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Israel is a country that is familiar to nearly anyone on the planet, but it’s also very mysterious. Most people don’t know anything about Israel and its people other than a couple of stereotypes. And while we can’t describe Israel within just one post, today we want you to get acquainted with the most appealing aspect of Israel for foreign guys — the charming Israeli girls.

What Are Israeli Women Like?

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Before you can begin dating an Israeli woman, you need to gather a lot of knowledge about these ladies. Here are a few facts to get you started.

They look absolutely captivating

The appearance of Israeli women is striking and it’s something that will linger in your memory from the moment you see a girl from Israel. These women have pale skin, dark curly hair, and dark, captivating eyes. Most Israeli girls have plump lips, beautiful noses, and a gorgeous facial structure. You won’t find a lot of tall women in Israel, but their fit, curvy bodies more than make up for their petite height.

They are smarter than you think

One of the common stereotypes about Israeli women is that they are too religious and that they don’t care much about other things in life. However, women in Israel also value education and knowledge. Parents in Israel put a lot of time, money, and effort into educating their daughters. As a result, a typical Israeli girl is one of the most intelligent, well-read women you’ve ever met, and you will never have enough conversations with her.

They combine traditional and modern views

For the most part, Israeli singles have very traditional beliefs. They are convinced that having a husband and children is the woman’s biggest achievement in life and that the woman doesn’t need to work if it interferes with her family life. At the same time, Israeli girls are becoming more and more modern. For example, they no longer choose partners based on their religious views or the opinion of their parents, and are generally free in their decision-making.

They will do anything to make the romance last

After you’ve known an Israeli woman for a while, you will realize that these women are not focused on getting as many partners as possible. Their biggest romantic dream is to meet their soulmate in their early twenties and spend the rest of their lives with him. That is why, when an Israeli girl stays with you for a long time, you can rest assured she sees you as her soulmate. She will do anything to keep you happy in the relationship and make you want to be with her forever.

Do Israeli Women Make Good Wives?

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  • They anticipate your needs. After you’ve been together with your Israeli wife for a while, you will never even need to mention what you want to do or what you need. She will know it better than you do and she will fulfil your wishes before you can even think of them.
  • They are fantastic as mothers. There is a stereotype about Israeli mothers being overbearing and even suffocating their children with care, but it’s only partially true. Israeli wives are indeed very caring as mothers, but they also know where to give their little ones the freedom to learn.
  • They take pride in a beautiful home. The home of an Israeli wife does not look like a room in a museum, but it’s a place where you’ll want to spend as much time as possible. It’s always perfectly neat, tastefully decorated, and, more importantly, filled with delicious flavors of home cooking.

When dating an Israeli girl, you can get a pretty good understanding of her character and features. However, you will never get a complete idea of what your Israeli woman is like unless you marry her. Israeli wives are highly coveted by men all over the world, and here are just three reasons for that:

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Israeli girls can go out with just about anyone who attracts them physically and is fun to be around, but they can only consider a certain type of men for a serious relationship or marriage. In order to charm an Israeli lady into dating or marrying you, you need to be:

  • A good listener. Israeli girls are famously talkative, and nothing kills their mood faster than seeing you drifting away. Whatever your woman is talking about, even if you’ve been together for ages and you’ve heard this story before, you need to listen attentively and follow up with questions or comments.
  • A caring individual. Israeli singles are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, but when they enter a serious relationship, they want to feel like their partner cares about them. Even something small as giving your coat to your woman when it’s chilly outside can work great in your favor.

Where to Meet Israeli Women in Israel?

If you want to go to Israel to meet beautiful Israeli singles, you’ll need to brush up on your knowledge of Israeli culture and the dating scene. In addition to that, you need to research the places with the most attractive single women. Here are a few tips to help you.


Jerusalem is the top tourist spot in Israel, but there are also plenty of Israeli girls to meet. Some of them live in Jerusalem, and some of them come here as tourists from other parts of the country. You probably won’t feel too comfortable trying to chat up girls in the city’s religious spots, but you can definitely try the Mona, Azura, and Piccolino restaurants. The Toy Bar, Blaze, and Bessarabia bars as well as Cactus 9 night club are also popular with Israeli singles.


Tel-Aviv is the capital of the country. It’s also the busiest city in Israel with lots of business centres, universities, and malls with charming Israeli singles. If you want to increase your chances of success, make sure to check out the Miznon, Claro, and Pastel restaurants. The Kuli Alma, Solo Club, and The Block night clubs are other outstanding meeting places in the city.


Haifa is the third-biggest city in Israel and it’s also the city that has everything: a flourishing downtown, historical and religious attractions, and the Mediterranean Sea with beautiful views and a very chill vibe. After checking out Haifa’s most popular locations, try the Fattoush, Vivino, and Bogema restaurants. The Morrison, Station 40, and Wunderbar night clubs also give you a chance to meet lovely Israeli girls.

Where to Meet Israeli Women Online?

If there is one thing you need to know about young Israeli women, it’s that they are every bit as modern as the women in your part of the world. They have all the access to modern technology they want and use it to their advantages. Israeli ladies are also no strangers to online dating and they are actively interested in meeting foreign guys.

However, you won’t find a lot of Israeli singles on your usual dating sites and apps. These women use special international dating sites to find their ideal partners. Those sites are created as an easy and safe space for Western men to meet Israeli girls for dating or even marriage. They are popular with women, cost-effective, and increase the probability of meeting your perfect Israeli girl like never before.

How to Date an Israeli Girl: 7 Tips

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Being a foreigner dating an Israeli woman is guaranteed to give you lots of incredible memories and impressions, but it can also be slightly stressful because you don’t know what to do exactly and how to make your relationship perfect. These 7 tips will remove the stress factor from your blossoming relationship and will allow you to fully enjoy it.

  • Approach women with confidence. Israeli women have enough confidence and you can be intimidated at first. However, when an Israeli girl sees your confusion, she will never be able to take you seriously. That is why, when you want to approach an Israeli lady, muster all the confidence and courage you have to look appealing to the woman.
  • Get creative with courtship. Israeli women are well-rounded and have a lot of experience, including a romantic one. They can hardly be impressed with standard seduction and pickup techniques. Instead, they will need you to get more creative, both with the things you say and the places you take your woman.
  • Demonstrate your modern views. If there is one thing Israeli women cannot stand in a potential partner, it’s outdated beliefs. Whether you believe men are superior to women, some nations are better than others, or that we are living in some conspiracy theory, these views can be a huge turn-off for an Israeli woman.
  • Ask your woman to cook for you. There are two reasons why getting your Israeli lady to cook for you is a good idea. First, you will get to taste the hearty, authentic, and comforting Israeli cuisine. Second, you will see your woman in her natural environment where she’s at her most confident self.
  • Come prepared with cultural knowledge. Israel is a unique country with a complex history and language. However, instead of being confused by it, you need to brush up on your knowledge before the first date. Your woman will definitely be impressed by your effort and she will be more likely to see you in an attractive light.
  • Make a good impression on her parents. For a typical Israeli woman, parents are her everything. She relies on them for advice, comforting, and guidance. You will definitely meet the parents sooner rather than later if your woman has serious plans involving you, and it’s crucial that you make a great impression on them.
  • Discuss the important things first. You and your Israeli lady can feel an immense attraction to each other, but the relationship is unlikely to work out if you have different views on marriage, family, children, and budgeting. So before things get too serious, sit down to have that important discussion about your future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Israeli women actually marry foreigners?

Israeli women have no problem with marrying foreign, non-Jewish people, but on one condition. The wedding should take place outside of Israel. If you’re non-Jewish and do not wish to convert, you can have the wedding ceremony in your home country. The Israeli government will then recognize your marriage as a valid one.

Are Israeli girls overly attached to their families?

The connection between Israeli women and their parents is one of the strongest ones in the world. Israeli women often live with their families until they get married and even after that, they remain exceptionally close. However, it doesn’t mean anything bad for your relationship. You just need to make a very good impression on her parents and maintain it throughout.

Is it difficult for Israeli women to move abroad for marriage?

Not at all! Israeli girls are becoming more and more independent and emancipated. Many of them leave Israel for work or education. They are adventurous spirits and the possible discomfort of getting used to a new country is nothing for them compared to the satisfaction they’ll feel of living with the man of their dreams.