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Taiwan is an island in the Pacific Ocean, which attracts tourists with its tropical climate, exotic flora and fauna, and the opportunity to dive into harmony with nature on the ocean coast.

However, few people know the details about the local girls. Their resemblance in appearance with Chinese and Japanese ladies, make many men think that Taiwanese women are similar to the girls of these nationalities.

Is this really true or not? What are the main national features and peculiarities of Taiwanese girls? Are they worth dating and marrying and how to develop relationships with them despite the cultural barrier? Learn all this from our guide!

What Are Taiwanese Women Like: 6 Typical Characteristics

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Before you decide whether Taiwanese ladies are worthy of your attention, get acquainted with their main features making them unique and attractive.

Taiwanese Women Are Exotic

Beautiful Taiwanese girls are the representatives of typical oriental appearance. They look rather exotically for Western men. They have lovely cute faces with eyes of unusual shape, not typical to European or American people, and miniature, fragile, and elegant physique. All this makes them look very extraordinary, and, thus, extremely attractive to men!

Taiwanese Girls Are Bright And Well-Groomed

Taiwanese women have thick straight black hair, but almost all of them dream of curls. Therefore, they often dye their hair in lighter shades and do a perm.

Moreover, they use both care and decorative cosmetics in huge amounts.

Skin whitening and anti-acne products, which are presented in all varieties, are in great demand. Taiwanese women use them in large volumes.

As for decorative cosmetics, pretty Taiwanese girls use them in huge quantities. They like very bright make-ups. A large amount of foundation, powder and blush is rather typical. Also, to visually make the eyes larger, they apply special colorless patches to the upper eyelids to “raise” them. Black and colorful eyeliners are also the must-haves of any Taiwanese lady.

Taiwanese Women Are Stylish

Fashion trends come to Taiwan mainly from Japan, secondly, from Korea, and, thirdly, from the United States and Europe. If something related to clothes or make-up becomes popular in Japan, it will reach Taiwan in a week.

Taiwanese ladies are fond of bright and extraordinary looks. They like to combine different colors and styles in one look in unexpected ways. Plain casual looks of basic clothes are not quite popular. 

Taiwanese Girls Are Fit

Despite the fact that diets and gyms are not in vogue here, all girls have beautiful slender bodies. The thing is that they prefer an active lifestyle. They often go for walks, do fitness at home or in the park, and so on.

Taiwanese Women Are Pure

Premarital relationships and premarital sex are frowned upon. Thus, women in Taiwan are aimed only at serious relationships and creating a family. They are perfect for men who have always dreamt of an innocent, loving, and devoted bride with no wild past.

Taiwanese Girls Are Modest And Polite

Despite the bright, and sometimes even defiant appearance, the ladies of this nationality are completely different when it comes to character. They are well-mannered, restrained, and calm. Such a girl is a perfect match for a mature successful man. It is not a shame to go out with her and introduce her to friends and relatives.

Do Taiwanese Women Make Good Wives?

Dating just to have a good time together is not typical for ladies of this nationality. They date only with serious intentions. But before you decide whether it is worth developing a serious relationship with a Taiwanese girl with the aim of marrying her, you should know what kind of wives ladies of this nationality usually make.

Loyal to their Husbands

Taiwanese women are very romantic and very responsible at the same time. Family means a lot to them. They adhere to the philosophy that a woman should have only one beloved man in her life. Therefore, ladies of this nationality carefully choose life partners and remain faithful to the chosen beloved men forever.

Very Caring Mothers

Unlike many other Asian countries, large families with several kids are not typical in Taiwan. Since Taiwanese wives often have only one child, they pay maximum attention to him/her and give him/her as much warmth, love, and affection as possible.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Taiwanese girls are very wise and balanced in their search for a future husband. They know their own worth, but at the same time, they do not make excessive demands. They understand which qualities of men are important for marriage, and which are secondary.

Thus, age and appearance are not important for Taiwanese women. They usually don’t mind the age gap. They also don’t consider height and weight as important features. The main thing in a man’s appearance is to be well-groomed and well dressed. In addition, the following features are important to the ladies of this nationality.


For the girls from this island, it is important that a man is mature in all senses of this word. A man should be ready for a family psychologically and financially to be attractive to a lady from this country.

Good Manners

Women of Taiwan like true gentlemen. It is customary for this country to always be polite. If a man shows bad manners in the presence of a lady, she will perceive this as disrespect for her.

Family Values

Being family-oriented is the main condition for winning the heart of a Taiwanese lady. Women from this island consider men, first of all, as their potential husbands and as the fathers of common children. So, if you show that you can make a perfect husband and that you love children, you have much more chances to conquer a lady of this nationality.

Where to Meet Taiwanese Women in Taiwan?

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Have you already decided that you would like to get a Taiwanese wife? Then you need to find places where to meet Taiwanese women! And, of course, you can get acquainted with hot Taiwanese girls in their motherland. You will definitely have an unforgettable time on this picturesque island with gorgeous nature and lovely local ladies!

The best city to meet local girls is Taipei, the capital and the fourth biggest city in Taiwan. The most beautiful girls of Taiwan live here. You can meet them almost anywhere: on your way to interesting places, in the parks, in clubs and bars, etc.

Be sure to visit the following sightseeings to take a glimpse of the Taiwanese culture to have something to talk about with the girls of this nationality:

  • National Palace Museum;
  • LongShan Temple;
  • Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall;
  • Beitou Hot Spring;
  • Yangmingshan National Park.

Also, you can see a lot of beautiful Taiwanese women having a walk or jogging in local parks:

  • Yuanshan Park
  • Daan Forest Park;
  • Dajia Riverside Park;
  • 2/28 Peace Memorial Park;
  • Jieshou Park
  • Daonan Riverside Park
  • Zhongshan Linear Park
  • Taipei Water Park
  • Qihu Park
  • Tianfu Park
  • Fuwen Park

To have an exciting time, you can visit some nightclubs:

  • Wave Club;
  • Meet Night Club;
  • Viola.

Where to Meet Taiwanese Women Online?

There are a lot of places to date foreign girls online but the best solution is the most specialized place for meeting Taiwanese ladies.

There are websites that are created to help Taiwanese women and Western men find each other. They are targeted at people who are aimed at serious relationships and starting a family.

There are plenty of girls of this very nationality who are looking for their foreign husbands. All profiles are verified and contain essential information about ladies for men to search for their perfect matches quickly and easily.

How to Date a Taiwanese Girl: 6 Tips

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Dating a Taiwanese girl may seem intricate due to the cultural difference between Asian and Western people. But it is absolutely real and not as difficult as you might think. The main thing is to take into account that you are different and make a bit more effort to understand each other. The following advice will come in handy while dating Taiwanese women:

  1. Take interest in local culture. It is very flattering for local ladies if a foreigner knows something about the authentic culture of this country. Before starting to communicate with the girls from this island, read something about its history and modern culture. If you travel to this country, not only have a rest but also visit some sightseeings that reflect the peculiarities of local culture.
  2. Share her interests. Becoming close emotionally is the most important point of relationships before the wedding for Taiwanese girls. And this is impossible without shared interests. So, try to find something in common from the very beginning of your communication with a girl you like.
  3. Show serious intentions. Taiwanese women have no other goals of dating than a family. They are not interested in pointless flirting or having light short affairs. Thus, in order to be considered as a man for relationships, you should show that you are ready and willing to start a family.
  4. Be a gentleman. A polite and respectful attitude to others all the time is customary for Taiwanese people. If you behave rudely, no decent woman will pay attention to you.
  5. Meet her family as soon as possible and be on good terms with them. This is a crucial step in building a relationship with a lady from this island. The opinion of parents when choosing a life partner is still of great importance to local ladies. So, it is better to meet the parents of the girl you like as soon as possible. And it is compulsory to make a good impression on them and always stay on good terms with them.
  6. Put off intimacy until you get married. Sexy Taiwanese girls look so appealing and beckoning but intimacy before the wedding is frowned upon in this country. Even kisses and touches are perceived negatively until you are married. So, limit yourself only to communication and getting to know each other. Though it can be rather difficult to stop yourself from kissing your beloved lady, long anticipation will make your honeymoon even sweeter.


What Language Do Taiwanese Women Speak?

A special Taiwanese dialect of the Chinese language is spoken on this island. But, luckily, most of the residents are also fluent in English, because it is taught at schools as the main foreign language. So, you shouldn’t worry about a language barrier.

How Many Kids Do Taiwanese Wives Prefer to Have?

The fertility rate in Taiwan in 2021 is 1,07 kids per woman. This is one of the lowest fertility rates in the world. So, Taiwanese women are not the type of Asian ladies who like large families.

Is It Possible to Bring a Taiwanese Wife to the USA?

Yes, it is. For relocation, you should help your beloved to apply for a fiance visa. It will make it possible for her to live in the USA legally.