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Saudi Arabian women have always been hidden from the whole world. But nowadays, when this country is becoming more and more open for tourists from abroad, foreign men are getting interested in Saudi Arabian ladies. But are these girls worth your attention and is it real to get a Saudi Arabian wife? You will find the answers to these questions below.

What Are Saudi Arabian Women Like?

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They are Beautiful

Saudi Arabian girls have:

  • appealing shapely figures;
  • mesmerizing long dark hair;
  • charming faces with big entrancing hazel eyes and delectable full lips.

How not to fall in love looking at such a beauty?

But unfortunately, few men are lucky to see the attractiveness of beautiful Saudi Arabian women. According to strict local rules, women in Saudi Arabia have to cover their whole bodies and their faces partially with special clothes.

So, pretty Saudi Arabian girls show their beauty only to the closest relatives: mom, dad, and siblings as long as they are single and their husbands since they get married.

They are Very Well-Groomed

There are not many entertainments in Saudi Arabia. There are no nightclubs and parties. So, the most popular way for girls to entertain themselves is to go shopping or visit a beauty salon. Therefore, they spend time both with pleasure and benefit for their appearance almost every day. So, it is not surprising that Saudi Arabian women can boast of perfect shiny thick hair and ideal smooth skin.

Also, they like expressive make-ups with emphasized eyes and eyebrows. The girls from rich families wear expensive shoes and bags made by famous brands.

They Have No Bad Habits

Alcohol is prohibited in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, very few people are addicted to it. Of course, there are some ways to get strong drinks illegally. But it is rather difficult and very expensive. Sometimes prices can even reach $1000 per bottle of a common, not elite drink!. So, there are no girls who drink alcohol every day or even every weekend. Such a luxury is affordable only for the holidays.

They Have Good Manners

You will never meet Saudi Arabian women with bad manners. They all are suave and know how to act like real ladies. Decent behavior is not a challenge for them. This is just the way they act naturally.

They are Calm

It is typical for Saudi Arabian people not to be nervous, do not speak loudly, and never hurry. These are their typical national character traits and essential parts of their mentality. Therefore, if you are tired of the noise and the crazy pace of life, think of getting a calm lady around. A Saudi Arabian wife is perfect for obtaining balance in your life pace!

They are Mysterious

Despite their motherland becoming more and more open for foreign tourists, we still know little about real life and the true features of local girls. But there is even some delight in this fact. Everyone knows that uncertainty and obscurity beckon people, especially men. If there is no mystery in a woman she will hardly be attractive to men.

They are Brave

Even though there are a lot of strict prohibitions and limitations of women’s rights in their motherland, there are courageous girls that dare to challenge society’s rules.

Some of them express their protest only in a narrow circle of the closest friends by organizing illegal parties or going to more loyal countries to hang out at weekends.

And others struggle for their rights publicly. Thanks to this, women are becoming more full-value members of society and many bans are gradually lifted. For example, women in Saudi Arabia have recently got the right to drive a car.

They are Shy but Proud

Shyness can be explained by the lack of experience in communicating with men. That is why some Saudi Arabian women are confused even when talking to the representatives of the opposite sex. But this does not mean that they are not self-assured. Girls of this nationality know their own values and never marry men who are not worthy of them.

They are Hard to Get

This is a real challenge to conquer a Saudi Arabian lady. Especially if you are a foreigner. But it is definitely worth it as women of this nationality make perfect wives!

Do Saudi Arabian Women Make Good Wives?

These ladies are very difficult to conquer, but men who have managed to do this are definitely lucky ones! Women of this nationality have all the needed features for making perfect spouses. Saudi Arabian wives:

  • Respect their husbands. These women have been brought up in the patriarchal culture. So, they are used to respecting men, especially their closest ones: fathers and husbands. Therefore, you will never hear an offensive word from a wife of this nationality. She will always respect your opinion and be ready for compromise.
  • Are not conflictual. A deep respect for a husband is complemented with the calm nature of Saudi Arabian women. Shouting and sorting things out loudly is not typical for them. This is not about their character. 
  • Are good in bed. Despite the fact that intimacy before a wedding is strictly prohibited, sexy Saudi Arabian women are very good in bed with their husbands. A Saudi Arabian wife always does her best to give pleasure to her beloved man.
  • Love their children most in the world. Like all oriental women, Saudi Arabian ladies are crazy about kids. They usually prefer having several children and love all of them equally.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

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To be a decent candidate for Saudi Arabian woman’s hand you should be:

  • Mature. The age gap is not a problem. On the contrary, it is highly appreciated. An older man is believed to be more mature, both psychologically and financially ready for starting a family. Therefore, there is no reason to be shy of your age, whatever it is, as this is rather an advantage than a minus.
  • Wealthy. A husband should be able to fully provide for the family. Men that have not managed to build a successful career yet are believed to be not ready for marriage.
  • Well-groomed. A good look of a man, in Saudi Arabian women’s opinion, does not depend on his height, weight, or other inherent parameters. It depends on how he looks after himself, in what way he dresses up, and what accessories he wears. A well-groomed mature man with expensive accessories has more chances to win the heart of a Saudi Arabian lady than a handsome, but unkempt young guy.
  • Responsible. A man should be ready to become a head of a family. So, he should not be afraid of high responsibility. An irresponsible and infantile man is not a Saudi Arabian chick’s type.
  • Strong and resolute. These are some more character traits that a head of a family needs.
  • Loving and understanding. The main reason for Saudi Arabian women to look for foreign husbands is local men’s bad attitude to them. Therefore, you have much more chances to conquer a woman of this nationality than local men have if you show true love, understanding, and sincere respect to her personality.

Where to Meet Saudi Arabian Women in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is an interesting country with a rich historical and cultural heritage. There are many fascinating places to see there. So, if you have an opportunity to visit this country as a tourist do not hesitate to do this.

But as for meeting girls, a big disappointment is waiting for you there. Dating Saudi Arabian girls in their motherland is impossible.

It is not acceptable for women to flirt on the streets or in malls. Females are not even allowed to go outside without the permission of their male custodians (a father or a brother). Girls from strict families even go for walks only accompanied by their brothers or fathers.

As for traditional places for getting acquainted with girls, they do not exist at all. There are no nightclubs in Saudi Arabia. In cafes and lounges, there are separate zones for men and women, so they do not chill together.

So going to Saudi Arabia will not give you the possibility to find a future wife there. But if you are eager to meet girls of this nationality offline you can try your luck in neighboring countries with more loyal rules. Many girls from rich families go to Egypt or the United Arab Emirates to hang out there on weekends. So you can find many hot Saudi Arabian girls in such cities as:

  • Sharm el-Sheikh, the most popular resort in Egypt.
  • Ras-al-Khaimah, an emirate in UAE with the most liberal rules.

Where to Meet Saudi Arabian Women Online?

As meeting men is not encouraged by local culture, you will not find many Saudi Arabian girls on popular dating sites or apps like Tinder. The majority of girls prefer specialized services for finding men for serious relationships. They provide more confidentiality and safety. So, a specialized online platform is the best place to meet Saudi Arabian ladies online.

How to Date a Saudi Arabian Girl: 4 Tips

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Dating a Saudi Arabian girl is a real challenge for a foreigner as there are many traditions and rules to take into account. Here are some tips to make winning the heart of a girl from this country a bit easier for you:

  1. Do not be embarrassed if she seems cold. The girls of this nationality do not have much experience in dating. That is why it may be difficult for them to relax and keep a friendly conversation going. Therefore, it is better if a man takes initiative. 
  2. Show her you are ready for starting a family. It is very important for a woman of this nationality to understand that you are ready for marriage. Show that you are both psychologically and financially ready for becoming a head of a family. Otherwise, a girl will not be interested in you at all.
  3. Act in a well-mannered and restrained way. Do not allow yourself too much. Discussing too intimate issues or dirty jokes are definitely not acceptable. Always behave like a gentleman in order not to lose a girl you like.
  4. Meet her family as soon as possible. A Saudi Arabian woman cannot do anything without her father’s permission. So, meet a girl’s parents and do your best to make a good impression on them as soon as you understand that you love her.


Can I See the Photos of Saudi Arabian Women?

As Saudi Arabian culture does not appreciate dating, a lot of women of this nationality prefer staying incognito for more safe and free communication with men. To keep confidentiality, some of them do not add full photos to their accounts. They post just a part of their looks. For example, a picture of hair from the back or a hand with beautiful nails. Some hot Saudi Arabian girls, who want to show their advantages, add photos of their bodies in skinny dresses or tops and jeans, but with hidden faces.

Saudi Arabian girls that are looking for foreign husbands openly, not confidentially, never upload explicit photos, only pictures in a traditional wearing: a dress that covers the whole body and a scarf on the head.

Is it Necessary to Be Muslim to Marry a Saudi Arabian Woman?

Yes, it is. Local laws do not let Muslim women marry men of different religions. Therefore, you need to be Muslim to be able to marry a Saudi Arabian girl.

Is it Necessary to Ask a Saudi Arabian Girl’s Father to Marry his Daughter?

Take into account that your decision of being serious about a girl of this nationality is not enough to be ready for proposing. It is compulsory to ask for a woman’s father’s permission before this. You cannot marry a girl if her dad does not approve your candidacy. Moreover, just oral permission is not enough. A formal agreement between the girl’s father and her future husband is signed.