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Russian women have been winning the hearts of men worldwide for centuries. They have been becoming wives of famous personalities from abroad and even foreign kings.

What features make them fascinate men? And is it necessary to be a king to get a Russian wife? Read on and find out what Russian women are like and how to find the right approach to them.

What Are Russian Women Like?

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If one of your friends has got a Russian wife then you definitely do not wonder why girls of this nationality are so appealing. But for those who have never seen these women alive, we have compiled 9 features that explain why dating Russian girls is a dream of millions of men worldwide.

The Most Beautiful in the World

Slavic girls have always been popular with men thanks to their outstanding beauty. And Russian ladies do not make an exception. Like all Slavic girls, they are very beautiful. This is especially about their physique. The majority of Russian ladies are tall and slim.


Unlike the representatives of many other nationalities, Russian girls are impossible to make an average portrait of. They are very diverse as the blood of ancestors of many different nationalities is mixed in them.

Therefore, it is possible to find a girl for every taste among Russian ladies. There are blondes, brunettes, and redheads with different eye colors. And it is difficult to find two similar Russian women. All they can boast of unique appearances.

Very Well Maintained

In addition to being beautiful by nature, pretty Russian girls do their best to save and improve their beauty. They go in for sports and stick to various diets to keep fit. They apply masks, use dozens of creams, buy the most expensive shampoos, and regularly visit cosmetologists to have perfect skin and hair. And, of course, you will never see a Russian woman without a manicure, pedicure, and make-up.


Beautiful Russian girls look every day as if they are always ready for a party. Stylish mini skirts and bright dresses, high heels, and lots of jewelry — all this is not holiday apparel but a casual outfit of a typical Russian woman.


It is not difficult to get to know each other. Women of this nationality know how to make conversation and flirt. They are easy to contact and have a great sense of humor. Communicating with them is a real pleasure.


Girls of this nationality do not fixate on the negative. They are optimistic and try to always see the pluses in any situation. Moreover, they know how to cheer up people around them. Therefore, if you will never be in low spirits if a Russian woman is around you.


Men consider them not only as beautiful girls but also as interesting conversationalists. And this is not surprising! There are always a lot of topics to discuss with Russian ladies. They have much interesting to tell. The majority of Russian women have a higher education, take interest in modern technologies, have a lot of hobbies, and have been to many different countries. So they can discuss their interests and travel experiences for hours.


Modesty is not about Russian girls! They know how to present themselves and are not shy to do this. They feel relaxed everywhere and communicate with new acquaintances as if they were old friends.


Hot Russian girls see no reason to hide their sexuality. On the contrary, they only emphasize it and know how to attract men.

Do Russian Women Make Good Wives?

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The opinion about what an ideal wife should be like is individual for each person. But all men who have married Russian ladies say that they are lucky to have such spouses. According to the words of thousands of happy husbands, Russian wives have the following advantages:

  • They are excellent cooks. It is a pleasure for Russian women to treat their husbands to something tasty. Food in general means a lot to people of this nationality. There is even a saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Therefore, Russian wives pay much attention to the contents of the fridge and care about their families to have several delicious dishes to choose from every day. Once you have married such a woman you will never be hungry.
  • They have no taboos in bed. When it comes to sex, the girls of this nationality are relaxed and do not feel confused, unlike some Western ladies. Sexy Russian women know what they like and always take interest in their boyfriends’ preferences to take them into account. Moreover, women of this nationality like variety and experiments in bed. Therefore, their husbands never become sick and tired of sexual life with their hot spouses.
  • They are equal life partners. In addition to being diligent housewives and hot lovers, Russian ladies are still for partnership. They do not consider a man as a head of a family to be always indulged, unlike Muslim wives do. Russian women always have their own points of view. Therefore, wives of this nationality can give valuable advice, share responsibility with their husbands, and help them when they are in trouble.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

It may seem to be wondering, but women of this nationality are rather unpretentious when it comes to the choice of a life partner. This phenomenon may be explained by the lack of men, especially worthy ones in their motherland. Therefore, plenty of beautiful Russian girls dream of foreign husbands. And appearance and age do not matter. The things that are much more important for Russian women is for a man to be:

  • Free of bad habits. Russian women are sick and tired of local men who are addicted to alcohol and do not imagine a good evening without strong drinks. Therefore, if you are indifferent to alcohol you have a strong advantage and much more chances to be chosen by a Russian sweetheart.
  • Hardworking. Women of this nationality do not respect lazy men. Russian ladies are very strong and self-sufficient and want their life partners to have the same qualities.
  • Caring. There is no more fearful thing for Russian women than indifference. It literally kills them. Therefore, if you want to make your Russian wife happy always pay much attention to her and take care of her and her needs.

Where to meet Russian Women in Russia?

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Do you have enough time and courage to go abroad in search of a future wife? If you do, then the information below about the biggest cities and the best places where it is possible to meet Russian girls is for you.

Moscow: a City that Never Sleeps

In the capital of Russia, there are plenty of places full of attractive single women.

One of the most popular places in Moscow is the Krysha Mira club, where you can enjoy electronic music and admire a gorgeous city view.

Also, be sure to visit the oldest metropolitan club Propaganda.

One more interesting place is 16 tonn, where concerts of famous bands are often held.

If you like to dance you will also definitely enjoy the Garage club with its cool dance floor.

In general, you will not be bored in Moscow, and a lot of pretty singles are waiting for you there.

St. Petersburg: Russian Capital of Culture  

If you imagine your perfect wife as an intellectual and well-educated woman, then St. Petersburg is your destination. This city is rightfully called the capital of culture. The most intelligent and creative people from the whole Russia strive to live here.

Be sure to visit Hermitage, the main museum of the country where thousands of exhibits are represented in more than 300 halls. In this huge epicenter of culture, you are sure to find a woman interested in art and history.

But keep in mind that intellectuals also know how to relax. So feel free to party in one of the local clubs or bars. The most popular of them are:

  • MadLabBar, a trendy hangout place with hot dance parties on weekends. It is located right in the center of St. Petersburg. One of the specialties of this bar is exclusive cocktails. Each of them is distinguished by its original presentation. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of unique shots and homemade liqueurs as well.
  • MOSAIQUE, a club that tries to resemble fashionable European discos in everything from minimalistic interior to music selection. DJs from Germany, Austria, France, and other countries regularly visit the club, along with colleagues from various cities of Russia. You can dance here from night to morning with short breaks at the bar.
  • Music Bar 11, a place with luxury karaoke with sound equipment that has no analogs in St. Petersburg. Every day at 11 p.m., a musical show begins here. The stars of it are the visitors themselves. The bar attracts people due to its friendly and cozy atmosphere. In addition to all the vocal and dance intricacies, Music Bar 11 has a stylish interior, excellent cuisine, and an extensive alcoholic bar.

Where to Meet Russian Women Online?

It takes a lot of time to go to another country to meet girls. Also, it is difficult to find a life partner for serious relationships in clubs, especially if you are not 18-25 years old. And if you add a cultural and language barrier, a mission of finding a Russian wife may seem impossible for you.

But there is a way out! Women that have a serious desire of finding a foreign husband use specialized online services and mobile apps for this. Become a user of one of them and choose out of thousands of beautiful Russian women with serious intentions.

How to Date a Russian Girl: 5 Tips

Here are some recommendations to help you succeed in winning a heart of a Russian lady:

  1. Compliment her. Russian women pay great attention to their appearance and try hard to look perfect. If you want your lady to be happy do not let her think that she does all this in vain. Always give her compliments about her appearance and style. 
  2. Surprise her. Russian women cannot stand monotony. Therefore, you need to think of how to surprise the lady whose heart you want to win. Make unexpected presents, visit new romantic places, and take the initiative in any other way.
  3. Spend a lot of time together. Russian women like much attention. So, do not let your darling miss you. Even if you have long-distance relationships, do not interrupt chatting for a while. Pay attention to your beloved during the whole day using chats and video calls.
  4. Give presents to her. Russian women like gifts! This fact cannot be hidden. Especially they appreciate something beautiful or romantic. Therefore, make your lady sure that you love her with the help of cute and lovely surprises.
  5. Be active in bed. Do not be shy to take initiative in this. Girls of this nationality like hot men.


Will Language Barrier Be an Obstacle to Dating a Russian Woman?

Unfortunately, far from all Russian women can boast of fluent English. But this is not a hindrance to true love! Some specialized services for finding wives of this nationality provide the services of professional translations. Also, you can use free online services. And if a girl really falls in love with you, she will quickly learn English for more comfortable communicating with you.

Are Russian Women Materialistic?

There is a myth of girls from this country being ready to do anything for money. But this is not true. Russian women are ambitious and used to achieve everything on their own. So it is not compulsory to be a millionaire to get a loving and caring Russian wife. But still, Russian women like presents which they consider to be the expression of love and attention to them.

Are Russian Women Ready to Move Abroad to Their Foreign Husbands?

Yes, they are. Moreover, many girls of this nationality dream of moving abroad as it promises better career opportunities and a higher standard of living.