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The Philippines are a country you probably don’t know much about, other than it’s home to some of the most gorgeous women in Asia and around the world. Filipino women are undeniably attractive, and here is a guide that will help you the most out of your time with a Filipino girl.

What Are Filipino Women Like?

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Before you begin dating a Filipino woman, you should already know some things about your future partner so that you are prepared for what your relationship has in store for you. Here are 5 facts about Filipino women to get you going.

Beautiful and stylish

The beauty of Filipino girls strikes you from first sight. These women have caramel skin, long curly hair, and facial features that look absolutely flawless. Filipino girls are not tall, but their figures are so curvy that you can’t help but admire them. On top of that, Filipino women are perfectly aware of the effect they have on women and love making it stronger with the help of sexy clothes and makeup.

Effortlessly charming

When you first meet a Filipino lady, you can’t help but be amazed by her open, cheerful disposition. Filipino women don’t allow life troubles to spoil their mood and they are always optimistic and fun. Being around a Filipino girl means you can’t help but be infected by her sunny outlook. You can talk to Filipino women for hours and never notice the time go by, and that feeling doesn’t go away even after you’ve been together for a long time.

Ready to start a family

Filipino girls in their teens or early twenties can have some fun and date casually, but they are typically ready to start families earlier than many other foreign women. They don’t see family as a limitation of their freedom or as an end to their ambitions. On the contrary, they are constantly inspired by their families to get better and work harder. A Filipino woman is your best option to start a happy, close-knit family.

Talented in the kitchen

The cooking skills of Filipino women will impress you as much as their beauty and conversational skills. Cooking is a highly valued skill in the Philippines and Filipino girls learn it from a very young age. Most Filipino women can do a lot with very little, which is why fresh, nutritious food will never be a problem in your household. A Filipino woman is ready to do 100% of the cooking duties, and you will definitely want it that way too.

Do Filipino Women Make Good Wives?

Filipino women are fantastic to date, but they can be even better in marriage. There are many benefits to a Filipino wife, but here are the three biggest ones to know about:

  • They accept the man’s leading position. A Filipino woman won’t compete with you for the leadership in the family. She understands that men are often better suited for providing for the household and making important life decisions, and they are ready to give them the reins.
  • They will always be there for you. A Filipino girl realizes that family is a huge commitment and she is absolutely ready for it. To Filipino women, marriage is a union of two individuals who care about each other and support each other, and that is exactly what she wants to do in her own family.
  • They are great with children. Motherhood isn’t the only thing that makes Filipino girls happy, but it’s very close to the top of the list. Filipino women usually have some experience with children before marriage, so they are not completely clueless. Even more importantly, they are complete naturals as mothers.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Women in the Philippines are very open-minded and don’t choose their partners by appearance or social status. However, they want their potential partners to have certain qualities, which include:

  • Romantic nature. Filipino women don’t see a future with a man who doesn’t have a romantic side of personality. Romance is an important part of the life of a Filipino girl and she doesn’t want to lose it in a relationship with a purely pragmatic man.
  • Reliability. A Filipino woman needs to know that she can depend on her partner. She wants a man who will be with her through the good and the bad and won’t abandon her when she’s at her most vulnerable — for example, after she becomes a mother.
  • Generosity. Filipino girls cannot be around stingy men. It doesn’t mean that you need to splurge money on luxury dinners and exclusive vacations, but you also shouldn’t demand her to limit her spending if you want your relationship to work out.

Where to Meet Filipino Women in the Philippines?

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The Philippines are a popular travel destination not only because of its many attractions and beautiful views, but also because of the sexy Filipino women you can meet there. Here are the top 3 places to go in the Philippines if your goal is to find yourself a lovely Filipino girl.


Manila may not be the biggest city in the Philippines, but it’s the capital and has the usual advantages of a capital city. It’s a melting pot for different types of Filipino women from around the country, and there are plenty of local girls to meet as well. Try The Aristocrat, Harbor View, and President Grand Palace restaurants or Xylo, Royal Club, and Salon De Ning night clubs as the most popular spots to meet women.


Quezon is located very close to Manila, but its vibe is completely different. Quezon is a more modern, busy alternative to Manila. Here you can find plenty of working girls who may be busy from 9 to 5 , but you can find them on evenings and during the weekend in Romulo, Half Saints, and Alba restaurants. Oblivion and Envy night clubs are also very popular meeting spots and are frequented by beautiful Filipino singles.


Davao is the city where you can experience the true Filipino spirit and way of living. You will be in awe after visiting the city’s downtown and the older areas of Davao, and there is a good chance you will actually meet your Filipino girl that way. If not, Club Echelon and Alcatraz Penal Bar night clubs, as well as The Vegan Dinosaur, Bon Appetit, and Nonki restaurants are just the right spots to check out if you’re after sexy Filipino women.

Where to Meet Filipino Women Online?

When you get to know Filipino women better, you will know that they are determined, highly motivated individuals who would do anything to achieve their goals. That is why Filipino girls who want to date or marry foreign guys don’t just sit around in their home towns in the Philippines waiting to be discovered by guys. They prefer being proactive, and that includes actively looking for potential husbands. And since they don’t have many opportunities to travel the world, they prefer to do it online.

You can easily meet attractive Filipino singles by using international dating sites. They are easy to join and to use, giving you an opportunity to communicate with Filipino women in a convenient, relaxed environment. And only when you feel comfortable enough, you can move the relationship offline.

How to Date a Filipino Girl: 7 Tips

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Your relationship with a Filipino girl is guaranteed to become one of the greatest times in your life, but dating a Filipino woman will also need you to step up your game and do some research. Here are the 7 most helpful tips for dating Filipino women.

  • Be persistent when needed. Filipino girls are demure and like to play coy even when they see an obvious interest from a man. She may say no the first time you approach her and ask her out, but that doesn’t mean you should stop if you truly want to be with her.
  • Take her on nice dates. Filipino women are not particularly demanding, especially in a new relationship, so they will never outright tell you that they want to go someplace nice. However, you should know that a quick way to the heart of your Filipino lady is to give her a fine dining experience or even travel together.
  • Don’t ever suggest splitting the bill. You may be used to Western women always trying to split the bill or even paying for the dinner themselves, but Filipino women are not like that. A Filipino girl may take out her wallet as a nice gesture, but she is going to be appalled when you take her up on her offer.
  • Talk about your idea of the future. Hopefully, you are not dating a Filipino woman just for the thrill of it and actually want your relationship to grow into something bigger. You should know that your Filipino girlfriend also has a serious relationship on her mind, so even before you are ready for a big commitment, it’s a good idea to discuss your future life together.
  • Allow your girlfriend to be herself. Filipino women are quirky, funny, and can be even silly, but they often put on a more reserved facade in order not to scare a potential suitor. However, if you give your Filipino woman space just to be herself, she will reward you by being the most understanding and fun partner you’ve ever had.
  • Ask her to cook for you. In a new relationship with a Filipino girl, you may be in the mood for classic romance, but you should also try to get to her home as soon as possible — for example, under the pretense of her cooking for you. It will give you a chance to try delicious homemade Filipino food and will let you see a more natural side of your lady.
  • Move quickly through the relationship stages. Filipino women don’t like to wait for their boyfriend to take the next step in the relationship. They need to know that the relationship has a clear purpose and they won’t need to sit around for ages waiting for you to pop the question. When you are confident in your feelings for the woman, it’s already time to think about the proposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Filipino women only interested in my finances?

There is a popular misconception about Filipino women that claims Filipino girls are only interested in the man’s financial situation, not his personality. This misconception possibly stems from the fact that Filipino women view relationships and marriage with foreign men as a way to upgrade their living conditions, but they also pay attention to many other aspects of their partners.

Are Filipino girls ready for a long-term commitment?

Absolutely! A typical Filipino girl already has some dating experience by the time she reaches the age of marriage, and she knows exactly who she wants to see by her side. A Filipino woman has a serious approach to relationships. She won’t waste your time if she doesn’t see a connection and she’ll show her commitment if she truly wants to be with you.

Will my Filipino wife constantly talk to her family back at home?

Filipino women value family ties very much and are very close to their parents, but it doesn’t mean that her relationship with her parents will interfere with your married life. Filipino women can draw a definitive line between her family at home and her new family, and while she will certainly miss them, she won’t spend all of her free time talking to them.