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South Korea is located thousands of miles away from you, but you definitely know more about it than about many other Asian countries. Korean culture is now attracting more and more attention and now you don’t need to be an Asian culture aficionado to know lots of things about Korea. Without a doubt, Korean women are one of the most popular aspects of the country. Thousands of Western men want to date or even marry Korean women, and here is your ultimate guide to dating Korean girls.

What Are Korean Women Like?

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Some features of Korean women are only disclosed when you spend enough time with them, but you can learn plenty about Korean girls from men who have already gotten to know them. Here are the five most irresistible things about Korean women.

They look absolutely stunning

The beauty of Korean girls is obvious to anyone who has seen them even for one second. Korean women embody Asian beauty. They have porcelain skin, sleek dark hair, and incredible makeup skills that make them look stunning without going overboard. Korean girls are small and petite, but their figures look unmistakably feminine. Moreover, Korean women have clearly unlocked the secret to making their youth last forever: no matter how old a Korean woman is, she doesn’t look a day over thirty.

They know everything about anything

If you are already in love with the fabulous look of Korean women, there is something else you need to know about them. Korean girls are highly educated and can challenge even the best-educated men intellectually. Korean women are not arrogant about their knowledge, but they can successfully support any conversation and will make you feel proud when you take your Korean girlfriend out to meet your friends or coworkers. With a Korean woman, you can discuss anything from art to politics as much as you want.

Their culture is fascinating

Education is one thing, but culture is another. Luckily, Korean women have a lot of both. Korean culture is popular all over the world for a reason. It resonates with people of all ages and social statuses, and when you get closer to your Korean lady, you also won’t be able to stand aside. Korean culture is a combination of historical customs and modern trends that create a unique and memorable combination. Together with your Korean girlfriend, you will definitely enjoy experiencing Korean culture.

They are loyal and monogamous

The only way for Korean women to have a relationship is when it’s completely monogamous. These women can get a romantic interest only in one man at a time and they will never even consider dating another person when they are together with someone. Loyalty isn’t just a fancy word for Korean women. When they make promises to their partners, let alone, say their wedding vows, they absolutely mean it. You can count on your Korean girlfriend to see you as her one and only man.

They are smart about relationships

Korean women are not the type of women who will wait forever until their Prince Charming comes along. They like to take the most from life, and that includes romantic relationships. However, Korean girls are actually very smart about it. They have fun for a while when they’re young, but they don’t make any serious commitments to their early partners. Only when they meet the man they want to marry, they make sure to turn on their charm and make sure that man never goes away.

Do Korean Women Make Good Wives?

If you research the internet, you will see that Korean women are not just popular for dating — they are also incredibly coveted as wives. They first charm men with their combination of good looks and intelligence, but they have a lot more to offer to the man who will stick around with them. Korean women are caring and understanding, which is why they make great wives.

On top of that, the priorities of Korean girls are in the right place. They can have fun and enjoy life to the fullest, but they will always come back to their family. The husband and the kids are the most important people in the life of a Korean woman and there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do to keep them happy. Korean women don’t cook a lot, but when they do, it’s a real treat for the whole family.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

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If you are enamored of Korean women, it’s completely understandable. They have lots of attractive qualities and are perfect both for serious and casual relationships. However, Korean girls are also serious about finding their ideal partners. They want to date men who have as many of their desired qualities as possible. Here are some of those qualities:

  • Romantic. Korean girls have a vivid imagination and love thinking about their future relationship. They envision it as something utterly romantic and pure. This is exactly what they want to get from their partners. If you want to date a Korean woman, you need to be a romantic at heart.
  • Family-oriented. Korean women may not be very quick to get married and have children, but family is always their top priority. They want a small but happy family and they won’t allow anything to stop them from getting what they want. Needless to say, the partner of a Korean woman needs to want a family as well.
  • Knows the right balance between family and work. Korean women love hard working and generous men, but they also have firsthand experience of what it’s like to be with a man who is married to work. Korean girls don’t want to marry workaholics and they want men to have a sensible attitude to work.

Where to Meet Korean Women in Korea?

Korea is a modern country where women rarely get to meet foreign men. When you visit Korea for business or as a tourist, you will likely have a huge success in meeting local women simply because foreign men are a novelty to them. However, if you want the best results, these are the three Korean cities to consider.


Seoul is the capital of South Korea, so it’s always going to be featured on these lists. Seoul offers you lots of possibilities for meeting Korean women, but if the city streets seem too loud and busy for you, try the Seoul Dining, Ryunique, and Sanchon restaurants. As for the nightlife in Seoul, the Octagon Club, Hongdae Club Aura, and Moon Night clubs are very popular with locals.


Incheon is very close to Seoul geographically, but the vibe in the two cities is completely different. Incheon women are hard workers, so you may not find many of them wandering the streets of Incheon and admiring its tourist spots. Night clubs, such as Tery and Beulengttang, are a completely different story and life is booming there. Manokamana, Toulon, and Songdoog restaurants offer you not just a fine food experience, but also a chance to meet Korean ladies.


Busan is a Korean city that has everything: beautiful beaches, busy malls, and beautiful architecture. If that’s not enough and you want to increase your chances of success in meeting local girls, try The Party, Jacky’s Seafood, and Ecotopia restaurants. The former one is a vegetarian spot, so it’s very popular among health-conscious girls. There aren’t as many night clubs in Busan, but Run To You and Revel will definitely give you a memorable time.

Where to Meet Korean Women Online?

If you’re not in the mood for flying across the globe just to get a chance to meet Korean girls, and if you don’t want to spend thousands on your trip without any guaranteed result, you should definitely try online dating. However, your usual online dating favorites such as Tinder and local services may not prove to be very useful and you may need something more effective for your situation.

This is why more and more Western guys go for international dating sites. Those sites typically work in a specific niche and allow you to quickly and safely meet women from one country or region — in this case, Korean women. International dating sites are safe, have a solid reputation, and allow you to meet your Korean soulmate, choosing her from thousands of gorgeous Korean girls who want to date foreign guys.

How to Date a Korean Girl: 7 Tips

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Dating Korean women is an idea that sounds nice, but it’s perfectly normal for you to feel worried about the success of your relationship considering you and your Korean woman come from completely different walks of life. Here are 7 tips that will help you make your relationship work no matter how different you two may be.

  • Don’t be overly confident. Korean girls love men who are confident and powerful, but there is a huge difference between confidence and arrogance. If you think that the fact that you are a foreigner will get you everywhere with Korean women, you will soon learn that it’s not true at all.
  • Splitting the bill is not always the best option. Unlike Western women, Korean girls don’t always insist on splitting the bill, and unlike Eastern European women, they don’t always expect the man to pay. They can allow you to pay for dinner and then treat you to ice cream later, so don’t get too focused on the payment issue.
  • Romantic memorabilia is welcome. Korean women are very romantic and they use every way they can to express it. As a boyfriend to a Korean girl, you will get more romantic gifts than you ever did, and she will definitely appreciate it if you do the same and get her lovely couple’s memorabilia as a gift.
  • Talk about meaningful things. Without a doubt, you are going to be smitten with your Korean lady, but talking only about your feelings does not create a solid foundation for a relationship. You should also have some intellectual discussions and even talk about your future together.
  • Genuinely try to understand your woman. When you are a complete stranger to Korean culture and lifestyle, it can be easy to focus only on the differences between you and your girlfriend. However, honest conversations and a genuine interest in her will help you understand her better and show her that you really care.
  • Use modern technology to strengthen your connection. 
  • Show how reliable you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Korean women too different from me culturally?

Without a doubt, there are always going to be some cultural differences when you are dating women from other countries, in this case, from Korea. However, Korean women are much more westernized than you think. They are fascinated by the Western way of living and will try their best to adapt to your lifestyle and get closer to you culturally.

Do Korean women value relationships over work?

Not at all! Korean girls are known for their go-getter attitude and their ability to work hard to achieve their goals, but that’s only until they meet a person they want to start a family with. From that moment on, a Korean woman will devote her time and attention to her partner, while her work will take second place on her list of priorities.

How difficult is it for Korean girls to get used to living abroad?

Korean women are very close to their families and value their culture, but they are willing to make changes if that’s what their partners need. If you want to bring your Korean girlfriend to live with you in your home country, or even to marry her, she will have no problem adapting to her new living conditions without forgetting her roots.