good impression on the girls from this country, you need to improve and express these character traits constantly. Avoid discussing negative sides of life or complaining. Restrain yourself and try hard never to show anxiety or aggression.

  1. Give Presents to Her

Burmese women are fond of generous men. They believe that giving presents and helping a lady financially are the best ways to show love and to prove that a man is ready to assume the role of a breadwinner in a family.

  1. Get on Good Terms with Her Parents

Before dating a Burmese girl, you must get the consent of her parents. Thus, don’t put off meeting her parents and do your best to make a good impression on them. Try hard not to argue with them in the future because their opinion has a great influence on a Myanmar lady.

  1. Avoid Conflicts And Don’t Be Bossy

Burmese women are very respectful towards men and rather compliant. But don’t misuse these qualities. Don’t try to impose your opinion on your beloved lady, don’t make attempts to control her, and never shout at her because these actions are considered to be an expression of disrespect to a woman.


Do Burmese Women Speak English?

Their English is very poor. Thus, before you meet Burmese girls, think in advance about how you are going to overcome a language barrier. For example, you can order professional translation services on an international dating platform.

Is There a Tradition of Giving a Dowry in Burmese Culture?

No, there is not. In Myanmar, unlike many other Asian countries, a future husband doesn’t have to give a dowry to the bride’s parents.

How to Choose the Best Time for the Wedding?

Burmese people always consult an astrologist to choose the best date for the wedding. Don’t be surprised and don’t mind it if a lady insists on doing it.