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Lebanon is a relatively small Western Asian country that you probably don’t know much about. There is a lot to learn about Lebanon, from its fascinating history to its complex geopolitical situation, but you are probably here to know more about Lebanese girls. Here is everything you need to know about dating Lebanese women and who they want to be with.

What Are Lebanese Women Like?

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Lebanese women are the perfect combination of familiar and exotic features, and we have no doubts that you will enjoy exploring their wonderful personalities and strong feminine charm. Here are some facts about Lebanese singles to inspire you to begin your search.

They are breathtakingly beautiful

Women in Lebanon don’t look like your typical Arab women, but they are also distinctively different from the women in the West. Lebanese girls are tall and strong with very ladylike figures, although you can’t always see them on full display because Lebanese ladies are rather conservative in their clothing choices. Lebanese women have thick dark hair, tanned skin, and beautiful facial features that they make even more striking with a clever use of makeup.

They are romantic and creative

Romance may not be the most important aspect in the life of a Lebanese woman, but it’s certainly among her top priorities. Lebanese ladies are inspired by love and while they don’t date that much before marriage, they are always waiting for their soulmate to come along. When in love, a Lebanese woman turns into a better version of herself. She always knows the best way to surprise her partner and keep him satisfied in a relationship.

They lead an active and healthy life

Lebanese girls have a lot on their plates. They study, work, take care of their families, and spend time with their friends. On top of that, they care very much about the quality of life they live. They don’t just spend their weekends on the couch eating one packet of junk food after another. They love to be active and to move around. They enjoy trying new recipes, experiencing new things, and visiting new places, so life with a Lebanese woman is never boring.

They always tell the truth

Lebanese women have high moral standards, and that includes being unable to ever tell lies. They actually consider it to be one of their drawbacks, as it also means they cannot tell white lies, but to everyone who considers dating a Lebanese girl, this is actually a big advantage. You can rest assured that your Lebanese lady is telling you the whole truth and she will never make you doubt her honesty even after years together.

Do Lebanese Women Make Good Wives?

No matter what you are looking for in women, we are convinced you can find it all in Lebanese girls. They make amazing girlfriends, but they make even better wives. Here are the three things that make Lebanese women perfect for marriage:

  • Homemaking talents. A Lebanese wife sees her as much more than a cook and a cleaner, but it’s also impossible to argue with the fact that these women are incredibly talented in making their home a better place for everyone to live in.
  • Motherly love. If you want to meet a woman who will become not only your wife, but also a mother to your children, you can’t go wrong with a Lebanese woman. Lebanese wives maintain a fine balance between care and freedom that is perfect for their kids.
  • Supportiveness. Marriage is not just a popular concept for Lebanese women. They take it seriously and they rightfully consider mutual respect and support to be the basis of every happy marriage. You can always feel your Lebanese wife’s supportive nature.

What Kind Of Men Do They Like?

Lebanese women are careful about their choice of a partner, but they don’t pay too much attention to the size of your bank account or your appearance. They are looking for a man who can become a good husband to the woman and an even better father to her future children. That is why the most important requirement Lebanese singles have for men is to be genuinely ready to start a family.

Lebanese women typically believe that the woman should be able to stay at home and take care of the family while the man is responsible for the financial side of the household, so you need to be ready for this development. Finally, Lebanese girls are looking for someone who is free of judgement and stereotypes and approaches everything with an open heart.

Where To Meet Lebanese Women In Lebanon?

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Lebanon is a fantastic country for tourists. On one hand, it has its own culture, atmosphere, and history, which are always fascinating to discover. On the other hand, Lebanon is a country where the authentic lifestyle is deeply entwined with modern trends, so you will never feel like a complete stranger. Here are the places you need to check out if you want to not only explore the wonders of Lebanon, but also meet Lebanese singles.


As the capital of Lebanon, Beirut is probably the number one place to see if you want to meet modern Lebanese women. These girls often have plenty of experience with foreigners, so you won’t experience any serious language or cultural problems. After visiting the beautiful streets of Beirut, try the Enab, Babel, and Catrinas restaurants, as well as the Skybar, Pitch Black, and O1NE night clubs.


Not to be confused with Tripoli in Libya, Lebanese Tripoli is a major city in the northern part of Lebanon. With several big universities, Tripoli attracts a lot of single young Levanese women pursuing higher education, so you can often meet them near those universities. Alternatively, you can try the Baytna, La Plaka, and Una Pizza restaurants. 


Zahle is the third most populous city in Lebanon, but since Lebanon is a fairly small country, Zahle only has over 150,000 inhabitants. Women in Zahle are welcoming to foreigners but they have very little experience with them, so you can be the first Wester man they meet in person. Go to the Always, Z Burger, and Titanic restaurants or the Insanity Lounge Bar and Night Vibes nightclubs to meet gorgeous Lebanese singles.

Where To Meet Lebanese Women Online?

Women in Lebanon are modern and forward-thinking. On top of that, they are perfectly familiar with technology and actively use it for all kinds of purposes. They are no strangers to online dating and you can find lots of Lebanese singles on the internet. However, you probably won’t have much luck when looking for Lebanese women on your usual dating services.

If you want to meet Lebanese girls for dating, you should go to special international dating sites. These sites usually have fewer users than the most common dating services, but all women there are verified and real. Lebanese singles are well represented on those sites and you can find a woman that fits all of your requirements without trying too hard.

How To Date A Lebanese Girl: 7 Tips

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Starting a relationship with a woman you barely know can be terrifying even if you’ve spent your whole life in the same country. But when you are about to date a Lebanese woman, you can be even more worried about your cultural differences. Here are the 7 tips that will help you enjoy the relationship even more.

  • Don’t make any assumptions about her. Lebanese girls hate it when foreign men approach them with any stereotypes or ideas they may have about them. Those stereotypes and ideas usually come from a wrong place and can ruin your chances.
  • Put a lot of thought into your date ideas. Inviting your Lebanese girlfriend for dinner or coffee may be fine when you’re just getting to know each other. However, when your relationship develops, you will need to get more creative and daring with your dates.
  • Make an effort with your look. Lebanese women are the type of girls who will always go the extra mile for the date, and they expect you to at least try a little harder than you do. Even a fresh haircut and a splash of perfume can get you a long way.
  • Let her set the pace of the relationship. Depending on their family background and prior dating experience, Lebanese women can have totally different views on how the relationship should progress. Always go with your girlfriend’s flow to avoid the confusion.
  • Don’t disappear between dates. Dating as two busy adults can be hard, especially when you live in different parts of the world. Even though you can’t see each other as often as you’d like, nowadays it’s very easy to keep the communication between you alive.
  • Gifts or flowers are always a good idea. Unlike many other foreign women, Lebanese girls are not materialistic and gifts are not that important to them. However, they will always be happy to get something cute and memorable from their sweetheart.
  • Volunteer to meet her parents. Meeting the parents is an essential step in Lebanese dating culture, and it’s even better when the man initiates the meeting with his woman’s parents. Being proactive in this situation will always pay off!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is religion important to Lebanese women?

Lebanon is a very diverse country, and that includes religion. The population of Lebanon is nearly equally divided between Islam and Christianity. You can meet both Christian and Muslim Lebanese singles, but you should know that they are far less religious than their neighbors, consider other virtues to be more important than religion, and can change their views for true love.

How well do Lebanese girls know English?

Lebanon is one of the most Westernized countries in the region. Lebanese girls are exposed to Western media from a young age and they study English at schools. By the time they reach adulthood, they know English on a good enough level for smooth communication with Western men and they quickly achieve an even better level of English when they are dating someone from the West.

Do Lebanese women want to move abroad for marriage?

Not all of them do, but there is a significant part of young Lebanese women who definitely view international marriage as a possibility. There are several things that are attractive about international marriages to Lebanese girls, but ultimately, they will only do it for love and no amount of career opportunities or material goods can make them consider it.