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Bangladesh is not a popular tourist destination because this country has a very poor economic situation. This also makes Bangladeshi women rather underestimated. Few foreign men know much about them, so they are not quite popular with suitors from abroad.

But those men who find out more about Bangladeshi ladies and their main advantages willingly date and even marry them. What makes girls from this country attractive and how to court them? Find out the answers to these questions from this guide.

What Are Bangladeshi Women Like: 5 Features that Make them Attractive

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They Are Cute and Bright

Girls from this country are endowed with beautiful appearance: big expressive eyes, lush dark hair, and attractive bodies with large breasts and wide hips. Bangladeshi women look very much like Indian girls. If you like the ladies from the Bollywood movies, Bangladeshi girls are also your type.

In addition to natural beauty, women of Bangladesh try hard to look even more beautiful, despite their low income. Many of them wear bright saree (traditional dresses) and emphasize their eyes with black eyeliner.

They Are Respectful

According to local traditions, ladies respect gentlemen. They always act politely and compliantly towards men. This is their main benefit compared to Western women who act independently and are sometimes not quite respectful.

They Are Modest

It is not customary for Bangladeshi girls to be too talkative and uninhibited. These ladies are shy and reserved, especially when communicating with men. But don’t take it as the absence of interest to you. Just a Bangladeshi lady needs more time to get used to a man and develop a trusting relationship with him.

They Are Loving And Affectionate

The love of the girls from this country has no limits. If a lady from Bangladesh loves a man, she is ready to do everything for him. Girls of this nationality are very rich in expressions of love for their life partners. Though being rather modest and reserved being single they become completely different after finding a reliable soulmate.

They Are Amiable And Kind-Hearted

Though they may seem cold at first sight because of their modesty and reserved behavior, they are not like this in fact. They are very kind, sympathetic, and friendly if they see that a person is worth trusting.

What is Family Life with Bangladeshi Wives Like?

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Family Comes First for Bangladeshi Women

According to the traditions of their homeland, all people strive to be a part of a close-knit family. Ladies of this nationality are very family-oriented and aimed only at serious relationships. If you are looking for a girl to start a family with as soon as possible, a lady from Bangladesh will not lead you on. Her goal is, most likely, the same.

Bangladeshi Wives Are Compliant And Respectful

People from this country adhere to traditional family values. They believe that a man is the head of a family, and he is responsible for making all important decisions, while a woman should obey her husband.

Bangladeshi Women Are Diligent Housewives

While a man is considered the head of a family and a breadwinner, a woman is considered to be a homemaker. A wife is responsible for all household chores and does all of them very diligently.

Why Do Bangladeshi Girls Like Foreigners?

Thousands of ladies from Bangladesh are looking for husbands from abroad. They are fond of foreigners because they are more well-bread, many-sided, considerate, and reliable than local men.

Also, Bangladeshi girls consider marrying a foreigner to be a chance for a better life. The economic situation in their homeland is rather poor. And many ladies are eager to move to other countries with a higher standard of life.

Where to Meet Bangladeshi Girls Offline?

Very few Bangladeshi women can afford to travel abroad. So, you are not likely to meet them anywhere on popular resorts. And going to Bangladesh as a tourist is not a very good idea. Therefore, there are very few opportunities to meet Bangladeshi women offline.

If you are going to Bangladesh for some reason, you can combine your business trip with getting acquainted with girls. But be ready that it will be rather difficult. There are few places where you can meet girls. Also, many local ladies are too modest to speak to foreign men whom they don’t know.

Nightclubs are not popular in this country, and you can hardly find a good one there. A better place to meet Bangladeshi girls is a park. Many locals gather there for a walk or a picnic. The most picturesque parks in different cities of this country are:

  • Ramna Park, Bahadur Shah Park, and Gulshan Lake Park in Dhaka;
  • United Nations Park, Tigerpass Park, and Bayezid Green Park in Chittagong;
  • Shahid Hadis Park, Solar Park Lake, and Sheikh Rasel Eco Park in Khulna.

Where to Meet Bangladeshi Women Online?

Dating Bangladeshi women online is more efficient and safe for foreigners. Bangladeshi girls are less shy while meeting men online. Also, dating online relieves you from having to go to Bangladesh, which is not the best and the safest destination for a tourist.

The best place to meet Bangladeshi girls online is a mail order brides service. This is an online marriage agency that provides all the features and services that are needed for finding a Bangladeshi woman for marriage online.

Bangladeshi Dating Culture: 5 Tips on Dating Bangladeshi Girls

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Most Bangladeshi women are Muslims. Also, about 10% of them are Hindus. So, their mentality is rather different from the Western one. To overcome a cultural barrier, keep in mind some tips on dating a Bangladeshi woman.

  1. Be Polite

Civility is mandatory, according to local culture. Good manners are a sign of high social status and high intelligence. Therefore, never shout or use swear words, and never show the bottoms of your shoes to others. Also, winking, whistling, and beckoning someone with an index finger are considered to be very impolite gestures.

  1. Take Initiative but don’t Be too Persistent

According to local traditions, a man should take initiative in a relationship. Thus, don’t wait for women to write to you first or to ask you out. You should be the person to take the first step.

But Bangladeshi women need some time to decide whether a person is worth trusting. And if you rush a lady while she is thinking of whether it is a good idea to develop a further relationship with you, it will, most likely, scare her off.

  1. Be Restrained

This is especially important when it comes to intimate issues. Sex before getting married is highly discouraged in Bangladesh. Thus, you should never give a lady a reason to think that you want to get her into bed. A decent woman will take it as an insult and stop communicating with you.

  1. Support Her

Locals adhere to traditional gender roles. According to them, a man should support his lady. Therefore, if you love a woman, help her in every way you can if she asks for this.

  1. Give Presents to Her

This is a great way to show love and to make a Bangladeshi lady happy. Bangladeshi women highly appreciate even small gifts and consider them to be the best expression of love.


Can the Language Barrier Prevent Foreigners from Meeting Bangladeshi Women?

The official and the most widely spoken language in Bangladesh is Bengali. But women who have a higher education speak English.

If you want to meet young girls, who just graduated from school and are going to start a family instead of getting a higher education, you will, most likely, need to use the translation services.

If you want to meet only well-educated girls, you will not experience a language barrier. But keep in mind that social classes matter much to Bangladeshi people. Thus, women with a higher education date only men who have a university education as well.

How Old is an Average Bangladeshi Woman Looking for a Future Husband?

It is customary for ladies from this country to get married rather early because family comes first for them. Girls who are not planning to get a higher education usually get married as soon as they turn 18. Women from more decent and wealthy families get a university education first. So, they are ready to get married when they are 22-23 years old.

How Many Children Do Bangladeshi Women Usually Have?

Families with 2 children are the most widespread in this country. This is the perfect number of kids, according to the opinion of Bangladeshi ladies.