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💍 Average Age of Marriage 21 Y/O
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Papua New Guinea is an exotic country that beckons tourists with its marvelous nature and original culture. And local women are also unique. You will never meet girls like them anywhere else in the world. Find out what makes these ladies so special, whether they are worth marrying, and how to succeed in dating a Papua New Guinea girl!

What Are Papua New Guinea Women Like?

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Exotic And Attractive

Girls from this faraway country have numerous physical features that amaze men:

  • Unique hair. It is so fluffy that everyone who sees it immediately wants to touch it.
  • Large dark eyes. They are so expressive and hypnotizing that they help girls of this nationality win men’s hearts.
  • Perfect chocolate skin. The dark skin of these exotic ladies is smooth and attractive. It is not prone to wrinkles or other flaws, so many of these women look younger.
  • Alluring luscious lips. Full lips are the most attractive facial feature of these awesome girls. Seeing them, many men dream of kissing these lovely ladies.
  • Amazing bodies. Women from this country have large breasts and round buttocks that look extremely sexy.

Optimistic And Cheerful

There is no such adversity that can make a lady from this country lose heart. Papua New Guinea women find the positive aspects in their lives even despite the difficulties.

Moreover, they are fond of parties, dancing, and singing. Everyone who is lucky to meet Papua New Guinea ladies gets cheered up and charged with positive vibes.

Friendly And Talkative

Papua New Guinea girls are always glad to meet new people. They are so amiable that they find a common language with strangers easily. They attract others to themselves with their optimism and openness and maintain friendships for a long time, thanks to their kind heart and willingness to help others.

What Kind of Wives Do Papua New Guinea Women Make?

They Are Respectful Daughters-in-Law

It is customary in this country to respect elders. They are considered to be the wisest in the family. So, the younger generation always adheres to their advice.

They Are Responsible Housewives

Papua New Guinea women are devoted to their families. They do everything possible for all family members to be comfortable and happy. 

They Maintain Family Ties

Family connections mean a lot to ladies from this exotic country. They keep in touch with all relatives, invite them to celebrations and help them when they are in need.

They Are Not Jealous

In some regions of this country, polygamy is still common. A man can have a few wives. But each woman with her kids lives in a separate house. A husband rotates between his several homes and provides for all his families equally. If a lady was brought up in such a society, she is not jealous of her husband if he has a lover.

4 Tips on Dating Papua New Guinea Girls

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This country is so exotic that it may seem that it is complicated to date ladies who come from it. But it is quite easy if you keep in mind some useful recommendations:

  1. Take interest in her native culture. Women of Papua New Guinea are proud of their original customs and beliefs. And there are so many of them in this country that it is impossible to know about all of them. Every city and village, and even every tribe within one village has its own unique traditions. Thus, asking a lady to tell you about her native customs is a great start for a fascinating conversation.
  2. Share your cultural experience. These exotic ladies like to communicate with foreigners and learn something new about their mindset. You will keep the lady interested if you tell something interesting about the traditions of your native country and your lifestyle.
  3. Be careful with your body language. Some gestures Westerns are used to are inappropriate for Papua New Guineans. For example, a thumbs-up is an offensive gesture. Also, staring at a woman without taking your eyes off her may be taken as an insult.
  4. Give presents to your beloved lady. Gifts are the key to the heart of a lady from this exotic country. Papua New Guinea women are fond of beautiful clothes, accessories, jewelry, and gadgets. They are grateful and highly appreciate men who pamper them with gifts.


Is There a Tradition of Giving a Dowry in this Country?

Yes, there is such a tradition. The sum of a dowry varies greatly, depending on the area where a bride comes from, her level of attractiveness, age, education, and social status of her family. It may be from $1000 for a plain girl from a small village up to $100000 for a beautiful and well-educated young lady from a wealthy and influential family. The mean sum of a dowry for an average urban girl is from $5000 to $10000.

What Kind of Families Do Papua New Guinea Women Like: Large or Small?

These ladies like big families. The fertility rate in this country is 3,5. This means that it is typical for local women to have 3-4 kids.

At What Age Do Papua New Guinea Girls Get Married?

Ladies from this country tie the knot between 18 and 25 years old.