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💍 Average Age of Marriage 21 Y/O
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Very few men from the USA, Canada, and Western Europe know much about Kyrgyzstan women. But they can be a real treasure for men who strive to start a family. Find out why Kyrgyzstan girls are worth meeting, what kind of wives they make, and how to date them!

What Are Kyrgyzstan Women Like?

kyrgyzstan girls
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Kyrgyzstan Ladies Are Pretty

These ladies have an exotic appearance. Their main distinctive feature is their peculiar eye shape. Also, many of them have sexy full lips and attractive curvaceous bodies.

In the south of the country, as well as in small towns and villages, where traditional values are most relevant, beautiful local women have waist-length hair that they usually put in a braid. Also, in these areas, ladies wear traditional multicolored silk dresses and headscarves.

In big cities, women look more modern, but not less pretty. They have long loose hair and wear neat Western-style clothes.

Kyrgyzstan Women Are Modest

Traditionally, women have always been expected to be humble in this country. Ladies of this nationality are reserved, calm, and polite. They don’t tend to show bad manners, to be rude, insolent, or bothering.

Kyrgyzstan Girls Are Good-Natured

These ladies are so kind, sympathetic, and friendly that it is effortless to find a common language with them. They are always glad to meet new people. But, of course, it is essential to be respectful and courteous towards a woman, because local ladies avoid communicating with rude men.

What Kind of Wives Do Kyrgyzstan Women Make?

Kyrgyzstan Girls Are Faithful Life Partners

Women of Kyrgyzstanstan are extremely loyal. Once they fall in love, they devote all their life to their men. These ladies never cheat on their husbands because they consider this to be a great sin. Also, they never leave their beloved ones in difficult times.

Kyrgyzstan Ladies Are Loving Mothers

Local people tend to have large families. Kyrgyzstan mothers love all their children equally and do whatever it takes for them to be happy. As most of them are housewives, they devote all their free time to taking care of their kids. 

Kyrgyzstan Women Are Respectful Daughters-in-Law

Respect for elders is an integral part of the local mentality. These ladies never offend their parents-in-law. They treat them with great respect and adhere to their opinions and advice. There is even a tradition in this country to bow to the husband’s parents.

Kyrgyzstan Wives Are Excellent Cooks

Housewives of this nationality attach great importance to the diet of their families. They cook various tasty and nourishing dishes for each meal.

6 Essential Tips on Dating Kyrgyzstan Girls

kyrgyzstan woman
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It is very important to keep in mind the peculiarities of the local mentality to succeed in dating a Kyrgyzstan woman. Here are some recommendations on how to establish and save relationships with a lady from this country:

  1. Show serious intentions. Kyrgyzstan women believe that dating must lead to a wedding. Thus, you need to show that you are ready for the family if you want to ingratiate with a lady of this nationality.
  2. Respect her parents. Mother’s and father’s opinions are crucial for Kyrgyzstan girls. So, as soon as you understand that you match each other, let her parents know about your love. To win their favor, be polite, show that you are serious about their daughter and can make her happy, and present something to them.
  3. Never let her feel alone. Kyrgyzstan women don’t like to feel alone. Once they fall in love with somebody, they are eager to spend as much time together with their beloved ones as possible. Thus, write to your lady, call her and ask her out as often as possible.
  4. Have meals together. Kyrgyzstan women like delicious food and enjoy eating out. Asking a lady to a good restaurant is the best idea for a date.
  5. Limit yourself in physical expressions of love. Intimacy before the wedding is prohibited by local traditions. It is a great shame for a woman and her family. Hugs or light kisses may be appropriate for some ladies with progressive views but even a hint at sex before the wedding may be taken as an insult.
  6. Don’t show your feelings in public. It is considered very impolite in Kyrgyzstanstan. Thus, when you go out in a public place together, don’t touch, hug, or kiss your lady.


What Dishes Do Kyrgyzstan Wives Cook the Best?

The best and the most common dishes of Kyrgyzstan cuisine are:

  • Pilaf — rice with carrot and meat.
  • Besh Barmak — meat with noodles and broth.
  • Lagman — noodles with stewed vegetables and meat.
  • Manti — steamed meat pies.

Local women are brilliant at cooking them.

What is the Average Number of Children in Kyrgyzstan Families?

Having 2-3 children is typical for urban families, while there can be even more kids in rural families. According to the statistics, the average fertility rate in this country is 3,3.

What Age Do Kyrgyzstan Women Get Married At?

It is customary in this country to tie the knot rather early. According to the data of the National Statistics Committee of the Kyrgyzstan Republic, local girls get married on average at 23 years old.