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Brunei women can make perfect housewives and mothers. If you are looking for a diligent and family-oriented girl, learn more about ladies of this nationality and find out how to marry one of them!

What Are Brunei Women Like?

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They Are Beautiful And Exotic

Brunei girls have large mesmerizing eyes, expressive eyebrows and eyelashes, and alluring full lips. Also, they have graceful curvaceous bodies and gorgeous long hair. But only men who are lucky to have Brunei wives can see these features. Strange men cannot see them because Brunei women wear long dresses that cover their whole bodies except for hands and faces, and headscarves that hide their hair.

They Are Polite

Brunei girls are very courteous and treat others with great respect. They never act brazenly and avoid doing the things that could bother others.

They Are Modest And Decent

Modesty is traditionally considered to be the main ladies’ virtue in Brunei. All well-mannered girls from this country are reserved. They never behave loudly or frivolously.

They Are Well-Educated

Though local culture doesn’t encourage women to make careers, a good education is highly valued. Well-educated ladies are more attractive to successful men.

Therefore, many parents insist that their daughters enter colleges and get degrees to broaden their horizons and become more sought-after brides.

What Kind of Wives Do Brunei Women Make?

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They Are Down-to-Earth

Women of Brunei have a practical mindset. These ladies are good at ensuring comfort and organizing the right daily routine for their families. They make great housewives who cope with all their responsibilities diligently and conscientiously.

They Are Helpful And Hospitable

Extended family means a lot to Brunei ladies. They never refuse to help even distant relatives. Also, Brunei wives frequently organize family celebrations, inviting plenty of relatives to them.

They Are Devoted

Divorces are highly disapproved of by local culture because they hurt common children and negatively influence the extended families of ex-spouses. Therefore, women from Brunei do whatever it takes to save their marriages. They always remain faithful to their husbands, never give them reasons to be jealous, and don’t betray them in difficult times.

They Are Good Mothers

Brunei women take care of their kids’ well-being and health very thoroughly. Also, they try hard to give them the best education. Moreover, Brunei mothers cultivate multiple virtues, such as respect for elders, kindness and compassion, good manners, and industriousness in their children.

How to Marry a Brunei Woman: A Step-by-Step Guide

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You cannot just start dating Brunei girls in the Western meaning of this word. Romantic relationships between unmarried men and women are prohibited by local traditions and religion.

A man and a woman are not allowed to meet one-on-one until they are married. But still, they can communicate with each other online or socialize in mixed groups that consist of both girls and boys.

Therefore, you can meet Brunei girls on the Internet. For this, choose a good international dating site that provides all the needed features for a convenient fast search for a match and stable uninterrupted communication with her. As for the further steps, here are some recommendations on how to pursue relationships with Brunei women:

  1. Put your best foot forward. Brunei girls choose their future husbands very attentively because divorces are disapproved of by local culture. They appreciate a good education, a successful career, and a good character in men. However, they don’t judge men by their appearance or age.
  2. Show your readiness for the family. To prove that you are a good match for a Brunei lady, show that you are responsible, caring, and are ready to provide for the family financially.
  3. Be initiative. Men are expected to take the first steps because traditional gender roles are still relevant in this country.
  4. Talk about the future family. Discuss with a lady how you both imagine your future family life. This will help you understand whether you match each other and whether you will be happy as a couple.
  5. Organize the engagement and the wedding according to the local traditions. It is very important because native traditions are essential for Brunei women, and they don’t derogate from them.


Do Brunei Girls Speak English?

Though the official language of Brunei is Malay, many well-educated ladies from this country speak English.

Do Brunei Women Like Large Families?

In the past, families with 6-8 children were common in this country. But modern Brunei women usually have 1-2 kids. However, extended family means a lot to these ladies, and they keep in touch with all their and their husbands’ relatives.

How to Organize Engagement And Wedding According to Brunei Traditions?

First, the groom’s family makes an official offer of engagement to the bride’s parents. If they give their consent, the groom gives dowry and other gifts to the bride’s family, and the date of engagement is set. When the engagement is celebrated, the groom’s mother puts the ring on the bride’s finger.

The wedding takes place in the bride’s native town or village. A lot of guests are invited (sometimes even 500-1000). Newlyweds spend about a week at the bride’s home before moving to live independently.